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Surrogate Grandparents

Surrogate Grandparents

By Stoneypoint - Jun 8, 2008 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 7764 “Grandma is he alright” 19 year old Ashley asked. With a worried look on her face the busty college freshman watched while the make believe or surrogate grandpa struggled to get up off the chair. She had been boasting about significant awards she had already received her first year of college.
Listening intently it didn’t look like he was listening at all. As she told her story she thought to herself “He’s asleep already. Is he that tired? Well I guess being 72 or whatever age he is now can get that way.”
“Yes dear he’s okay” the surrogate grandma told her. “It just takes him time to move around. Life’s that way dear; we all have our aches and pains nowadays. Even I do” she said as she and Ashley watched Harold struggle to stand up and straighten out.
Weary looking his mind was as sharp as a tack. Appearance wise he looked like he was ready to drop dead on the spot. “Mmmmm look at her boobs. They’re still intact and I have the honor of feeling them against these old bones” he told himself as she shuffled around the table towards Ashley.
In a quieted and fatigued voice he looked up and said to her “Ashley honey... I am so proud of you” and stretched out his arms. “We are so very proud of you. Stand up and give this old man a big hug dear will you?”
Smiling, the fresh faced young lay that was both chesty and curvy stood up to hug her neighbors. For 15 some years they were like grandparents to her. Coming to event after event they were invited to almost every special occasion she was involved with.
Be it athletic events or extra curricular activity at her school the gifted young performer had the gift of music in her soul. She couldn’t avoid the calling and with “lungs” like hers Harold always told Georgiana “That girl is special and some day she’s going to be as famous as you were dear.”
Both watched him as he carefully shuffled over to her; Ashley stood up and stretched out her arms to catch him as well as hug him. For fear he may fall she was ready to catch him at a moments notice and so was Georgiana.
But Georgiana didn’t have the arms strength; not at 71 she didn’t. She watched and watched like Ashley and as he came closer and closer smiles grew bigger on their faces. The same was true for him. He couldn’t wait to feel those 19 year old bosoms against his aging frame.
Relieved he made it 12 feet without dropping was a major accomplishment they thought. All Harold thought was “Whewwww finally a good chest to lean against for support. Ohhh god does it feel great. A real woman with a real chest and boy oh boy do they feel great... they feel great indeed mmmm” he thought as he closed his eyes leaning into her.
Holding on to her he hugged her tight. Embracing her body was a pleasure he didn’t take frivolously. As gifted as she was he was receiving her gifts with the utmost love she could offer.
“Ohhhh Ashley... Ashley ohhhh I’m soooo happy for you” he told her lying. He was pleased but it was Harold who was the happy one; the one receiving the utmost pleasure. Moaning as if he was in bed fucking someone or maybe even Ashley herself he spoke up again.
“You are sooooo awesome Ashley; everything is remarkable about you” referring to her plentiful tits. “I couldn’t be more proud of you. Stay there dear and don’t move an inch” he added in is gristly old voice.
“Thank you grandpa” she replied again while continuing to let him hug her firmly. She could feel his frail body pushing against her bosoms, but made nothing of it. She said nothing either for this was an old man who loved her deeply like any grandpa would. She did nothing to push him away.
“I’m glad you’re happy grandpa” she told him as she looked at her grandma while hugging him. Her grandma looked on and smiled at them. Georgiana knew better. She knew why they were really hugging. She knew why he persisted to hug young 19 year old Ashley for as long as he did. She knew Harold was hugging their “granddaughter” for a longer stretch of time then anyone normally hugs a granddaughter.
“He’s having the time of his life. I even wonder if he’s developing that erection I need him to get. Now that would be special! That would be very special if he could. Knowing he can’t move around as much nowadays, I’d have to wheel him off to bed quickly and climb aboard the poor soul.” She began smiling even more.
“Mmmmmm... mmmmm feeling his old hard penis inside me oh boy that would be special” she thought as her eyes closed. “That would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me these days. I could go for that in a heartbeat. Oh yes I could. Yes I could. Now keep on hugging him Ashley honey” she wanted to say aloud.
