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Girls Season 3 Article

Slechts Groot - Part 3

Slechts Groot - translation: Only The Large - Part Three

By thexxxee - Nov 25, 2008 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 9988 Slechts Groot(translation: “Only The Large”)(part three)This story has the following content:M+/F, Intr, Slut Wife, Size, Exh, Brothel, Orgy, SM, Pre-Viral and (caution)Torture* Please read parts Do Not Read This Part First or As A Com complete Story.
Prelude: ‘all too real’
The fine line defines so much of life’s experiences. The fine line between sanity and insanity is a very famous one. The interpretation as to which side of that line is in action can then lead to a cascade of domino effects upon uncountable experiences. A young beautiful woman, who chooses to work within a business that depends upon limits that any semi sane male might apply to himself, is walking an exciting line. When the males just barely stay on the sane side, and adjust their actions accordingly, then life in an upscale brothel is exciting and rewarding for the female worker. If a male were to stray far to the other side, to the insane side of the line, then the female’s life might actually become even more exciting. But the danger absolutely increases, and does so by many multiples.
Story: (continued from part two)
NOTE: use extreme caution - this last section includes a shocking and, unfortunately, real possibility.
Stressing only the positive? Seeing the best for our player(s)? You may wish to end your Slechts Groot journey with part two. However, it is reiterated that all these sections, or parts, existed long before posting, a single total story.
*Part Two ended with Jaimie deciding that she enjoyed her job.
Kees enjoyed his job too. Making a lot of money, in a strange way, kept him fixated on all associated goals. One associated goal was to get Jaimie over to Slechts Groot. He was just waiting for her to be properly prepared. The earlier reference to men tenderizing her meat was not exaggeration. In a way, that is exactly what was happening. Her rectum and vagina were being purposefully poked, prodded, twisted and mildly burst past their limits, just to get Jaimie ready for next door. The last time that Arman came to Aardbei in order to fuck her, Kees had gone to the floor above and entered one the rooms that they kept for overflow from downstairs. There he removed a cover on the floor near the restroom area. With his room’s lights off, he was then allowed to peer unseen through a fine mesh.
“Excellent.” A mutter that reflected the quality of his view, right down the center of Jaimie’s legs as she lay in missionary position.
From his nest, he was able to not only see well, but hear well. What he saw was Arman smoothly slide into Jaimie. In only a few strokes, the 14.25 inches was buried into her, with her bucking, shaking, and then almost throwing her muscles into seizure strength.Kees noted that Jaimie was actually pulling on Arman’s hips, which then helped push his penis deep into her pussy. What he heard from her own mouth were sensual moans, squeaky little yells, heavy breathing, all in a very controlled, very sports like rhythm. What he heard from her body were deep thunks, as from a human drum, very loud sloshing of many fluids inside and around her vaginal vault, and loud snaps and pops directly from her opening.
Another low level mutter that was easily masked by the fuck sounds, “Ready. She’s ready! ”
“That’s my girl. All ready for a big time with the big bad boys. ‘You’ sweet little stretchy thing. En nu Slechts Groot.” All said with that perverse fatherly type pride in his voice.
He watched them workout for a while longer. With her black pony tails flying, her feet digging into Arman’s rear as if both feet had cowboy spurs, she got her over-stretching. To Kees, it was very significant that Jaimie did it all as a wild woman, one who now appeared to be intent on making her pussy fit whatever might be the next challenge. Oblivious in her pursuit, she was totally unaware that the bucking, the lunging of her pelvis forward and the grinding of herself on Arman’s post resulted in another almost mandatory small tear. His observations confirmed that he had helped train one hell of a sexual gladiator. “En nu Slechts Groot!”
That same late night, after Arman had left the club, and as Jaimie was dressing for street travel back to her apartment, Kees entered the dressing room to deliver her nightly cash payment. As he gave her the envelope, he asked if she could come in early tomorrow, perhaps even 2 hours early. She had no problem with that. All the day time activities were long over by then anyway. She arrived at 7 PM, changed into a little purple top, purple thong and purple 6 inch heels. Jaimie left her hair without tails, rather it was puffed up to its fullest extent. Just as she was going to go to the Aardbei lounge, Kees stopped her. “Come with me, Jaimie.”
Instead of into the Aardbei lounge, he walked her across the hall to the large wooden doors of Slechts Groot. When he pulled back one side for them to enter, it was the first time that Jaimie had ever seen the doors open. Amidst all the gothic wood with fancy carvings, there was one lone sign on an inner door. And it was in its own separate wood plaque form, with bold letters carved into it. It read: ‘Geen penis minder dan 22 centimeters’. After the carved letters, someone had stuck up a purposefully inappropriate yellow smiley face. Jaimie could now do very basic translation and had no trouble understanding that the sign said ‘no penis less than 22 centimeters’. Whether bragging, a basic rule, or a light hearted combination, she still thought that it still appeared in questionable taste.
Kees opened that last set of doors, and revealed a lounge that was generally less luminated than Aardbei. Higher ceilings, hanging chandeliers, vertical wood posts demarcating the few booths, and a more open area past those booths and bar counter, immediately gave Slechts Groot a different mood. Then the mood became radically different when Jaimie could visualize better into the open area. There were soft vinyl mats all about stockades, under hanging straps, and around adjustable spread eagle devices, and more obvious fucking type machines. The dildo type attachments for each fucking machine were lined up along side in a holding rack. Each spread eagle device had dark stains in its surface, exactly where the pelvis was supposed to be positioned. Each fucking machine was stained heavily across each seat cushion and onto the floor beneath.
Just as Kala, a thirty year old Russian woman met them at the entry, Kees gestured through a very simple greeting.“Kala, this is Jaimie. Jaimie this is Kala. I want Kala to just show you the club today. I trust her to cover all topics.”
“Hello Jaimie, I have heard a lot about you. You are very beautiful.” All said with the lowest of raspy female frequencies.
“Hello Kala. And thank you so very much for the compliment. But forgive me.” She turns to Kees.“As I ask this man what other important information that he has failed to share with me.” It was obvious that Jaimie was offended. “Are you putting me over here? Just wondered, since I am very happy over at Aardbei.”
Kees sensed revolution, possibly combustion. “Oh, Jaimie, Jaimie, Jaimie. You’re still my star at Aardbei. It is just that, well, uh, you’re turning into one of my most sophisticated and adaptive girls. And you already know that some Slechts Groot members have made big changes in their schedules just to be with you. I wanted you to know what was over here, what those members were used to, and, to be honest, for you to have working knowledge about this club just in case I ever did need you.”
“Geez, you always pour the compliments around like syrup, just before I usually ‘get it’. Hmmm, and the reasons also always sound so logical, just before I usually ‘get it’. Oh, scram. Kala has things to show me.” And she waved off Kees, leaving him at the door. Then she walked further into the large room with Kala.
