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Sister Maries Reunion

Sister Maries Reunion

By stoneypoint - Nov 15, 2008 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 8352 As they sat in conference discussing foundation issues, Matt wondered about them all. Why are they nuns? What brought them to their decision? Do they ever feel like they need a man in their… but he caught himself before asking that question. Father Anthony sat across from him watching Matt with a careful eye. He made Matt feel like he was being spied on even though Matt looked at each nun, studying their faces, then each one’s lower legs along the way.
“May I have a word with you Matthew?” Father Anthony said. Matt said sure; the priest pulled him aside. He spoke of the “devilish” ideas that may have been running through Matt’s head. He told Matt he shouldn’t be doing such immoral things if in fact that was what he was doing. Matt looked at him, behaving as though he had no idea what the priest was talking about, but Father Anthony practically poked Matt’s chest defiantly. “Do not look at these nun’s, these women of god like you were, not in the light you did! I see men’s eyes Matthew, I see men’s faces. I know well enough what goes on in a weak man’s soul” he told Matt.
Matt left thinking of the priests words, but blew him off. He knew what he liked thinking and nothing would change that. Anyways, Sister Marie and Matt had to get together for additional planning issues. He called her the next day, arranged to meet her at the convent. He pressed her on matters that were important and she agreed.
They met privately, went over the matters, and afterward talked more freely. He studied her and she was aware that he was doing that. It made her uncom comfortable, but there was nothing she was able to do. If she was to run the foundation successfully then she’d have to deal with him and she’d have to deal with him, personally.
She came in, late, he was waiting, patiently, and when she walked in he looked up from his mess and presented her with a friendly smile. “Good evening Sister” he looked her over, she smiled, and said good evening. “How was your day?” he said. As is every day, she told him fine and her eyes darted away avoiding looking him in the face. He stood. Pulling out a chair next to his and rather close in proximity it was then that she started recalling those days when she was a teenager. “Sit down, won’t you?” he said. She nodded, smiled humbly, but hesitantly sat next to him.
“His eyes watched me. They watched me when I walked around that pool, and never once did they rest. He could have looked at any other girl. Why me, why not someone else? Why was I so special to him? I never wore bikinis. I never liked them anyhow. They showed… they showed too much… too much of me. I hated that! I hated that all the time!” She looked up, looked at him. She stared at the paperwork in front of him. Her mind drifted back in time, back to her days at that pool… when she was a teenager. “Does he even remember me? I know he couldn’t. He was so handsome and, and he still is… Stop it… stop it Sister” she told herself. She felt it. She felt that wet, tight bathing suit against her skin. She felt that hot sun baking her flesh while she displayed her figure to all those “eligible” young boys or men, like Matt Baker.
Marie Begat was a looker, a real true blue looker with a body to die for. Breasts as sumptuous as anyone’s and older boys, like Matt, who adored her bosoms as well as figures like hers too; figures which wound around their succulent bodies for days… days on end.
That’s why he looked at her. That’s why he smiled when she came to the pool each time. That’s why he couldn’t take his eyes off the girl 10 years younger then him. But even back then she was more mature then any of her friends. Even when she wouldn’t adorn a bikini and wore those plain boring bathing suits she still looked hotter then any of her peer’s who always put on a bikini and not bathing suits.
“He doesn’t remember, but I do. It was like they floated in mid-air, followed me around like leaches, wanting and desiring to latch on to me. Even after I’d go to church, pray to god it would go away, and still after coming to the pool the next week he’d smile at me, stare at my body. I knew… yes I knew what was on his mind, his young and dirty mind” she told herself. “Oh my” she said aloud.
“Is something wrong Sister?” he said. She looked up, looked into his eyes, and wanted to ask him, but she wouldn’t. “Are you alright?” he asked again. She nodded, smiled politely. “Let’s get down to business” he said finally.
They went over it all, she felt an inexplicable desire to touch him, somewhere, but her strong will forced those thoughts away. She could feel him. She could feel his overwhelming “power.” Her training, her conditioning had assisted her in closing all doors to any deviant thoughts, emotions.