“Your dear old grandma wants... and needs some fresh cock even if its old cock inside her. Yes she does... oh yes she does Ashley! So keep hugging my dear old Harold! I do want and need some of that fresh old cock of his indeed dear; so keep at it. Keep hugging him.”
“I love you grandpa.”
“Ashley I love you too and guess what dear? I’m grateful I’m still around to get these great hugs from you. I’m grateful you still love giving us hugs. It’s nice we’re able to get to get one any more. I’m more then happy you came today to give me this.”
Pulling back to look at her, they smiled at one another. “Especially being able to hug those beauties” he thought looking down at her fully developed milky golden sacks.
When he looked down she did too. She looked up at him and watched his eyes follow. Wearing a smile on his face he didn’t notice one on hers. She wondered what was so interesting about her large boobs that would leave an impression like that on his face.
“Grandpa... is something wrong? Ummm is something wrong with my” and she looked down again at her big tits thinking that possibly they were too big for their own good. She was aware of their sizable features, but never in a million years thought Harold would have any fascination with their imposing supple loveliness.
It never in a million years remotely dawned on her an old guy his age would be so fascinated as much as he was by her personal set of overstuffed carafes which carried the juices of life that she carried within them.
Not that she thought about them that descriptively; they did bring him to life again in ways she never saw light him up. Georgiana saw it though while standing back and smirking through the ordeal. In the end her true love of almost 52 years would have an erection for sure she thought. That erection would allow her the chance to mount his splendor so she could settle in on the aged wrinkled cock.
“Grandpa” she started to ask “ummm I gotta question for you.” She looked at Georgiana. She looked at Harold. Harold couldn’t get back to holding her against his chest quick enough. He couldn’t wait to have her two firm and pliable tits covering a quarter of his upper body. Feeling those two was rapture at its best for him. He couldn’t move fast enough.
He craved them. He yearned for their succulent sizeable matter against his chest. He wanted to feel their organic essence digging into his old and puny upper body. Georgiana knew it. Harold knew she did too. They have spoken about it.
They had even gone as far as opening online accounts at various porn sites to try to enhance their dying sex life she so missed. To Harold it just wasn’t the same. He enjoyed Georgiana. He enjoyed her stroking him. While the two watched older and mature generations getting it on in these porn sites, to Harold it wasn’t the same as the real thing. Somehow it had to change. Somehow something had to be done.
“Georgiana this is bunk. This is crap.” he’d say to her. “This just isn’t the real thing” and he would get up and walk away with his pants down and his old limp cock hanging out. “I need the real stuff Georgiana. I need a real woman to get me excited not that you aren’t, but you understand” he exclaimed and she did understand. “I hafta or we hafta know someone who can do it for us right” he asked her many times in the past.
“Yes sweetheart I’m sure we do” was her response. But in her next breath she’d wonder “Who in the world would be willing to sex up an old couple like us? Who in the world would be willing to do such a wild unspeakable thing like that?”
Confounded by their situation it dawned on her who might do it even though it was the most far-fetched idea in the world and crazy as it seemed she came up with what she believed to be the perfect idea!
“Oh my lord I know someone! I know someone who might be open to it” Georgiana exclaimed one afternoon. “She’s a young lady we both know well and who might be” but then Georgiana changed her mind. “Nahhhh she’d never do it! Never, never not even in a million years” she said in contradiction while doing dishes one night.
“Yes honey” he asked Ashley looking towards her insatiable scenery of a chest.
“Ummm grandpa why do you keep looking at me... I mean my chest?”
He made her feel self-conscious about them. Staring at her boobs made her feel uncom comfortable. She didn’t like it that this old guy, especially Harold her long time “grandpa” who was in his 70’s would have any interest in her succulent boobs at all.
“What old man is going to be interested in me like that anyways” she wondered. “Like isn’t he too old for that sort of thing in the first place?” She didn’t understand him.
“Honey I am sorry I look at them” he said in his grumbling voice. “It’s just that well it’s just that” and he looked towards Georgiana. She was smiling enthusiastically while taking it all in.