Kala had extremely pale skin, bright blond hair, a rather thin frame at 68 inches of height and small tight breasts. She had delicate features that included a small sharp nose and chin. She was wearing only a red G-string and red heels, which made it easy to see that her thin frame was stacked with very well defined muscles, muscles that made her move in a svelte cat like manner. Jaimie was scanning her top to bottom, and thinking that Kala looked more fit than the average Aardbei girl, some of whom were getting by with youth and the early blessings of nature.
Suddenly, Jaimie’s mind jumped back to the club, and the fact that no one was in the lounge. No one was in the open mat area either.Strange, for by 7:00 PM at Aardbei, it was sometimes packed. “Where is everyone?”
Kala walked Jaimie over to another large door that was across from the mats, “The membership fees and the size requirement keep the membership a lot smaller than Aardbei’s. But, please don’t think that no one is here. Slechts Groot is set up differently than Aardbei. Unlike Aardbei, much goes on that involves more than two or three members. There are many play areas, on this floor and on other floors. Each is virtually sound proof.” And Kala opened the door, which seemed to break a sealed fit.As the door first opened, Jaimie heard a very familiar and intimate sound. It was coming from around the corner from the entry. That sound instantly triggered a spasm deep within her gut. There was no mistaking the combination of slaps and low frequency punches that were literally beating meat, as they mixed with female grunts and gasps. Jaimie was sure that a woman was being fucked by a huge penis. It was easy for Kala to look into her face and see Jaimie’s recognition of that sound.
With the nastiest of smiles, Kala gave Jaimie credit. “You’re correct, of course. And that is where we stop first.”They rounded the corner. Then the room opened in width, and like nothing Jaimie had seen anywhere in the RLD, it dropped vertically to form a little sunken stage. The actual stage was centered into a corner, with a perfect 90 degrees of surround seats facing it. The three rows of seats provided about a 12 foot drop from top to bottom. Five men were widely dispersed throughout the arc, and they were all watching the stage.
On the stage was an apparatus that appeared as if it were made of many wedges of vinyl. It could rise many feet above the stage in many forms. At the moment, it was strapped together as simple square at female waist height. Bent at her waist, and facing away from the men, a beautiful brown haired girl stretched out her upper body across the square. She had a single pony tail that reached her mid back. With her stilettos on the floor of the stage, her legs spread wide, her rear was then aimed directly at the men. A stocky white man who was well over six foot tall was standing behind her, holding her waist solid upon the soft square, and ramming a monstrous penis into her pussy. Jaimie guessed the penis to be very close to the length of Arman’s. But, and she had not thought it possible with such a size, it was hard as rock. Much harder than Arman’s. Maintaining such a blood pressure within a penis that large was a mystery to Jaimie. The man was burying it into the woman with the slapping and pounding force that Jaimie had heard from the doorway. Jaimie looked at how the penis disappeared into the woman and hit with such force, and noted that the labia stretched wide with ease, that the man could stand there twisting and grinding the woman’s opening. Kala and Jaimie stood back from the steps that led down into the stage, and continued to watch. Kala was really trying very hard to keep Jaimie away from the entry to the stairs and out of the view of the men. In reference to the woman being so fiercely fucked,
“That’s Anna down there. Like you, she started over at Aardbei.”
“How long ago was that?”
Kala was slightly hesitant to give Jaimie the time frame. Still, she gave it. “About 8 months ago.”
Jaimie looked back at Anna’s rear. She could not immediately tell the condition of Anna’s ass, but it was easy to see that her pussy had a massive opening. Much of its condition appeared hard fought for and permanent. This was more than fucking. This man was punching deep into Anna’s vagina with the speed and intensity that some five to six incher might use in order to try to impress. But, by Jaimie’s earlier estimates, this penis was at least 14 inches long, about as wide as Arman, which was around 2.75 inches, but as hard as a bat. In fact, she was considering that analogy, when she watched him hit home so hard that Anna’s little stiletto heels were raised up off the floor of the stage. Anna’s response? No screams, just ugh, uh and the sound of air being knocked out of her mouth. Anna had obviously had this done to her before, many times before. As Kala pushed Jaimie back to the door, one of the men in a top row seat turned around in time to catch a view of the two.
Kala thought that she had Jaimie safely back outside the door, when a Roger came through the door after them. This was distressing to Kala, for she would have to come up with a good reason why he and the others could not use any girl who worked for Kees.
“Oh, Kala, what have you got there? A present?”
“No Roger. This is only a tour for her. I want everyone to be nice to her. Maybe she might come to work here, someday. Roger this is Jaimie. And Jaimie this is Roger.”
“Hi Roger. Nice to meet you.” She had a difficult time delivering her simple little greeting, because her eyes and her thought processes were diverted by the image of a huge penis dangling down between his knees. She was thinking ‘Good grief, how many guys in this world are in that 12 to 14 inch group?’.
“Oh, you’re a sweety. And so very beautiful. Honey, can you start here tonight, right now?”
As he was asking Jaimie, she watched his penis start to harden. If Jaimie had not done the 10 PM show over at Aardbei, and Arman, both repeatedly, she would have been a very frightened girl. She was concerned, though, that the evening might get out of control, even Kala’s control.
“Roger, let me show her around some more. There are many places and activities that she has not seen. Remember me asking you to be nice? Let’s give her a little space tonight. Please let me finish her tour.”
“Oh, alright.” And he headed back to the door. As he opened it, he looked back as a man who was not giving up. Rather he looked like a man on a quest. And what concerned Kala was that she was sure that he was going to tell all the men who had worked on or planned to work on Anna tonight. As a subset of intense concern were the men ‘who planned to work on Anna’, meaning they had not yet. Those men had all their drive, as well as all their cum, to target at someone. Now they might not use it all on Anna.
When Roger disappeared through the door, Kala hurried Jaimie straight out the wooden doors of Slechts Groot and over to Aardbei.
“Jaimie, we can finish the tour on another day. That was a pretty hardcore group, and I think it would be better if you were over here tonight.”
Jaimie motioned for Kala to sit in a booth that was around the corner from and could not be seen from the glass entry. When Kala sat down, Jaimie questioned her about what the men expected over at Slechts Groot. What kinds of things did they did to the girls over there. Whether they get off on sadism and torture over there. If the girls were hit so hard and of such duration that they could burst, prolapse or suffer some other major injury.
One characteristic that she shared with Kees, was that, when cornered, she would always tell the truth. It was time to detail a list of the services given at Slechts Groot.
“Kees told me that he told you and your husband the most basic description. Probably something like Slechts Groot being set up as a very private club for men with large penises and large bank accounts. The size thing was just to provide an extra kink, an extra reason to feel special, to feel superior. You would be surprised how many men, all around the world, both wanted, and were qualified for such a club. He told you the part about ‘fucking without restraint’?” Jaimie nodded. “Well, you must take that literally. No restraint. Here’s something that I bet he did not tell you. Each member pays Kees an annual fee of what would be 50, 000 US dollars, plus an additional 5000 dollars each month. So, the members believe that they have bought and physically qualify for using their penises anyway that they want with Kees girls. But after they say that they want to work on a particular girl, they must agree to tip the girl lavishly. That is no problem for these men.
