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By WALT MCBRIDE - Nov 2, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 13446 A week ago I broke up with my girl friend – she turned into a real pain in the ass and I was glad to be shed of her. Checking into a Cruise of the Caribbean for seven days, I decided that would be a good idea to get away from here for a few days and lounge in the sun, alone, in the peace and quiet. The relationship had turned into a lot of shouting and screaming and I had my fill of it.
Booked my cabin – And about two weeks later I packed some clothing and flew to Miami on a Saturday. The cruise lines shuttled me to the hotel as I elected to stay over night the night before the cruise. Ah! Peace and quiet.
After a good dinner I visited the bar in the lobby for a nightcap. Across the bar I watched a man who was sloppy drunk, just shouting and weaving at a booth in the corner. He was really “Out of it”. I smiled and watched for a while.
There was a very attractive lady sitting with him who seemed to be embarrassed for the way he was acting. She was very natural, very little make-up. Had that “Far away” look in her eyes. She had soft brunette hair cascading over her shoulders as she tried to get the guy to stand up and go with her. Finally he obliged and stood up and she supported him out of the bar. Man, was he smashed.
I kind of smiled to myself and thought; “I really don’t think he will do her any good tonight.”
The next morning after breakfast I was standing in line to catch the shuttle to the ship when who appeared, the same woman and guy from last evening. He looked like he was still drunk or at least had a huge hangover. She just looked around like she was lost and I thought to myself,
“Poor girl! She really doesn’t want to be here.” I found out later she really didn’t.
At the check-in terminal, I showed my passport, and documents to board the ship, was assigned my cabin (Cabin 825) on the eighth deck with an outside balcony. Tuned in my baggage to the steward on the street and headed for the boarding ramp. The couple was directly in front of me as we came aboard.
I smiled at her; she smiled back, “Got your hands full don’t you?” I quipped.
“Oh! Man! My husband is really a frigging mess.” She was holding him up a little.
She was a natural beauty, white soft skin tone, well-developed body with a bustle shaped butt, clothed in a soft cotton dress with a full skirt sheltering her body. I notice things like that, you know. She had her arm around him supporting him as they exited the elevator. They got off the elevator on Deck 6.
“See ya later.” I said as they stumbled off at their floor.
He looked up at us and gave us the typical drunken smirk and said,
“Oh! I’ll be all right, you know. Just had too much last night. I’ll be alright.” She smiled back at me with a distressed expression as the door closed.
I went on to Deck 8 and just shrugged it off as I headed for my cabin, found it and went in. Dropped all of my carry-on baggage on the bunk, looked around the room and went out on the balcony. I watched for a while the loading procedures below, met my cabin steward and made arrangements for my bunk bed to be made into a Queen sized bed – I wanted to stretch out tonight.
Went to the Bow for departure – bands playing and a festive attitude all round as the huge ship edged away from the dock, turned and headed to the open sea. Cheering from the crowd and I was having a great time watching Miami slowly fade into the distance until we reached Buoy 14 but I still thought about that modest lovely lady with the drunk on her arm. Damn that poor girl! I could still see the longing look on her face as the elevator door closed.
I walked around the ship trying to get my bearings and finding a lot of things I wanted to visit later – swimming pools, Jacuzzis, bars, the theater. I had elected to go to the First Seating for my meals so at 5 PM I found the dining room and located table 121 that I had been assigned and sat down. There was a couple sitting already at my table and we introduced each other and struck up a conversation. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that lovely brunette swing by me, pulled out a chair, right behind her was her husband and they sat right next to me.
“Oh! Hi, ” I smiled, “We have the same table I guess?”
“Looks like it!” She smiled back at me with those pouty lips opening wide showing me the row of white teeth and her hand going out to touch mine.
“Hi! I’m Helen, this is my husband Jim.”
“Hi, I’m Jarl.” I bowed some as I stood up to greet them then we all sat down and shared niceties all round. Some power was pulling the two of us together – I really believed that.
“Where’s your wife?” Helen asked me.
“No – No wife – alone. OH! I’ll be so lonely!” I quipped and laughed. We all laughed together. Helen glanced at me somewhat solemnly but laughed anyway and glanced up at me reflectively. Soon another couple joined our group and we visited over Martini’s while waiting for our Waiter to serve us dinner. Helen and I talked and shared our personal circumstances a lot during dinner. She was a really nice lady, open and free and we hit it off right away.
“Well – Well!” I thought to myself. “Possibly looking?? Is she interested that I am traveling alone? That’s a distinct possibility!” I asked myself. I was looking back at her then dropping my gaze so as not to be too obvious to the others at the table, especially her husband, that there may be some interest on both our parts.
Dinner was a real trip – had a great meal, good conversation, Jim was drinking non-stop – one after the other. That guy had a real drinking problem for sure. He was really wound up after martinis before dinner, wine with dinner and then after dinner drinks, I might add he was sloppy drunk by the time dinner was over.