He told Ashley the truth. “Honey it’s like this” he began “you know your grandma and I love each other very, very much and I’m sure you assume we do don’t you? ”
“Yes that’s right” she replied listening intently. “I’d take it granted you do.”
Looking towards Georgiana again who was still smiling at their ongoing conversation, Ashley asked Georgiana if they did. She gave Ashley a heartfelt smile and winked.
“So I’m confused grandpa, grandma... I don’t get it. I don’t understand it” Ashley said.
They asked what she meant and she told them. She asked “Is grandpa hugging me only because he wants to uhhh well” and looked at Harold. “Why are you hugging me so firmly? Why do you look at me or should I say well at my breasts grandpa? ”
That day Ashley wore a spaghetti strapped top. Not showing off any cleavage her boobs were definitely prominent in it and any man in his right mind was a fool not to appreciate the beauty her boobs elicited. Harold was in his right mind. He is every day.
That day he was in the presence of one lovely 19 year old young woman and a figure with tits to die for and she loved her “grandparents” deeply. Ashley had great voluptuous boobs which Harold strived to hold against him at almost any costs lately.
Even though her shorts gave off a glow that configured a tight and shapely ass along with a set of smooth youthful thighs, it was her tits which Harold showed the most interest in.
Both Harold and Georgiana hoped she’d get him so excited he would have an erection by the time he walked away from her. Both, especially Georgiana, wanted him to have a very stiff cock that morning mainly because despite that they were in their early 70’s she still had a strong urges for sex regardless of its intensity when she could get it.
“Harold will you do me a favor honey and leave us alone for a spell? Go get your shower dear and lie down and rest a spell. I’ll call you shortly when we are ready for you. I want to have a woman to woman chat with Ashley. I think Ashley will understand. Ashley you and I are going to take a little walk dear. I’m going to give you a little insight on a few things. You have time don’t you?
Harold slowly shuffled out of the kitchen rubbing his penis inconspicuously and grinning. He headed towards the bathroom to get a morning shower then lie down to get a nap.
Georgiana invited Ashley out for a brief walk and chat. With her cane she and Ashley walked down the driveway and up the sidewalk. She started it all with small talk leading into the important stuff. Heading in the opposite direction of their houses, Ashley was curious what was going on.
“You know we love you don’t you dear?” Ashley told Georgiana yes. “You know we’d do anything in the world for you as if you were our own right?” Ashley said yes. “Harold needs your help. I need your help. There are two ways you can help us; two ways you could really help us out.”
Ashley asked what she meant; she asked how she could help them out.
“You’re a woman now... the seeds of womanhood are planted in your young body” Georgiana told her in a gentle voice. “You have all the tools all women need to have... Except maybe the years of experience of an older woman, but that comes in time dear” Georgiana said as she grabbed Ashley’s arm stopping midway down the sidewalk. Looking at Ashley and wearing on of her warm and loving smiles she added “It will come in time. As you become older you will know more, understand more, and become much wiser and smarter then you are now. You’ll know exactly what you want and desire out of life. You will know exactly how to get it too dear”
“But first you must remember this. You are a woman! You are a woman with the seeds of womanhood planted here” she said as she lowered her hand over her own vagina.
Ashley looked down at Georgiana’s hand which she placed over her own vagina. Looking up at Georgiana, Ashley wore the strangest look.
“Is the woman crazy” Ashley thought. “She has to be crazy.”
“There is but one animal... a ferocious and voracious animal which hides within you dear. It walks and is panting, breathing heavily within your soul. It breathes a fire within you that you aren’t aware exists yet dear. Once you realize it your body will explode!”
Ashley was equally amused and intrigued by her words. She wanted to hear more of her grandma’s advice.
“Your body it will explode with passion! It will burst from within and when it does it will carry with it an obsession and enthusiasm you didn’t know existed! She slowed down and stopped.
“This is a sexual energy I’m referring to Ashley. The seeds of womanhood are sprouting their wings within you and for you right now! They are going to take off! They are going to fly like you can not imagine. When they take off honey... you will too! And when you do... ohhh when you do you’re going to want it all! You’re going to want it all the time!”