You ask about torture. If you mean the machines, whips and standard devices that are used for sadistic play, then, that is something that the club girl does not have to do. She can volunteer and arrange a fee far beyond the standard tip. But the men can use their penises anytime, anywhere and in anyway that they want. It goes back to the original qualifications, a sort of ‘if they’ve got it, they get to use it’. Many of the men do work off their frustrations on the girl. Some really want to see if their penis can hurt the girl. Take Roger, who you just met. He is from the USA like you are. He was in the Kinsey laboratory studies, as a ‘what happens to a normal vagina when fucked by an overly large man’. He had films of him from the outside. They had infra red scans, showing him inside the female volunteer. But, with the volunteers that they obtained, and with the directives from the top, he was never allowed to sink it in the woman. And even any girlfriend in the USA that he might be legally responsible for, could not be com completely fucked. That’s an example of the restraint that Kees says is gone at Slechts Groot. If a member like Roger chooses a new girl, she can be sure that she will ripped up after a while.”
“What? That always happens?”
“It happens if the girl is fresh and has a small vagina. I have seen some pretty shocking fucks given to such girls. Roger was a part of one of the most shocking. , The damage does not happen as often or as severe with someone who is properly prepared. I know of your show over here, and of your meetings with Arman. You, my dear, are an example of being prepared. As to what happens long term to girls that are prepared? They, of course, have vaginas and asses that are unusually large. I suppose it has a lot in common with fisting. As to prolapse and similar conditions, later in life, it seems to have to do with how long the woman works here. For instance, Anna does not yet have such a condition. She probably will, if she continues working.”
“Well, why in the world would she continue?”
“Honey, you have not asked about money. With Kees portion, and the tips, Anna will earn over 5600 dollars tonight. Those men, at least, realize that she is allowing them to something to her that no other woman will allow. That brings up another reason for most of the girls who allow such fucking. For most, the thrill of the danger is right up there with the money. With that money? If she has been careful, the girl could leave the club someday, and pay for excellent no scar (through the vagina) surgery. That would give support back to her bladder, her vagina even gain some tightness, if she wanted. And she should still have hundreds of thousands of dollars, again only if she planned ahead.”“Do most girls do such planning ahead?”
“No. Hardly any do.”
Jaimie was thinking that having so much money and not planning ahead was ridiculous. Those girls must be using the money somewhere. But, even considering the possibility of drug addiction in Amsterdam, which was quite cheap when compared to the income, where the money went was still a mystery to Jaimie. Then, even though Jaimie had just seen Anna, heard the report by Kala, and had her own experience, she considered the thrill aspect that Kala mentioned. Jaimie thought about a woman who would set up her ass or pussy for a violent fucking by such a continuous flow of huge penises. She immediately had goose bumps, because something about it was really thrilling to Jaimie. But, then, the realization of her increasing perversity brought forth some feeling of shame and a more logical thought of safety.
“There are some other interesting optional duties, including small private parties and staffing other brothels that Kees owns. But we don’t have time discuss them this evening. I have to get back over to my side.” And, with that, she abruptly left the booth and started around the corner.
Jaimie was still back at the booth. She had decided that Slechts Groot was too much. Too much penis, too much sadism and too weird.She was deeply thinking about how she might tell Kees, when she noticed that Kala had stopped instantly as she rounded the corner that led to the glass doors. She stayed frozen in that position for more than a few moments, then walked back over to Jaimie.
“Honey, you’re on your own now.” Said with an air of resignation, and with a tilt of her head towards the corner.
Jamie got up, walked around that corner, and looked straight into the faces of Roger and two other Slechts Groot members. It had not taken the men very long to guess where Jaimie was working. Then they donned sweat pants just to cross thru the corridor to Aardbei and find that ‘beautiful black haired bitch’. It was Kala’s worst calculation; these were the men who were waiting for Anna. They were unspent, full of vigor and cum.
Jaimie had just made the decision to not work at Slechts Groot, that it was too dangerous for her pussy and ass. And in the next instant, three of Slechts Groot’s big and rough ones come to get her anyway. She never thought about leaving, and running to safety. Kees was not worthy of the combination of promise and dedication that Jaimie was about to display. She understood what she was normally supposed to do, and she would approach this extreme case exactly the same.
Her hand shook as she extended it to Roger. “Hello again, Roger.”
He took her hand firmly. “Baby, I don’t give up on something like you.” He swung her around and, instead of taking her to a room, walked her toward the stage.
‘Oh, my God. He wants to show off what he can do to me’
“Reading my mind?” And amidst the music and crowd noise, he leaned down to the level of her left ear, so she might hear clearly.“I am very excited, and want you to know that I am going to try my hardest to punch that pussy right up through your mouth.”
“Wha...?” This was not the message from a lover. This was the message from a special kind of sadist. Instead of beating a woman’s outside flesh with whips, this man seemed to want to beat a woman from inside. She quickly looked up into his face.
He had a truly devilish smile, and nodded a yes, as in ‘you’re really gonna get it, kid’. He gripped her hand harder as they approached the stage. Everyone in the lounge had slowly become aware of the trip to the stage. Of course, they all knew Jaimie, and a very few knew Roger, or knew of him. Some staff and patrons were already moving toward the booths closest to the stage, because the growing consensus matched Roger’s predictive nod, that she was ‘really gonna get it’. And Jaimie was reviewing in her mind, her start at the club, the money, the regulars, her early shows, her original desire for big penises and her present dilemma of extreme perversion.
Jaimie a sensationalist? Yes, and thrill seeker. And just like it is for all the other types of sensationalist in this world, it is traveling down and surviving that thin border that is an ultimate task. In this case, the border was between sexual pleasure and sexual pain, even injury. It was that realm that provided the thrill. As Jaimie stepped upon the stage, she was in a state of fear that took her beyond thrill.
The instant that Roger got on the stage, he untied his sweat pants, and pulled them down and off. The crowd’s response was just as immediate. Jaimie, and no doubt the proud Roger, could hear many comments: ‘Jesus Christ!’, ‘Oh my...y God!’, ‘Mercy, mercy’, ‘No way’, ‘!’, ‘Oh, shit.’, and general moans were clear. Less audible and/or in Dutch were ones like, ‘Poor Jaimie’ and ‘He’ll tear her up!’. Wild fantasy or not, one comment in Dutch, too low to be heard by either Roger or especially Jaimie, was, ‘He’s the one, remember? Next door. They purposefully got him an inexperienced teenager. And he REALLY fucked her to death!’, and then were responses to that like ‘Oh bullshit!’, ‘That is a very old braggart tale.’or a scornful ‘Ha.’.