“Well!” I stood up and said, “I’m going to catch the early show. See you guys later.” Walked toward the theater, glancing back to Jim and Helen still sitting at the table. Helen was looking back toward me, and she seemed so lonely and disgusted as she watched me exit the dining room. My heart sank some knowing she wouldn’t be with me. I had begun to feel stirrings for a married woman. I knew I really should get off it and stop.
Standing in line waiting for the theater to open, I just looked at my surroundings and marveled at the ship. It was beautiful and grand. About 10 minutes went by, I felt an arm gather my arm and I looked to the side – there was Helen smiling nervously at me with those mesmerizing blue eyes fixed on mine.
“Want Company?” She smiled.
“Where’s the old man?” I asked
“Passed out - Sleeping it off.”
“OH! Good!” I smiled, “Yeah! I’d love to have you with me.”
“Nice!” She smiled demurely and looked up at me. I bend down and without hesitation kissed her on her lips. She responded immediately. No one in the waiting line even noticed. We were strangers and people really didn’t care anyway. I kissed her again gently she pressed closer to me. Her breath was soft and inviting, her eyes closed as we kissed.
The show was wonderful – She held my hand through the entire performance. We had a great time, laughing and applauding loudly through the whole show. It was first class all the way and we came out feeling wonderful. She took my hand again as we walked on to the promenade deck and wordlessly wandered around it glancing at the sea occasionally as it slipped under the ship on our way to Labadee Haiti two days away. We kissed and held each other often, chatting and sharing our thoughts then continuing our stroll around the deck. No one noticed us at all.
Once we came to the bow I took her in my arms, pressed her thighs to me very firmly, pressing her thighs intimately to my hardening penis and I knew she would be aware of it.
She gasped softly - “Oh! Jarl I need to feel good tonight. I need some good in my life, even for a few minutes.” She sighed as she pressed closer to my tool and twisted her hips against mine.
“I can try!” I breathed softly with my lips close to hers, “Think he’ll miss it?”
“It’s been a long time.” Her head bent backward her black hair fluttering in the breeze.
“Come on.” I took her hand and headed for the nearest elevator to Deck 8. Slipping my card into the lock, we entered and shut the door. Reaching for the buttons on her blouse I unsnapped them as she started unbuckling my belt and opening the zipper on my shorts.
“God!” She squealed. “OH! GOD! Good God – Yes!” my plump tool was standing inflexible between us. She knelt down on both knees, touched it round length with her hands, clutched its length and took the throbbing head into her mouth as I continued undressing her and stepped out of my shorts.
Her mouth came off my cock and she looked up at me with a tempestuous expression on her face. I gently lifted her and tenderly lay her in front of me on the bed. Her legs were wide open exposing the mound of wet pubic hair between her legs. The copious black field of hair sandwiched between her legs was electrifying, bushy and tempting.
Soon I lay on top of her writhing body, lifted up a little and felt her tiny hands grasp my cock, then directed it into the hair-covered prize. As I nestled my belly close to her, grasped her butt in both hands as I lay between her heaving breasts, she squirmed and whispered to me,
“Put it in me!” I nestled closer, “Oh Baby! Put it in me!” again. “Put it in me! OH Baby!” She positioned the penis head at the aperture.
“Is this where you want it?” I whispered
“Yes!” She sighed softly.
“OK! Oh Baby! Take it, Baby!”
With one soft thrust the throbbing plump head breached the entrance to her warm wanting pussy.
“Unhhh! Aouu!” She sighed and recoiled a little as the flanged head slipped gently inside, dividing the restricted entrance.
“Does it hurt?” I asked
She shrieked again loudly, “OOOhhhh!” feeling it separate her wet love canal and slide down slowly inside her warm wet vagina as she fused her tight pussy surrounding my cock like a tight fitting glove,
“GOD! FUCK!” She squealed as her hips rose to meet me, “Oh God Jarl – Oh God! OH, BABY!”
“Ah! Oh! AH!” She blubbered in my ear, “More – More – More – Yes!” I slithered it further and further inside feeling the slimy ooze from her vagina moisten the head and length of the shaft.
Her pussy embraced my unyielding tool with her wet widening fissure as I exclaimed, panting softly,
“Shit!” OH! Shit!” As my balls slapped against her crotch and our pubic hair combined. All the way in.
Her wet pussy farted feeling the expanded cavern issue a sigh as it swallowed my cock full length.
“God Damn!” I screamed.
“FUCK!” She yelped, “AH! Fuck me!” - “Yes! Yes! God, that feels good! ” She sighed as I trust in and out rapidly, “You like my pussy, baby?” Her bustled little butt being mashed into the mattress on each down stroke. Stroking harder and harder. Unrelenting!
“Love your pussy, baby!” Breathing in and out rapidly as she writhed under me, her legs wide open and outstretched around my back. Humping and twisting my hips, in and out, in and out – thrusting – stroking, heaving, breathing harder in her ear. Feeling her respond – twisting her body, her hands grasping the sheets, feeling it stroke her deep. I lifted her thighs to me, letting my finger find her rectum entrance and felt the wet juices seeping out of her vagina.