When done they relaxed and she got up to get some water, his eyes followed her across the room. “I know her from somewhere. Where that is I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out.” He pondered it. Somehow he’d do a total recall. Then he said “I have a weird feeling we know each other. You ever have that happen to you, Sister?” She turned and shook her head.
“Oh Lord, he’s going to find out. No, no he can’t recall those days. He just can’t.” The evening came to an end and so did their discussions. She felt the exact same desire to touch him, feel his arm, or at the very least touch him on the shoulder for a split second. That’s all, nothing more, just allow herself one moment of deviant bravery from her scruples and convictions. “Yes Matthew… I have, several times in fact, but it has been a while.” She smiled and looked him in the eyes for the very first time.
He knew instantly. In that exact moment he knew precisely when it was he knew her from. His eyes widened, he wanted to look at her, recall her in that bathing suit. He wanted to stare at her, her body. It was the same figure from ten years ago he imagined. It was the one in a bathing suit whose voluptuous chest was bursting from every angle. It was the same person whose body seemed to curve for days on end with an immaculately designed set of hips and slender legs. And her amazing butt that he once said was made for his hands.
He was the head lifeguard, managed the pool, and he managed a staff of 12. He was 26. She was about 18, but she was more then 18, physically. He liked her a lot. He liked her because she was nice. He liked her because she was simple. He liked her because she was really sweet. But he really liked her due to that awesome figure. That was why he smiled when she came to the pool. She had everything most girls wanted, but did not. She was awesome looking. She was sexy as ever. And even though she was underage she carried herself well and he loved that about her.
He told her where he knew her from. She practically dropped her water. He jumped up, wiped up the spilled water, and he looked up at Sister Marie. She looked at him. He smiled, but she would not. “So you became a nun. I never would have suspected that. I remember those days like it was… like it was yesterday, Sister. You know… you know those days at the pool… when I was the manager there?”
She wanted to nod, she really did. She wanted to acknowledge she remembered too, but she wouldn’t let herself. She couldn’t let him think that of her. Those days were gone, in the distant past. She found herself, she found her calling. She always knew she was going to be a nun. But he brought up that past she never liked. He dug up all those memories.
His eyes came to life again. Plastered against that willowy figure in those bathing suits, she knew how much that older boy enjoyed watching her stroll around the pool. They finally said goodnight, he shook her hand, but he held her hand like he held her eyes. He recalled those days with fervor. He was remembered them pleasurably. She knew this couldn’t be good for her. It couldn’t be good at all.
She hadn’t changed much from ten years ago. She still looked the same, probably weighed the same too. Still had that willowy physique, still seemed buxom as ever, and unfortunately for him all of it hidden under her vestments. Sister Marie disrobed when she returned to her room. She stood in front of the mirror. She imagined her once 18 year old body. It hadn’t really changed; not in her mind it hadn’t, but as she pictured herself from those teen years she saw that young and naïve girl. She saw that young girl who hated her voluptuous, but slinky body. She recalled going to that pool with her friends.
Boys’ eyes ogled her and all the time too. She knew all the remarks the boys made; they were immoral in every way. Now Matt had come back into her life. Why was he back? Why did God send him back to her? She had no idea, but she let her hands roll all over her body. She allowed them to caress her flesh and she wasn’t even aware she was doing it.
It felt nice. It was pleasant caressing her alabaster skin. She realized she was envisioning Matt rubbing her all over too and she instantly dropped to her knees. Immediately she prayed to God. She prayed for forgiveness, but couldn’t seem to get him and his body in a bathing suit out of her head that night.
He called the next day. “We should meet soon. Something has come up. You need to hear about it, but I’m pressed for time. Can you meet me downtown for lunch, Saturday?”
“Saturday?” she wondered… “Saturday, how can I do it then?” she thought. I have commitments, obligations over the weekend” but she knew she wanted to see him. She told him her obligations so he suggested breakfast, early. He told her to dress in secular garb and not her typical vestments. “Why Matt?” she asked. He had no particular explanation. “Okay, okay Matt… I will.”