“Wow grandma... ohh wow” Ashley said as she thought about Georgiana’s words. They aroused Ashley ever so slightly. She began to understand Georgiana’s words a little. She began to comprehend their implication.
She was excited and knew she wanted to hear more.
“Honey it burns, it simmers, and those seeds are smoldering within you. There is a potential blazing fire within you which needs a little fuel on it; that’s all it needs dear. But when it is fueled ohhhh my gosh... ohhh boy you better watch out because all hell is going to break free within you! You will never ever stop craving it”
“What do you mean grandma?”
“I mean you will look at every other man you see! You will say to yourself ‘Does he want me? Do I want him? Oh god I think I do! I think I want that man badly. Oh lord I do want him! I really think I do!’ You’ll tell yourself ‘Come here big boy and take a good close look at this. Take a close look at my body sweetheart! Yes that’s right take a real good look at me. I am woman! I am all woman! And this woman is ready for you and ready to show you how much I am!’ It’s true dear; that’s what you will think. Those ideas will come to you and for a long time you will want those feelings to continue! You really will. You won’t want those feelings to stop ever! ”
“You’re nuts grandma” Ashley said to herself. But aloud she said “Really you mean that grandma? Are you really serious?”
Ashley started becoming sexually aroused by Georgiana’s words. Somehow Georgiana’s words fired up Ashley and Ashley felt an intensity within her she couldn’t explain. She had urges and desires she thought needed fulfilling. She wanted to go and be alone. She wanted to go and be by herself and satisfy yearnings she thought were building up inside.
What Georgiana told Ashley began to fire her up emotionally. Ashley was feeling affects of her sexually charged libido. She began to believe she hungered for guys in ways she never hungered for them in her life. She’s always loved kissing and she’s always loved feeling or being felt up, but what her surrogate grandmother suggested and planted in her mind had Ashley so sexually inspired she was ready to have sex at the drop of a hat.
Holding in her emotions, Ashley didn’t realize Georgiana could tell her words struck an inevitable chord with Ashley. Georgiana’s words aroused Ashley in ways Ashley didn’t expect. Knowing Ashley was as emotionally aroused as she was gave hope to Georgiana and hoped it gave Ashley incentive to help her and Harold out.
Georgiana went on to say there was more while she hobbled down the sidewalk with cane in hand. She told Ashley in a more serious tone she needed her help personally.
By that point Ashley was turned on due to Georgiana’s words. She conceded she’d do anything for Georgiana and Harold. “Anything at all grandma” she told her in an impassioned tone. “Whatever is it grandma just let me know because I’ll do anything to help you or grandpa out.”
Georgiana told Ashley there still was a problem which existed and they had tried solving in different ways, but were unsuccessful. “That’s where you come in. That’s where you can help us out.”
“Sure grandma anything... anything at all. I wanna help both of you in any way I can.” Ashley asked what it was and pleaded with Georgiana to tell her.
Stopping again she gazed into Ashley’s face. Looking at her she collected her thoughts and finally explained what she desired. “We want you to help us have more satisfying sex. Harold misses aspects of it and I do too. He misses many aspects of it; most of all the... well the sexual intimacy of a relationship.”
Ashley didn’t see that coming. What Georgiana told her blew her mind. She was taken aback by Georgiana’s request and couldn’t believe what she was asked to do. She was definitely sure she wasn’t going to be asked to have sex with her grandpa. That was preposterous!
There was no way in hell she was having sex with 73 year old man. Her first thought was “He’d probably die in the middle of us fucking and even the idea of it is well is like incest and I’m not into that! Uh uhhhhh no way” she thought while grotesque like impressions surfaced on her face.
Plus she didn’t want stories flying around here and there, especially in internet chat rooms or popular websites stating “some 19 year old girl kills 73 year old man while fucking his brains out.”
“Uhhh grandma... I’m not going to have uhhh sex with grandpa” she said firmly.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooo dear... no way” she replied shaking her head no. Ashley, Ashley I know what’s out there in those porn sites but uh uhhhh dear not you and Harold. What I need you to do is help us out. I need you to somehow help me and him out and that’s where you come in honey! That’s where my plan for you to help us out begins.”