Too many ideas out in that audience to even begin to test them all. However, it was possible to test some of them. More than a few of the concepts, theories and tales were going to be tested right now...on Jaimie. When stepping up onto the stage, she had finally decided that Slechts Groot lived up to its name. There were some very ‘big members’ over there. Though used to the stage, tonight Jaimie turned to the lounge crowd and gave them a look that was equivalent to ‘what the hell am I doing up here?!’. Then she looked over at Roger, was scanning her top to bottom, bottom to top. He spun her around so that her back was facing him, and began to slowly unzip her purple top. When he was done, he pulled it straight up and off of Jaimie, leaving her arms tangled in it. That had her reaching for the ceiling. When he got the top to her wrists, he paused and twisted the top tightly and, with his right hand, held it like a manacle. Under his arm, she looked just like a little puppet. He reached around to the front of her chest and felt up those pert 34B breasts. He began to play with them, reforming them, pulling on them, twisting her nipples, until she grimaced for him and the crowd. Then, he untwisted the top and took it over her hands and threw over to the corner of the stage. He stood back and looked at her body, and the remaining purple thong and purple high heels.
“I want you to pull off that thong. And when you do, that will show everyone here that you gave me a formal OK to use you.”
Jaimie thought of how rich these guys were, how they made Kees and everyone snap to attention and of their general reputation over at Slechts Groot. For the first time in her life, she felt intimidated. She had played the SM game with quite a few clients. Of course, no one had been equipped like Roger was. A hope passed through her mind, that a lot of this was still play, that he would not be as rough as he acted. The next thought that passed through her mind was, that such hope was an alternate universe fantasy. So she did know better; even so, she began to reach for the sides of her thong. She paused after gripping them, and considered her options once again. Then, she quickly pulled them down and off, throwing them over where the top had landed. The crowd hooped and hollered and applauded. Jaimie turned to look at Roger. He was standing there stroking himself. His penis was as big as the one that she saw working on Anna. Maybe a tiny bit softer, but this had an unusually large head on it, sort of like Arend’s (Mr. Doorknob). But, in this case, the doorknob shape was stuck on the end of 13 to 14 inches of thick shaft.
“My kinda girl.”, nastily said while walking the nude Jaimie over to the mattress.
Kees had been called to the front by Kala. Instead of attempting even a minor intervention, he was now behind the counter turning on all the stage lights, just like he usually did for the 10 PM shows. Only this was 8:30 PM, and definitely not the regular show. Roger wanted Jaimie to lie down in missionary, with her pussy to the crowd. She did. He spread her legs, and then he spread her lips so the crowd could see the size and form of her opening. From her past experience, and without any warm up, she had a moderate gape and a ragged sheath around that gape. At this point, she was light pink in color. Kees’s three white spotlights made all of this crystal clear.
Roger then grabbed some of the Vaseline that was always kept nearby. He poked several fingers of it into her pussy. Then he applied a generous amount to his shaft. He thought momentarily about starting with a more unusual position, then fell back to the missionary. He believed that everyone on earth knew what that was supposed to look like, when ordinary penises were going in and out of ordinary looking girls. Tonight, on stage, he was going to demo his mammoth device on a beautiful girl. And by doing that, he felt that the crowd would be able to see and appreciate how a truly overloaded missionary looks.
Jaimie looked down at her pussy, and saw that his knob was almost there. The next instant, it was deep inside her. She screamed, as much out of surprise as physical sensation. Roger was not going to hesitate. After only a few partial strokes, he began to bury it in her up to his balls. And then he just fucked her as hard as he could, slamming over 200 pounds behind each poke. He loved to see himself buried into such a pretty girl. Like so many guys who she had met, he just wanted to make changes in her. Unlike the other guys, he happened to be hung like a horse and fuck as fast as a dog. Between screams, her reaction was similar to Anna’s, in that there were only simple ugh, uh, and squeal type sounds. The reaction was identical when it came to hearing the wind knocked right out of her mouth.
Her poor vagina had found that special track that it usually took with large penises. It was sort of threaded through her bowel, with its highest point in the space in front of the stomach. But Roger was determined to also make it go in other directions. Just like little guys used to do, he buried himself and then twisted and ground. In his case, with his penis, such twisting and grinding flipped her vagina all around and stretched out sections that normally were not affected. Were this the young inexperienced fantasy girl of the sacrificial story being told in the lounge, it really would be probable that Roger, just like in the story, would fuck her to death. In Jaimie’s case, he was still getting off on tearing up a pussy. Even starting with her already stretched pussy, his size and action was just too much. Within 15 minutes of grinding, he had her vaginal opening ripped to a new size. This was done with several minor tears placed at points ‘around the clock’. It was as if he was balancing the look and feel of her pussy on all sides. A very strange thing began to happen. Roger was easing up. He stopped for a moment at his deepest. He looked down at Jaimie, who had a red face and perspiration all over her body. She eased up her breathing, taking advantage of the moment.
“You are one helluva tough chick. Real tough. Maybe we should keep you around.” That admiration may have been a saving grace.
He went back to straight line fucking, built up and came. He thought that it was incredibly special that she was actually able to cum with him, even after such rough fucking. Within his macho ‘kill with sex’ mind, he developed an absurd decision about her being a worthy female sex warrior. Hey, remember to give this guy credit for being more than a little insane. If mommy complex, what the hell did a mother do to this kid anyway? Sick violent perversion or not, it just did not matter how he got to the decision to lighten up on Jaimie, only that he made that decision.
When he pulled out, he did so forcefully, raking that large head backwards through all of her lips. As he popped out, it was absolutely amazing how little blood was on his penis. Evidently her pussy could do the length stretch. That is the direction that could save your life with a guy like this. Such a long stretch could keep the vagina from bursting. The width of her pussy was what did change a fair amount. That last moment pop out was one contribution. Jaimie was bleeding a little, as he opened her for the crowd. Her pussy was gaping big time. It had a central hole of almost 1.5 inches in diameter. And some of her ragged edges were just plain gone. Roger thought that would be impressive enough tonight, at least for him. The other two guys were standing just off the stage, behind Roger. Having waited all the time for Anna, and now having waited for Jaimie, and still without a fuck, they were hungry.
He stopped and talked to the two. As he did, Jaimie had enough strength to raise herself up on her elbows and look at the next guys. They were physically fit black men, equipped with penises in the range of Roger, but thankfully the one that was up front was an inch or so shorter and one quarter to one half inch thinner. She would take any help that she could get. That next man to step forward was Artu. He was a successful transplant to France. There he had made use of his family’s Nigerian oil money to buy automobile franchises. In ten years, his car dealerships had spread all over France and Holland. And, now, he was here to spread Jaimie.
Already fairly exhausted, she looked up in time to see a hard black wand waving around above her, and a gesture from Artu that directed her to flip over. When she did, he moved her pretty ass back in line with the center of the crowd and folded her knees up under her belly. Of course, that raised her rear for maximum penetration. When in position, she relaxed slightly and spread her knees a few more inches, which caused her red drippy pussy to pop back open to the size of gape that Roger left her with. After he lubed her pussy for his use, he slid into her smoothly.