Meeting him, a man, on a Saturday morning set her ablaze with an ardent zealousness. She felt unusually excited. She pulled them out. Her blouse, boring but effective and her skirt, equally as boring, but it did flatter her, and to cover up her wholesome and hearty breasts a sweater which she was fond of. She looked nice in her outfit. She did her hair which she never does. Finally she added some makeup, which she never wears ever.
She took the bus and got off early. She stopped at the pharmacy. She found a tiny bottle of perfume. Not typical for her, she applied some of it to her neck and to her wrists. Then she threw the bottle away, but she looked and she smelled great. She walked to the restaurant with a smile on her face. He greeted her, they walked in, but immediately he complimented her on the perfume he smelled. He found it odd too. Nuns never wore perfume he thought. She blushed, but thanked him.
“You sure look pretty this morning, Sister.”
”Thank you Matt, but just call me Marie for now.”
He did, they hit it off, and Matt couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. He let it out. He told her. He said she hadn’t changed one bit in the last ten years and he was absolutely right. She hadn’t changed. She still had that svelte curvy figure that could drop a man to his knees upon looking at it. She blushed and tried hushing him, but she oddly liked all his compliments. He recalled her in those bathing suits instantly.
“Tell me more” she wanted to say to him.
“I thought about the other night.” She thought he was referring to talk of the foundation. “I thought about all the days, those times I saw you at the pool.” He paused as he stared at her. She felt nervous, but delighted too. “Marie you are a very attractive woman. I won’t deny telling you that. Society lost a heck of a woman when you entered the order. I think about how attractive you were, how you are now, and… and wow Sister” and he paused as his eyes closed.
She felt flustered. She was ablaze with an inner excitement which she never knew existed the way she was experiencing it now. Suddenly her whole body trembled. It quivered eagerly. Her eyes were glassy. Her thoughts drifted. Her breasts swelled as did her nipples. She felt an attraction towards him she knew she should never feel or experience.
“Are you alright Marie?” She did not hear his words. “Marie, Marie” he said as he put a hand on hers. She quivered and trembled more. His words, his voice excited her. “What I was trying to say to you is “you’ve grown into an exceptionally wonderful and beautiful woman. That’s all. I know and I do respect your convictions, but we knew each other in another life time. I just felt I had to let you know my thoughts, my feelings.”
She pulled her hands away. She looked at him directly. She subtly admonished him for it. She tried telling him she didn’t ever appreciate how he used to watch her. She told him it wasn’t enjoyable even though she told herself she now appreciates it, but she wouldn’t let him know it.
Still she ached inside. She ached for what she missed having, seeing once she committed to becoming a nun and she started wondering. She began wondering about the touch of a man, the feel of a man’s body wrapped against a woman’s, and she knew it would be hard to ask forgiveness if she let her mind wander.
“You still have those pretty eyes, exceptionally beautiful face, and I’m sure” but he paused trying to collect the right words. “I’m sure you have that same… that same… the same gorgeous physique too.” But he looked down and he apologized. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry I said any of that.” He suddenly felt remorse.
She knew why, but she adored his words. He told her for whatever reason how he felt about almost every aspect. She was more embarrassed, but at the same time even more aroused then ever. They never once discussed issues about the foundation. She was the focus. Her hair was beautiful as was everything else and even though she dressed conservatively he allowed his imagination to run freely. He wanted to feel her hands. He wanted to feel more then that, but he knew already he had gone overboard. He opened her mind up to a world she never knew. He even said to her “If you weren’t a nun, I’d ask you out. There are so many things I’d ask and do with you… if you weren’t a nun.”
He lost control. He had crossed the line. He knew it, but didn’t care any longer. He liked her. He desired her all of a sudden. He’d do just about anything to be with her he finally realized. And when he said his peace she knew what she wanted too.
She wanted a sabbatical. She needed time away from it all, from the convent, from the foundation. She needed time “away from him” most importantly she thought. She was granted a sabbatical. 90 days off to regain her focus, her convictions, and her faith in god too. He found out she took a sabbatical; he was disheartened. He missed seeing her. Fr. Anthony figured it out. He called Matt. He admonished Matt. Matt apologized. Matt stopped hearing from Marie, for two weeks.