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I seeeeeee” Ashley said with less apprehension, but then she was a little leery and added “Uhhh how?”
“I need him to have... well he and I need him and this may stun you, but we need him to have an erection dear. I want to have sex with him. I want good productive sex” she went on to say before drifting off a moment.
Looking around she thought about it. The desire built up inside her. Georgiana felt the sexual passion mounting within her. It wouldn’t be some wild doggy style from behind heart palpitating sexual orgy going on, but Harold developing an erection would serve its purpose for both of us.
“Honey, don’t ask me why I am telling you all of this, but we can’t seem to get him an erection. To be honest I know he gets stimulated around certain things, but I must act quickly when it does happen if at all.”
Stunned but fascinated by it all, Ashley listened further. She definitely wanted to help these two out. It was bizarre, but it was amazing and to her it was historic even.
Georgiana said they had talked about this long and hard. “No pun intended sweetheart” and Georgiana snickered. She said they had only one solution and that they have tried everything under the sun they thought about.
“Have you tried a porn movie” Ashley suggested “or have you gone online and looked at that kind of porn? ”
“Dear he and I have several online porn accounts” she says much to Ashley’s surprise. Georgiana told Ashley how it works for her, but not for Harold. She added that lately even she’s had trouble “enjoying” it winking at Ashley to make her point. Ashley understood and sympathized with Georgiana. “I need you to help me out honey. Can you help us out?”
“Sure... sure grandma you just need something to get you two stimulated don’t you? You two need something to get you aroused. Listen... I know those feelings and I understand them well” and both laughed while connecting on a personal level neither expected.
“You need something that will turn you on grandma. Something that’ll turn you on in ways you’ve never been turned on before” Ashley told her.
She told Ashley she was right and asked for suggestions. Ashley told her “I have just the thing to help both of you out.” Ashley told Georgiana to go to her bedroom and she’d be right back heading back towards Georgiana’s house.
“I have something grandma that will thrill you so much it’s gonna knock your socks off. When you see what I have and when you try this thing out you’ll agree that it’s perfect.”
Georgiana started to get excited. Ashley added that Georgiana will tell her it’s the best thing in the world she’s ever had in her life when it’s all said and done. Ashley was enthusiastic about their growing friendship. Ashley was animated about providing “tools” that Georgiana and even Harold could use to enhance their faltering sex life regardless of their ages.
While Georgiana was hopeful that Ashley could come through for them, Ashley was eager she was able to something as wild and crazy and even as erotic as what she had planned for the old couple she dearly loved. What she had drawn up in her mind was without question a story of a lifetime, but come hell or high water she told herself she was going to come away successful one way or another! The idea was unheard of and bizarre, but it was all the two 70 plus year olds had going for them.
Neither Ashley nor Georgiana thought that way about it and Georgiana no longer cared how she’d accomplish what she yearned for as long as she obtained her goal.
Running back to her house, Ashley was overjoyed! She was ecstatic that she could help them out. She felt euphoric and a bit liberated that she could show someone a few tricks of the trade too that she had learned over the course of a few years. Hearing Georgiana tell her side of the story made Ashley feel as if the seeds of womanhood were already beginning to sprout. Ashley was ready to pass on some of her private experiences to the two of them and was more then proud of having the opportunity.
Having grabbed her oil and a couple of little toy vibrators along with a package of small pills she “borrowed” from her dads closet where he kept them tucked away, she was sure those items would fulfill Georgiana’s and Harold’s needs. They would put Harold in a state of mind which would forever make Georgiana high on life.
He would be horny and he would be forever hungry for sex! Good or great or whatever a 73 year old guy was able to do she was excited she could help the old guy out! Horny and hard was her goal even though she really didn’t care to see the old wrinkled up piece she told herself.
After walking she headed down the hallway. With the door half closed she slowly walked in. There were Georgiana and Harold fully dressed but snuggling, kissing, and romantically hugging. She loved what she was seeing.