Following Roger’s path was easy. From stroke number one, Artu was sinking it into her. At the same time, Jaimie was reassessing her ability to visually judge size. This man felt about the same size as Roger. His strokes were slower, but each one was com completed with a reaming. One characteristic that she noted immediately was that he was very hard. So, her vagina was back to being poked and stretched into a soft loose sack that could now easily extend the length of her little belly. He grabbed her hips and yanked them back every time he stabbed forward. Her hands were chewing up the mattress during this treatment. Her yells and breathing were all quite muffled, since she was face down. Artu considered her to be a com comfortable fit; that she was so beautiful made her a more unusual conquest.
She was getting rammed with another giant penis, but Jamie thought his fuck was smooth and rhythmic. He made her cum four or five times, which put his fuck into the very enjoyable range. Jaimie found that hard to believe, that is ‘cuming naturally and pleasantly with such a penis’. Perhaps Roger literally made ‘it’ possible. She only knew that this one felt great. When Artu came, it was in high volume. As he withdrew, his cum, and Roger’s, drained out in gobs. He spread her for the crowd; more cum oozed out. They could see that her inner and outer lips were a brighter moist red, while that center opening was as wide as ever, still around that 1.5 inch size. But the remainder of the thin membrane that framed it was even more ragged. Some of its ‘relief’ tears now extended like spokes, all the way to the edges of her inner labia.
While Artu showed her new condition to the audience, Jaimie’s face remained on the mattress and aimed at the back wall of the little stage. Her position caused her to miss Charles’ arrival upon the stage. He was an employee of Artu. Charles managed one of Artu’s car dealerships in Northern France. Jaimie may have missed seeing him stepping up into the bright lights, but it was between songs, and she could hear the audience again. ‘Wow’, ‘Oh, yeah’, and ‘that’ll spread her’ were some of the new comments made her immediately curious. When Artu let go of her ass, she spun over onto her side and looked at Charles for the first time. He was a handsome man of just under 6 foot. What the audience was commenting on was a really fat penis. When she saw it, she looked at her already intensely modified pussy, and then back at Charles. Her thoughts were that ‘he looks wider than that Holmes guy from the xxx movie Dave showed me just before we left the U.S. !’. Charles was not fully engorged and already thicker than anything she had ever seen. Large vessels, coming and going, were prominent, as would be necessary to ‘keep that thing filled’. He may have been ‘only’ 11 inches long, but that width made it a very big piece of meat, and very heavy looking to Jaimie. Charles felt that he needed some prep, and asked Jaimie to come up on her knees and suck him. Well, she did her best. Coming up on her knees gave the crowd a great view of Jaimie’s tight body, while putting that puffed hair of hers upright for the first time in quite a while. She did not even start to try putting Charles into her throat. She was lucky to get a fair portion of the tip into her mouth. What she did do were licks, slobbery swirls and suction. When she sucked and worked, everyone was watching that fine featured face become distorted all over and around the end of that fat penis. At the same time, her expanded breaths, in and out, showed her breasts rising and falling, while pointing hard nipples into the air. Her abdomen was, at its biggest, flat, until she tightened and pulled it in further. Then the crowd was treated to an image of an athletic girl, with what might be called a silky soft six pack. Nice undulating stage show, that ranged from his pelvis, down through his penis, and straight into her mouth; following that connection, the ripple effect then pushed out her chest and pulled in that belly of hers. Quite a nice looking sequence.
Charles became fairly taunt, with his width finally appearing ridiculously similar to a large hair spray can. Jaimie pulled the tip out of her mouth and looked a the monster that she had helped create. While she continued to stroke the end of his penis, she massaged her own clit. Another nice scene for the crowd. She went back to his penis to apply more saliva. She could tell that Charles wanted to proceed and only let go after one last big slobber. He indicated that she would be back to the missionary position. She pulled her left hand away from her clit, noted her moist red index finger, and rolled over onto her back. She developed some very crazy mental comments, as she repositioned. For one, she considered the now famous Kinsey study to be flawed, since it had said that large male members could not permanently enlarge a vagina. It was even one of his participants (Roger), who had significantly enlarged Jaimie. That was what could really happen without laboratory limitations placed upon such a penis. Anyway, she was absolutely sure that she was changing ‘again’, just like good ole Kinsey said could not happen!
When Jaimie first started at Aardbei, she had theorized, rather comedically, that some of the large penises might stretch her vagina in a manner similar to putting a baby back into a woman. ‘Ha, ha’. Charles thought in a similar fashion every time that he fucked a girl. In his case, his mind seriously thought that putting the width and weight of his penis deep into her vagina was equivalent to a reverse birth process. He did not go up the cervix, did not expand the uterus, still he took the vagina and everything attached up to point very similar to being 24 weeks pregnant! He rather enjoyed the thought and repeated it every time that he fucked, which included this moment as he prepared to enter Jaimie.
Though, at least initially, he was softer than most other guys, his entrance was still quite notable. Her existing size was immediately filled, filled out as though by an expanding balloon. Each piece of earlier work on Jaimie now started at its previous maximum width.And then, what was little that was left of her poor old hymen, and more importantly her still com complete minora, had to S_T_R_E_T_C_H even further. Huffing and puffing, uhhhhhs, ughs, all started up again. A new sound erupted, a sort of “YeeEOW”. The “YeeEOW” was directly related to moments where the previous fine cracks and minor tears were opened up and then required to proceed...further.
With the spotlights on track, and the remainder of the stage lights, the crowd had an ultra clear view down the middle of Jaimie’s spread legs. The last two fucks were astounding to the Aardbei patrons and the other working girls, mostly since they had no idea that Jaimie’s pussy was now so large that she could, somewhat safely, take such penises. The persons who believed the tale about Roger were the most shocked; remember, by their prediction, she should be almost dead or ‘com completely dead’. Reality was enough. For with her in missionary, and Charles finally in, Jamie’s vulva was now splayed from leg to leg. That is, even with her legs spread wide, Charles had her so stretched that the right and left majora were pushed apart to a degree where each could touch its corresponding leg. With that scene in front of them, those men and women who were closely watching had to be forgiven their dropped jaws and fixed stares.
Charles’ monstrous width, ‘tear or no tear’, ‘rip or no rip’, was interpreted by Jaimie as very pleasurable. She just loved the big stretch, especially since one of the things that got fiercely pushed, with every one of his strokes, was the clitoris. Jaimie actually may have felt over stimulated. She tried to open her legs even further and let him disappear into her. It worked. Charles was then able to stroke eleven inches of what was just shy of a three inch width. Jaimie felt that such an observation did not totally explain why his fuck was so special. What the audience could not see was that, after the average width made it into her, it bunched up at points during a stroke. That put a much larger effective width at each one of those points. So, there might be widths of 3.5, 3.75 or even 4 inches for a microsecond. That all happened going in. Coming out was a pull, and brought him down to his regular width until he started right back in again.