“Is Matt Baker in?” Marie asked the woman. She gave her name. Five minutes later she saw Marie in. Marie was dressed in a conservative dress, modest attire. Inside, down deep she was ablaze with desire. She burned passionately for him. How could she tell Matt? He was elated to see her. After seating her and asking her how she had been, he missed her a lot too, he offered her a tea or coffee, and they talked.
She looked down, he looked at her, but he knew something wasn’t right. “I’ve been on sabbatical Matthew. I had to. I had to get away. I needed to figure out what was wrong with everything.”
“It’s okay Marie” he interjected.
“I don’t know things anymore” she kept saying not acknowledging what he said.
“You have to do what you must do whatever that is Marie.”
She went on and on and on about her feelings without saying she liked him, she desired him, but he read through the lines. He knew what she was trying to get at. He knew, he thought, she liked him, and he figured she was trying to decide if she should leave the order and discover life outside of being a nun.
“You’ll be alright Marie, regardless.” She looked up. Tears strolled down her cheeks. “I believe what I believe about you. What I told you is true, everything too” he said. She tried forcing the question. She couldn’t believe she was about to ask it. “What is it Marie?” he asked.
She looked into his eyes, sorrow on her face, and she forced it out. “Am I as attractive, sexually attractive as you say I am, Matthew?”
He was floored. He couldn’t believe a nun, especially Marie, would use those words. He held her stare. Her tears dried up. He saw her. He saw her in her vestments. He envisioned her in her robe, her headdress, and he pictured her pious and a woman of god as she sat there in a collared dress and flat shoes with no jewelry. It was just after 4 and his assistants had left. She still had over two months left in her sabbatical. She wanted to be with him. She wanted to talk to him, get to know him, his thoughts, and… and… and all his deep hidden desires. She wanted to tell him hers. She wanted to see how he felt when she did. She knew his office wasn’t the place, but she knew what she wanted.
“Matt, can we go somewhere? Can we go to your house and talk, my apartment and talk, or anywhere to discuss things, privately?”
“What things, Marie? What’s so private?” he said.
She told him it was hard, but he was her best friend and she couldn’t tell him there at his office. He was worried. She had no car. He drove her anywhere she wished. They went to his house, his home office, and he sat in his chair while she told him what she needed.
I need to know what you see in me that… that is so beautiful” she said and he broke.
He broke down. He told her about how he saw her. He told her about what he saw in her 10 years ago. He told her how beautiful her body was, her shapely and sexy legs, her majestic breasts, and how curvy, shapely her figure was too him.
He told her how it aroused him in ways a boy or a man shouldn’t be aroused especially seeing as she was a nun now. She told him not to see her as a nun right now. He went as far as telling her how he “tingled” endlessly for her. That sent spine tingling madness through his “penis” he told her. His remark jolted her. Her thighs burned for him. It sent palpitations all the way through her chest and back down.
She stood, looked into his eyes like she never looked at him before. She was ravaged with desires so intensely she could rip off her dress and make lust filled love to him and she did not care what she was any longer. Deviant, immoral passion filled her up. She lifted her dress. She wore silky nylons. He eyes widened as he watched her lift her dress up. She watched her hands as they lifted up her dress. She skillfully and delicately ran her fingers up and up and up closer to her thighs, closer to her vagina. She looked at him. She studied his reaction. He was mesmerized. He was amazed. She let her dress drop. She ran her hands over her flat stomach, upwards towards her bosoms, and she surged upwards over her breasts, slowing as they did.
“I want you Matthew Baker. I want to touch that penis. I want to hold it. I want to lick it. I want to lick it forever. I want to kiss it for eternity, Mathew. And I want to take your penis, your hardened penis in my mouth, through my lips, and I want to hold it inside me mouth without end” she said to him in a calm tone.
His penis had become stiff. It was hard. It was raging hard, pulsating, and thumping inside his pants. He told her with a quivering voice he would love that and she approached him with conviction and she stood before him, looking down joyously, and she began to kneel as if genuflecting, but on two knees she knelt calmly. She looked into his face again. She gazed into his eyes. She ran her hands up her upper body once more, over her hefty breasts, and back down over them and she smiled once again.