“Awww that is so sweet” Ashley said. “You two are so beautiful. I hope I’m as lucky when I’m your age. I can’t imagine being horny at” but she stopped short of saying when she was over 70 years old. “I sure hope my marriage is like yours later on in life.”
Having stopped smooching they turned towards Ashley; both smiled telling her they hope it would be too. Harold asked what she had to help them out. Georgiana asked as well.
“Well hold on grandpa or should I just call you Harold now on? Hold this” she said giving him a small pill. He asked what it was. “Well it tells you to take two of them but I wasn’t sure so for precautionary reasons I think you should only take one.”
Again he suspiciously asked what it was. She said “It is a pill which uhhh can stimulate you” and she stopped to collect her thoughts. “Well it heightens a guy’s uhhh sexual awareness Harold, but I think once you take this you won’t have that problem at all.”
She told him he’ll get horny easily. She backed up her claim by referring to him wanting to stare at her boobs and then she giggled at the notion as she looked down at her boobs. He looked at them too and grinned.
Cupping her hands underneath her tits she asked “Right Harold from what I saw you had no problem admiring or should I say desiring these!” Ashley proceeded to wink at him.
“Ohhh give me that pill” he said in a brisk voice. Snickering, she happily gave it to him.
“Now watch it do its thing” she said hoping to see it do what it is supposed to do.
Turning to Georgiana she grabbed her bag. She told Georgiana how she had some interesting items for her. She told Georgiana that Georgiana would need to pull up the dress she had on. Georgiana did as instructed trusting Ashley’s every word. Once she pulled up her dress she took a bottle given to her and poured an oily stimulant in her hands and was to rub it across her pussy, but Ashley was hesitant to use the term.
“Do you mean to say pussy dear? Go ahead, say it honey. I’m aware of the word.”
In a gruff tone Harold looked over and added “You bet your sweet behind she is Ashley. Yes you can and I’d even bet those sweet bosoms of yours she’s aware of that word.” Both Harold and Georgiana broke down in laughter while Ashley smiled.
Ashley was becoming fully aware of the beauty surrounding her succulent round boobs and the admiration they brought to Harold. She gradually came to appreciate their magnificence in the eyes of Harold along with many others as well.
“That’s it” she told Georgiana “ohhhhhh yeah that’s it; rub it in. Now move it around just like that and let it soak in you. Yeah like that; do you feel something weird? Do ya Georgiana?”
She waited for some kind of reaction or response and saw the looks on Georgiana’s face. “Now’s comes the fun part” she told them both. She told Georgiana to lie back. “Lie against your pillows and close your eyes.” Lowering her tone she told Harold to be ready to grab hold of the vibrator she had in her hand.
“I ain’t touching that thing” he said in his raspy old voice.
“Yes you are” Ashley demanded. “You want to and you’ll see why in a second. You’re going to do it the way I tell you to do it grandpa! Is that understood” she asked defiantly.
Succumbing to her demands he got ready to grab hold of the small tubular like vibrator Ashley was holding. “Uhhhh Georgiana, grandma” she started to say “uhhhh I’m gonna hold this against you to show you how it’s done, but then you’re gonna do it all alone okay?”
She asked if Georgiana was ready to take it from her. Georgiana was ready and willing and said yes. Suddenly Georgiana felt tingly everywhere surrounding her pussy and also felt great while experiencing the tingling sensations. A bit more aroused by everything happening to her, Georgiana started imaging the upcoming possibilities. Georgiana pictured Harold wrinkling but hard cock and his sudden willingness and forceful desire to have incredible sex with his bride of 50 plus years.
She couldn’t wait to sit on top of her husband’s longer firm cock!
“Ohhhh wow... wow Ashley what is happening to me” she called out.
Ashley handed the vibrator to Georgiana and watched her willingly take it in hand and rub it across the top of her aged pussy. Ashley sat by her side and told her specifically what to do and how to do it. She told her to run it across pussy’s lips and especially across her clitoris. Georgiana followed her instructions to the point.