Smacked pink inner thighs, bright pink mons, bright red majora, and, flipping in and out of her, a moist beet red minora, all confirmed that Jaimie was being well used this evening. Charles reached under her and pulled her little pelvis to him, as he twisted and reamed. Turned on by the thought of this little white girl being stretched beyond her pussy’s limits, he felt a fair amount of hardness developing. That was an indication that he had all of his width and length in play. Arman had stretched her over the last few weeks, and it had become more and more rare for her to hear loud snaps and pops at her opening. Jaimie, now heard those snaps and pops once again, some very loud, as Charles took her to an even higher caliber. His new hardness intensified her multiple orgasms and the changes at her opening. He was having a great time. She was having a great time. As he came, his pulsating sent Jaimie’s vagina into powerful spasms. He kept using the hand under her ass to pull her onto him, milking the last of his cum deep into her vault. During her spasms and violent bucking, she heard and felt a couple of really big snaps. ‘Oh, well. Use it or lose it. Wait a minute. It’s use it and lose it in my case.’ An example of Jaimie’s dark comedy that also showed her unusual ability to adapt (mentally and physically). Unusual? How about an unusually tough character of a girl, who never thought about crying over anything. At the moment, she was too busy ‘riding the storm out’.
‘Thsssssplop’ was something like it sounded when he finally pulled out of her. The crowd had already gathered around and bunched up central in order to try to see what Jaimie’s business end now looked like. As Charles moved away, they could see that her opening was now almost twice as big as after the first two guys were done. Oh, it quickly closed down, but not com completely. While she was still rubbing it, about a minute or so later, it got back to around the still obscene 1.5 inch gape of earlier. But things really were different. Only the finest trace of the hymen remained. In addition, her minora were stretched and appeared as a separate project from the vagina resizing. The minora were thin, loose, floppy, very drippy red and irregular shaped, which made her entrance look the same way. Evidently, its edges and those of the inner most rings had been what was snapping loose. It just had not happened symmetrically. Thus, she had a new look. The hair, the face and the body had the same great look as it had on the very day she started work at Aardbei. However, what had been a soft tight and rounded pussy, now had a one hundred percent professional used slut look. At least in the few minutes following Charles, it was impressive. During that time period, it was no ‘possibly getting used’, ‘borderline’, or the kind of ‘minor changes’ that needed to be felt. Rather, it was visually obvious that she had a xxx size entrance. Deeper, where the crowd could not see, she had an aching empty sack that was larger than her entrance. Taken altogether, she had been thoroughly screwed.
Her job was sexually perverted entertainment, so she knew to leave her legs spread wide for the crowd. After all, the rotation of members and fellow workers to the front of the stage was still in process. After a few guys and gals would get their visual overload and move on, they would be immediately replaced by more voyeurs. When she came back up on her elbows, holding her pretty head and pert chest into the air, she was able to give another part of the show. For the downhill angle brought some of that 3 cum mix gushing out. Most of it the infamous grey/white, some bright pink and a few areas of fresh red streaks. Jaimie saw the viewers’ looks, and decided to amplify the drama. She rubbed the lower part of her belly and moaned. The pressure of her rub caused more drainage. Then she planned to look down at her pussy as she spread it and feign horror for more drama comedy mix. When she got it spread, she looked at the large irregular creation, which was rather grotesque at the moment. With that first sighting, she did not have to feign.
Loud enough for many in the crowd to hear, “My God! That’s a mess!” She just had not expected the degree of change.
“Yes Jaimie, that really is, I mean r_e_a_l_l_y is a helluva mess.” Angie had just come on duty, and had, at least, been able to catch act three. Sarcastic, and purposefully hyping the situation, yet giving Jaimie the type of friendly, light hearted, and genuine support that only the experienced Angie could give. Her red hair was all flamed up in an aura of green. An effect that only required her to stand there in her almost fluorescent green bra, thong and heels. She smiled at Jaimie, and Jaimie slowly began to smile back, and finally laugh. She and Angie now had a lot more in common. Kees and others were still watching as Angie extended a helping hand to Jaimie and helped pull her to a standing position. As that was accomplished, the remnants of the three cum doses gushed out of her and went down the inside of both legs. The mix partially ran and partially dripped all the way to her ankles, where it made it inside both purple high heels.
Angie looked down at Jaimie’s ankles and shoes and said, “Gee, even I have never had that happen before. You must be really overloaded.” “Overloaded? Yes. And overdone.” The two went straight to the dressing room, as Jaimie attempted to slow the gush by holding her pussy tightly all the way there.
There was another short round of staggered applause, given by the few people who still were watching closely. With a mood similar to an audience at a small rock concert of famous musicians, it definitely had been an Amsterdam Red Light District, anything goes, crowd. Where else, in 1970, would a crowd see such things done to a woman and then show an extreme appreciation by giving repeated hoots, hollers, yells, and loud applause?
Angie went back out to the lounge, and left Jaimie in the dressing room alone. Kees was waiting for that moment. He walked in on Jaimie as she was inserting a “freezer pop” into her pussy; not that it matters when kept inside a plastic wrap, but it was rather interesting that only strawberry (aardbei) had been in the freezer. Kees handed her an envelope. When she looked inside, she saw $1800 in cash.
“It does not matter that they brought Slechts Groot to you, over here at Aardbei. You still get paid as a Slechts Groot girl. $1200 from the club, and $200 from each guy, as a tip. That is how you got to $1800. You know, that was quite a good show!”
“Yes, I know very well.” Intense, and said while grabbing at her pussy. “Still, there were moments...”
“What , where you were having a real good time?”
“Yeah, moments.” Admitted haltingly and somewhat shamefully.
“Ah, Jaimie, you don’t know how much I have been depending on you being appropriately perverted. I have been hoping you were that way, since that first day when I saw you on the bridge. And you have never let me down!”
Her first response was to knit her brow. Then she unknitted it, then relaxed it, and, finally, lifted her eyes brightly, all the while curling her mouth up into the cutest smile. “I must admit, from that first day, I have done things that would horrify my family and every girl who I grew up with. Gee, I don’t know. You’d think that I was the star of one of those slutty wife stories, or something like that. One of those silly impossible women! But, I am not. I’m me. And this is real. And, because it is, I am supposed to feel guilty? Guilty about having great connections with many men? And guilty about having a used pussy? Well, I don’t feel that way. Guess that does make me perverted.”
“Quality perversion! ”
“Why thank you!” To be interpreted by her gestures as both sarcasm about sex and, when holding up the envelope, a sincere thanks for the money.
