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Teacher Pet1

Teachers Pet.

By Lynne - Nov 4, 2008 - From short-sex-stories. Short stories - Views - 25608 When I was thirty I got a position at this school, it was a private school for boys and girls from the age of eight to seventeen. I was the Games Mistress, up till then I had been working at a university. My first class was with twelve to fourteen year olds on the tennis courts.
There were some truly lovely looking young girls in that class, as well as the overweight ones and the usaul misfits. But it was in the showers afterwards, during which I had to make sure the girls were okay, that I realised jusr how beautiful some of them were. I stripped just as they did, now without false modesty I can claim to be pretty with a good figure still and I did attract some attention. But I was struck by how beautiful some of those girls were naked. I groaned inwardly at some of the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen, most girls, of course, don't have markedly noticeable sexual parts. But there were one or two.
After that first day I found that girls wanted to be with me so I decided I would bring in a merit prize. This was based on the girls' performance on the court and the prize was to shower with me. I was astonished at how popular this turned out to be and it really made a difference with the better players. The first time I gave the prize, I think most girls realised who it would be for we had one outdstanding player, her name was Daisy but unsurprisingly she preferred to be known as Kissy. After the afternoon's practice matches I made the announcement, Kissy looked extremely excited, 'Gosh, I really am going to shower with you, Miss?' 'Oh yes!' I replied, 'Come along girls, everybody undress and into the showers.' There were always girls who were 'on' that day and they were excused showers, they simply washed and dressed and went off to their dormitories. I led Kissy to the shower.
She was a fantastic looking girl, fourteen years old with a well-developed figure, she was blonde and had no body hair yet. Her breasts, what my last boyfriend would have called a 'good handful', had small pink nipples, she had a plump little mound and a neat slit between her lovely legs. Now I have very dark auburn hair and full breasts with dark nipples, my pubic hair is almost colourless and is only on my mound leaving the lips of my quim smooth and hairless. As we got in the shower Kissy said, breathlessly, 'Oh Miss, you're so beautiful it makes me feel funny inside!' She stared at my naked body taking in every detail, then she said, 'Could we wash each other, Miss?' 'I don't see why not, ' I replied. I had never touched another of my own sex, lovemaking to me was fucking with a man and I had plenty of experience. The idea of touching this lovely creature made me tremble with excitement.
Kissy said as she adjusted the temperature of the water, 'Can I wash you first, Miss?' This was what I had hoped for, so I said as nonchalantly as possible, 'Go on then, I don't mind.' First she took a flannel, soaped it and began to wash me, she did my legs, then my arms followed by my back. Then she gently soaped my breasts, my nipples naturally erected as they always do when I wash them, Kissy said, quietly, 'You've got such beautiful breasts, Miss.' 'Thank you, ' I replied with a smile, the, 'you can do everything Kissy, if you know what I mean.' She blushed, her breasts jiggling as she washed my body, I stood astride and she very gently washed my quim and bottom, her blush becoming stronger.
After she had soaped me all over she took the shower head off and, with her hand, washed the suds off. Her touch on my breasts was electric. Then she gradually descended to my quim, I opened my legs wide, and I felt her figers delicately caressing my nether lips. My body responded and they engorged and opened. Kissy's fingers slipped in between them and she kissed a nipple as she felt for my clit. I moaned with pleasure and she took this as a sign to continue. She kissed the other nipple as she inserted a finger into me and began to fuck me with it. I lay back against the wall of the shower, my legs wide apart, she teased my clit with her thumb as she fucked me and I came.
I held her hand, 'No more, darling, I have to wash you yet and we haven't that much time, ' disappointed she kissed me. The I began washing her, I had never experienced quite such thrills as I did then. Kissy gasped as I reached the intimate part of the washing process, 'Oh, Miss, oh Miss!' she panted. Her breasts were so firm, her nipples as hard as stones and the lovely lips of her cunt so delicate and soft. I made locve to her, kissing her mouth and her nipples as I caressed her internally, fucking her with my finger, then caressing her clit which I found to be surprisingly large. When she suddenly stiffened and gasped, I knew that she was coming, so I continued until I had made her come several times before kissing her and telling her that I had finished. I thought she would collapse as we exited the shower, she giggled, 'My legs are all bendy!'
As we dressed she looked around and said, 'That was so lovely Miss, I've never been made love-to quite like that, it was the first time I've had an orgasm, it was wonderful!' 'You are a lovely, beautiful girl, ' I told her, 'and it's the first time I have ever made love to another woman, I hope it won't be the last.'

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