As she sat by her side, Ashley along with Harold heard Georgiana began to yelp unexpectedly. Ashley knew it was coming, but it started happening a lot sooner. She saw Georgiana twitching and jerking. Between the vibrator and the oily stimulant, everything was going as planned.
“Ohh ohhhh my lord” Georgiana called out as her body stretched out in reaction to the affects of her aroused vagina swelling. Georgiana knew she needed more and more attention. Georgiana’s eyes closed and she moaned for Harold to be by her side. She even cried out for Harold to feel her pussy, which made Ashley feel uncom comfortable.
Leaning in Ashley whispered to Georgiana. “Now stick the vibrator inside you; that really is the exciting part. It’s going to really turn you on grandma. It will get you hornier I think then you’ve ever been in your life maybe. Go on put it inside you” Ashley suggested “just as if it was Harold inside you okay? Only this thing is twice as good I’ve heard as a... well as a guy’s cock. It can vibrate and well let’s just leave it at that.”
Georgiana opened her eyes and looked at Ashley. The two of them smiled at one another. Georgiana was proud of Ashley and whispered to her that’s he was.
“Ohhh ahhh eeeh oooohh” Georgiana cried out and her body rose off the mattress. Harold looked over. She called out again. Harold watched with great interest, but asked what was wrong.
In a soothing tone Georgiana looked his way and with a grin he’s never seen before she said “Ohhhh honey nothing, nothing at all dear. How do you feel” she asked him.
He said he was fine but she wondered if the pill he took had any affect on him at all. “Is he horny at all do you think” she asked Ashley. Ashley said he was, but wasn’t com completely sure.
“Maybe I should slide this vibrator over his crotch and see how it works on him. Let’s see if it has any affect on him” and Ashley told Georgiana she could what she wanted with it.
“Ohhhh Ashley, Ashley” and her eyes closed taking a deep breath “ahhhh ohh ahhh... this is wonderful” she exclaimed. “Thank you... thank you very much honey. I’m going to do this all the time now.”
“I’m going to leave” Ashley said leaning to whisper in Georgiana’s ear.
“Has grandpa ever gone down on you?” She didn’t understand Ashley. “Has he ever gone in between your legs and shoved his tongue inside your pussy and licked inside it? Umm it’s called it eating out a woman.”
“Ohhh muff diving... not for a long, long time” she told Ashley. That was decade’s ago. That was a long time ago.”
“Well have you ever had a woman do that to you?”
The question surprised Georgiana. Never had she heard of a woman doing it to a woman, but it intrigued her to no end. Telling Ashley no she mouthed something to Ashley that Harold didn’t see. Leaning down and joking with Georgiana, Ashley said if she was ever drunk she’d stop by and do it for her.
“I’ll have shot glasses ready at 11:00 am sharp” Georgiana said facetiously.
Both laughing Ashley added having a woman do it to another woman can be the most incredible experience in the world. Meanwhile Harold was getting excited all by himself. Not having developed his erection quite yet, he needed something to set him free. He needed someone to get him turned on.
Agreeing to consider muff diving her, Ashley headed to the other side of the bed. Sitting down next to Harold she asked how he felt. He said he didn’t feel any different. She leaned over and kissed his cheek and said Here grandpa look... look at these” and lifted her top up over her head showing off her big and beautiful breasts for him.
Covered by her purple satin bra they looked majestic and made him hornier then he imagined they could. Within seconds he was hard and it bulged inside his slacks.
“Ohhhhhhhh my god... Ohhhh my god” he cried out in his raspy voice. His eyes locked in on her royal tits he felt his cock tingling and toiling with his hardcore emotions. To Harold her tits were more amazing then anything in the world almost. Her smile was grand and but her boobs great!
His erection had come to life. He felt stuff zipping threw him he never felt before.
“See Harold all you needed was a little motivation and there it is. Look... Look down there” she said. Under his slacks was the bulge everyone had been waiting for. Under his slacks was the horny cock waiting to be mounted and he looked over at his beautiful bride and smiled.
“He’s ready for you” she told Georgiana. “It’s ready and waiting to be taken care of so have fun” she told them.
“I love you both” and walked out satisfied she helped out her surrogate grandparents.

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