In Kees’s brothel business world, this had been a wonderful sex PR event. It certainly would be talked about for a long time throughout the RLD. True versions, exaggerated versions, any and all coverage of Jaimie on the mat was valuable. One story that would be sure to make it around would have to indicate that Slechts Groot would occasionally share its normally hidden assets with Aardbei. The possibility of sneak peaks, surprise performances and the general extreme perversions would all be a draw to the more open traffic of Aardbei. And the Slechts Groot boys would go back to their club and tell of another beautiful conquest; of course, that would then lead to more huge penises hunting down Jaimie...and on and on and on. Kees’s plans were coming to fruition.
Another calculation was based upon Jaimie’s survival of something like the three man tag team event that had just occurred. Such an event was necessary to introduce part of the Slechts Groot duties to her, and increase what might be called her dynamic range. Such a change in range would allow the unrestrained use by Slechts Groot clients, while, at the same time, giving Jaimie slightly more protection from severe injury. All this planning represented Kees’s main talents, the creation of both ‘extreme sexual athletes’ and financial profit. In Jaimie’s case, it was easy to see that financial interests were protected, every time he used his experience to keep that special sexual athlete from being sidelined.
“Jaimie, you may take your earnings, go home, rest and recuperate.”
“I’ll stay.”
“Stay? Like that?” He pointed at the bright red pussy with the ice pop inside it, and the dabbing washcloth that still came up occasionally with a new stain.
“I’ve got a few regulars out there, waiting. And, at least the two, who I saw, like my ass. They can fuck it. Anyway, they’ll probably be very entertained by just asking me about the stage fuck. If I tell them a little of my side of it, they probably will shoot off immediately!” Smiles.
Kees slowly shook his head yes. But the yes had more to do with the acknowledgment that he had helped create this new intense and filthy form of Jaimie. He even considered that she might be more ‘...of everything’ than he had predicted. With that yes, he accepted her decision. She later returned to the lounge, where something like an entourage formed around her. No autograph requests, but still a lot of attention was given to and from Jaimie. Four anals and some story telling later, she did go home early.
As she came through the doorway to the apartment house, she remembered that she had not retrieved the mail from her key lock box.When she did, she found a letter from Dave. She hurried up the stairs to her room, opened the letter and began to read about his first couple of weeks at school. All productive, all providing an early foundation for what Dave hoped would be a high ranking throughout his MBA. He did not want to just be a graduate. Jaimie found it rewarding to see that Dave was back to having goals and pursuing them; he was a lot better at that than knocking around aimlessly in Holland.
And the letter made her feel a little homesick. But some very basic values had been changed recently, and Jaimie was, as Kees suspected, quite different from the girl who was first seen atop a canal bridge. So, the homesickness was quickly replaced with the memories of the penises that had been so deeply a part of her earlier tonight. She was ashamed to instantly leave such nice ‘home’ thoughts. Yet, the more extreme sex had become a common occurrence for Jaimie, and she realized, at least for the moment, that all the sexual events had become part of an addiction. Her sexual experiences had gone from domestic to hard core professional in only 14 weeks. And she was not just tolerating everything up to, and including, abusive sex, she was enjoying it.
In her return letter to Dave, Jaimie revealed only what she thought his readiness could tolerate. She remembered his response to Angie and the 10 PM show. Since that had been some kind of positive experience for Dave, she thought that she would give him what was now old news. So, she told him of her now frequent 10 PM shows with the two black men. Additionally, she added to his imaginary revision of the events by detailing some of her own graphic memories. Her details purposefully made each show as obscene as she could make it. Maybe he would like visualizing her as the white center of an Oreo cookie? She was really no longer sure what might further turn him on, rather than off. It was a gamble, but she went with the Oreo image.
In the note, as an almost afterthought, she mentioned that she would stay an additional 6 to 12 weeks in Amsterdam. That was another particular that she was not sure about. But she would tell Dave the ‘6 - 12 weeks’. She was sure about the money now being second in importance, that the shocking extravaganza was primary. Her ever increasing physical and mental sensations at Aardbei made her wonder if she could ever go back to ordinary sex. In her mind, both the ordinary sizes and the ordinary meanings did not seem desirable. They were, well, ...ordinary.
Kala was only able to finish the tour of Slechts Groot for Jaimie during a time when it was com completely closed. Jaimie could sum it all up as a ‘modern dungeon’. Strange show areas abounded. Some areas, Kala left com completely unexplained, feeling that Jaimie did not ‘need to know’. A major surprise for Jaimie was the means of entry to the club. The large front doors were rarely used. Rather, the members would drive their cars, or have their limos driven, directly into an attached garage. With that technique, no one saw them enter or, in any manner, even knew they were inside the club.
During the next two weeks, Jaimie saw her regulars, which included Arman. Though he knew Kees, and understood the inevitable, he still was slightly let down when he was told of the three other Slechts Groot members’ mattress performance with Jaimie at Aardbei. His thoughts were that it would now be confusing as to who was responsible for her stretching. He actually mentioned to Jaimie that her pussy looked ‘really worked over’, and that she was definitely more loose. Rather than dwell on what had been done, he took advantage of the changes, and was able to start out banging her intensely. That com complete depth and rapid frequency kept up constantly for over 15 minutes, ending with their simultaneous orgasms. Arman’s visits always produced twice as much pay from the club (since he was a Slechts Groot member), and a 200 dollar tip. Thus, he provided 344 dollars and some maintenance dilation with every visit.
With all that Kees had planned and directed, it was not possible for Jaimie to be ignorant of his methods of operation. So, it was no surprise to her when he, somehow, came up short on staff at Slechts Groot within one week of the completion of Jaimie’s tour. He presented the situation to her when she arrived at 9 PM. His need was presented with the same intense dire straits interpretation that he had always used on Jaimie. She thought of quick comebacks like ‘Oh, yeah? How could such a thing happen to such a well prepared guy? ’. But, finally, she decided that such responses only blew off a little steam and changed nothing. So, this time, Jaimie just went directly to a conditional acceptance.
“I will try it...only try it!”
She crossed over to Slechts Groot. She had already put on a black tassel top, a black, real, G-string, and black high heels. She knew that the outfit would not last long, and that she might as well have walked through the door com completely nude and already heavily lubricated. The reality of her entrance was very close to what she expected. She had just said ‘Hi’ to Kala, when, immediately, a scene at the other end of the open area grabbed her attention. There were three members working on a petite blonde, who was strapped to a slant board. Her legs were spread wide, and her bright blue stilettos were both close to falling from her feet, as one man was pumping up a heavy duty inflatable dildo that had already been shoved inside the girl’s vagina. The other two men chewed on her nipples and squeezed her breasts hard.
Kala motioned her head toward the girl. “Betty. Another American, like you. What they are doing to her? Well, it gets a lot rougher. All that, she was not required to do. She volunteered after being offered a very large tip from each man.”
Jaimie turned to watch. The two men working on Betty’s breasts were biting her nipples viciously. Jaimie could not see exactly what they were doing; however, as she peered through the dim lighting, she believed that she saw them lift the top portion of Betty’s body by only the nipples held tightly in their teeth. ‘Now that seemed rough!’