She took his hands in hers and she held them firmly. She told him to tell her if she was doing it right, but she knew she wouldn’t disappoint him. Her eyes lifted to the skies as if praying for direction and then Maries undid his belt before unzipping and removing his slacks entirely.
Marie looked at his underwear and lifted a hand cautiously. She let it hover a moment over his bulge before carefully allowing it to settle on his hardened lap.
“Ohhhhhhh god” he said under his breath “yes oh yes Marie, yes” he told her.
She was pleased. She squeezed gently. She squeezed carefully. She held his hard penis in the palm of her hand and she took a deep, deep breath of air, and she exhaled with a smile. She looked into his eyes. “I’m happy were together Matt” she told him.
He pulled it out. It was long, it was fat, and to Marie it was as grand as grand could be. She leaned over it. She looked up. She kissed its tip. She looked up again. She smiled. He smiled. He winked at her. She was at peace. She kissed its tip again. She slid out her tongue, slowly touched the head of his hardened penis, and his eyes closed as his head fell backwards. Life was beautiful again. Marie was with him the way he once hoped they might be together. Her tongue, it slowly swirled around the tip. The cock was erect and pointing almost back towards him. It was pulsating, erect as ever, and she was making matters “worse” as she excited him twofold.
“Ohhh god Sister” he said by mistake. She looked up quizzically. He apologized, she smiled, and she licked the tip some more. As erect as it was, she quickly shot down his shaft, dragging her tongue with her while arousing him more then she ever imagined. He sat, eyes closed, and back arched as he envisioned Marie from yesteryear. Walking poolside in her bathing suit, sleek figure, and big boobies as that bathing suit held them in and she paraded around that pool just for him showing off her sexy sleek figure. “Oh yes… god yes Marie… oh yes wow Marie” he called out.
She looked up, happy she was able to do what she was doing, and so his delight as his back arched even further. He called out even more loud then before.
As his eyes remained closed, he pictured a different Marie. He saw Sister Marie, on her knees, and giving him head. Marie, in her vestments along with her orders headdress, and every moment was erotic. Sister Marie Begat, an old acquaintance giving head to the lifeguard from her childhood days. His cock was on the tear. Rampant with thunderous desire it had taken on a life of its own as it forced its way against her lips.
She knelt licking his cock and she was on a holy tear also. Wildly attacking his hardened shaft with her tongue, she moaned while doing it. Her moans became louder. It no longer mattered. She felt aching too and Marie swallowed his cock whole.
Each moaned for more. She knew what she wanted. She sucked him so hard he felt like his skin was about to come off. She was relentless and cried out.
“Make love to me Matthew. Have sex with me, please… please Matthew!”
She dropped her dress to the floor, her body as he remembered it, and he slid to the floor and mounted her, shoving his cock inside Sister Marie. She cried out and she squealed horrendously. She had never felt anything so maddening before, but once inside she knew instinctively how to react. She pushed at him. He pushed into her. Marie squealed and shouted words no nun would ever shout out.
“God yes Matthew, fuck me ohhh yes fuck me harder Matthew Baker!”
“I want you to cum to orgasm Marie and I want to taste it too. I want my mouth, my lips against you when you cum. I have to, I must taste it when you have… ohhh yes, yes Marie” he screamed as he fucked her harder.
She started to cum. He lowered himself down and Matt licked and sucked her pussy and he began swallowing it all down. She couldn’t believe he did that, but was amazed by what he did. She felt elated and euphoric. He mounted her, took hold of his erection, and Matt started jacking off. He stroked it so hard he came everywhere. Her face, her hair, her lips, and even on her bra and cleavage. Marie was off in another world. She couldn’t have been happier. She swallowed some of his cum and once the two finally collapsed, they did so in one another’s arms, holding the other close.
Needless to say, Marie left the order, and the two became fuck buddies for life. From being a nun to each others personal “slut” wasn’t so bad because it was always passion and physical appreciation for the other that brought the two together each time. Life was great for her life was awesome for him too. Making love was always best with each other and both reassured each other that was true.

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