“Ohhh!” She sighed, “Ahhh! – Yes! Yes! Ohhhh!”
It wasn’t long, what seemed like a few seconds of stoking, that she shrieked –
“Damn – Damn – Damn!” She wailed, “Oh, Baby, so good!” Both breathing harder. Harder – Harder
“Yes – Yes! Cumming! Cumming! OH! Cumming! Baby - I’m Cumming!” She whimpered, breathing harder.
Her belly began a rhythm, her love tunnel clinched my cock tighter, her head arched back on the pillow and with that she sprang forward a very intense heave and I felt her pussy constrict around my shaft as she expelled wet juices over my fingers to the sheets. Orgasm! Damn she had craving for this release, really pent-up with unfulfilled passion, intense heaving and pulsating, her head going from side to side, eyes closed, mouth wide open.
“MY GOD!”” She bellowed in my ear, “OH! Baby! – YES!”
My enlarged painful cock was engorged to its upper limit, agonizing to release – Still gently stroking in and out of her, I looked into her half opened eyes, whispered to her,
“I’m going to cum, baby! It’s so close! Can’t hold it much longer!”
She whispered back to me, “Oh! Baby!” Raised her hips a little to accommodate a few more deep thrusts.
“Want me to pull it?” I screamed at the last second. With that she raised her hips higher, squeezed her legs tightly around my hips, her arms around my shoulders and breathed out loud,
“NO! NO! NO! FUCK ME! CUM for me – CUM for me, baby! FILL ME BABY!!!!”
“Shit!” Shit” I couldn’t hold it any longer - I screamed as my load rushed down my cock and out the pulsating head into her waiting vagina. It voided out. I felt my ejaculate spew into her.
“YES! OH! YES! I feel it, baby! – GOD! HOT SO HOT!”
“Ah! Ah! AH! Ahhhhhh! BABY Take it!” My cock pulsating passionately as the last measure of sperm emptied in her thrashing hole.
Throb after throb I ejaculated my hot slippery sperm into her drenched hole and her pussy sucked in every drop. Her vagina consumed every droplet, savoring the acrid juice as it filled her full.
We lay exhausted for a few minutes reveling in the serenity that comes with infinite release. I pulled my slimy cock out of her, dripping sperm over her and the sheets, her legs still opened wide and in the subdued light I looked at her relaxed body and watched the white gooey liquid spill out of her fleece covered, ravished slit and drip freely to the sheets.
Her legs dropped flat to the bed as I rolled beside her.
“Damn! Oh Damn!” She looked at me and smiled, “God! I really needed that bad.”
I smiled at her and said, “I did too.” My slimy cock was lying on my belly totally contented.
“This won’t be the last will it?” She smiled broadly and clinched my sticky tool as she kissed me gently.
“Anytime you want – You know where I live.” She laughed with me and rolled off the bed, headed for the shower. I saw cum dripping out of her as she cupped it in her hand giggling and entered the bathroom.
“Damn!” She squealed as she shut the door then I heard the shower running. Looked at the clock – It was only 10:20 PM.
When she finished she dressed kissed me and said,
“You going to the Mid Night Buffet?”
“I think I will. How about you?”
“If he’s asleep I’ll meet you there. OK?”
“OK!” She slipped out the door and was gone back to her cabin.
I showered and dressed.
The Mid-Night buffet – WOW – Food all over the place – take what you want as much as you want. Stuff yourself until you explode. I did but didn’t explode, but enjoyed every minute of it. About an hour and a half I looked for Helen but didn’t show up.
“Oh Well! Guess she isn’t coming.”
I went up to the Pursers Desk and obtained a second key entry card to give to her the next time we met. I walked on the Promenade Deck where we had walked earlier and just leaned on the rail to enjoy the peace and quiet. The sea was so calm and peaceful as the ship seemed to slip so silently over the surface. It was unbelievable that something this size could seem to be so nimble and tranquil.
I felt an arm around my waste – Helen! Damn, she’s here.
“I waited for you.” I said. She looked at me with those deep blue eyes and kissed me gently as I spoke to her.
She said, “He finally went back to sleep. I went to bed with him but he wanted to play. I didn’t want to play with him – his breath was terrible and I was dripping from you.” She laughed out loud and kissed me. I kissed back.
“You rested?” I asked.
“825?” She asked. We went back to my cabin it was about midnight and I was going to get another midnight buffet.
When she left that night, her pussy dripped profusely and my cock was rosy red.
I gave her the duplicate key to my room,
“Hide it so he doesn’t find it.”
“I’ll use it soon and often. OK?” She kissed me.
“We have a week.”
“Oh! Yes! I know. And we’ll need a week too won’t we?” She smiled at me as she closed the door behind her.

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