Kala was telling Jaimie that there already was a group of 4 - 6 heavy hung members who were planning to take Jaimie to the little sunken stage for a com complete workout. Jaimie was attempting to fathom what Kala had just said, especially since she remembered that fucking was a right that these guys could enforce anytime anywhere. Her cautionary thoughts were interrupted by Betty’s loud yells. Jaimie swivelled to look at the Betty project. The same two were still chewing on her nipples, still stretching them. The man between her legs was certainly working with an abnormally large inflatable dildo, one that was capable of much more expansion than any typical inflatable. He had switched over to a foot pump and was pumping Betty with great efficiency. Her belly appeared as if she were 5 - 6 months pregnant. And the balloon type device had pushed back upon her opening, making it both wide and long. The pumper stopped long enough to play with Betty’s clit.
Kala tapped Jaimie on her shoulder. “Jaimie this is Bill. Bill, this is the girl who you have heard so much about.”
Bill looked at the ponytails that controlled her raven hair tonight. Then, he scanned her face and body. “Oh, so beautiful, so very beautiful.” He stopped and shifted to a different expression of amazement.
Almost like the old brothel joke, “What the hell are you doing here. Really. I mean, you could do anything. Why are you doing this, and here?”
“You’re the first person to ever ask. And here I am without a good answer.” Smiles. “Perhaps I am just a perverted American.”
“As am I !”
“I suspect it would probably turn you on, if I said that the money was second place and that the ‘great sex’ was the number one draw? That’s the turn on for a guy, right?” She looks directly at his large penis.
“Oh, God yes.”
“Well then that is the answer. Sex like at no place else!”
“Alright. Girl, I know some guys that want to be inside that beautiful body of yours. Hey.” Bill looked at her left hand and held it up.
“Is that a wedding ring?”
“Does he know?’
“Some. He knows about Aardbei, not Slechts Groot. And he is in the U.S. right now.”
“Wow. Will he be able, that is, will he be big enough to fuck you any more?”
“No. I don’t think so.”
“Well, let’s make certain.” And Bill, still holding onto that left hand while rubbing her wedding band, led her through the sound proof door and to the sunken stage. Just as she was going through that door, she heard Betty screaming and panting, sort of like she was having a baby. The man was still pumping the foot pump like mad, and Betty appeared 7 months pregnant. Then the door shut behind Jaimie. Just as the sound from the club’s lounge was so effectively squelched by the door closing, the sound of multiple male voices was clearly heard around the next corner. When she and Bill arrived at the top of the stairs that led down to the sunken stage, Jaimie was confronted with 5 more heavily endowed men who expected to fuck Jaimie. Another ‘heads up’, or should it be ‘penises up’, had obviously been given by Kees.
The men were all extremely friendly to Jaimie. Smiles abounded, and penises grew, and grew, and grew... They all seemed very happy to see her. Two or three of the six ‘hung’ out around the sunken stage area quite often, whenever they arrived at Slechts Groot. Those men always hoped for, but did not often get to catch a newbie. When they did catch one, it was part of their reward to be able to test the limits of the girl. Actually, it was more than test. This whole stage, setup, and pack attack was a direct reflection of a supposed bygone era - an era that developed the Roman orgies and the brutal sex spectacles of old. These rich men were the equivalent of perverted Roman senators. However, it is very doubtful that even one senator was equipped like Slechts Groot men.
And these men were looking for the modern equivalents of sexual sacrifice. Their monies opened all possibilities for them, including, now, the use of Jaimie. None of these men, including Bill, intended for Jaimie to have anything remotely like a normal fuck. And that was never an intent at Slechts Groot. At this club, their money, their general status and their special penis size gave each of the men the permission to literally tear into a Slechts Groot girl. That was a big part of what they all thought that they had already paid for. Remember that it was Kees who sold the entire concept as ‘without restraint’. Any girl going to work for Kees needed to have paid attention to that basic rule, for the members certainly felt that they had ‘paid attention’, up front.
Several of the men actually shook Jaimie’s hand as Bill walked her down the stairs. She was more than slightly overwhelmed by the number and sizes of penis equipment that were on display. She began to understand what these kind of men might be wanting. More than a few trembles accompanied her to the stage area. When she finally gave attention to the stage, Jaimie noticed that it was now setup quite differently than the last time that she saw it. In the middle of the riser, was an old fashioned wooden ‘X’, with shackles for the wrists at the top of the X and shackles for the ankles at the bottom of the X. And the whole wooden X pivoted, so that it might be adjusted after loaded with a female. Bill smacked her butt and said, “Baby, just take off the bottom. The cute top and shoes can stay.”
She looked around and saw the men moving down the aisles and stairs, all stroking their huge penises to erection as they did. ‘Oh, boy’ was a fleeting exclamation that was heard only within her thoughts. On automatic, she reached for her black G-string, and pulled it down and off. The X was semi vertical. And Bill had her walk up to it, where he then assisted her wrists into the top shackles and latched them in place. He then stroked down her beautiful dancer legs, one at a time, to each ankle. The X was over three foot wide at the bottom spread, and Bill had to help Jaimie spread very wide for each ankle to reach its shackle. Then he latched each ankle, with its matching black high heel beneath it. It was a very nasty vision of this raven haired beauty, stripped nude, all held in place, and ready to be done. Bill reached up to the top of the X and pivoted it forward, raising her heels off the ground, making her pussy very adjustable in accessability. Any guy, who might want to walk up the middle of her spread legs, would get an unrestricted shot at her pussy, as it dangled spread wide and in clear space. Bill had helped with her transport and setup, so he felt that he deserved to be first tonight. In addition, his motivation to be first included his thoughts of other girls, who, in the past, had been placed into this identical situation. Since many of those pussies and asses, and sometimes even the girl’s own life, had not made it past the first couple of men, Bill thought it very important to get his satisfaction before Jaimie might be literally ‘done in’.
Bill moved around between her legs and walked to her pussy, while he stroked himself to his normal full size. In his case, it was an 11.5 inches of thick heavy muscle. He greased up with lube, and immediately started into what these guys referred to only as a fuck bucket. That was how Bill and the other five members now saw her, not as a Jaimie, but as a white meat fuck bucket that was locked in place and ready to ram. With each hand pinching up a very tightly pronounced butt cheek, he pulled her rear apart for easier entry. In only a matter of a few strokes, Bill was buried in her and proving that her vagina was already a well stretched bag. Such a characteristic could save a girl’s life at this place! Of course, safe reassurance was not in the thoughts of any of these men.Rather, they would adjust their performance, and still try very ‘hard’ to ...plow on through... Hey, these fellows had an agenda.
Unfortunately, Jaimie had been more than a little slow to figure out how far the members at Slechts Groot allowed themselves to go. Being already shackled to a big wooden X, having no bottoms on, and getting a huge penis banged deep inside her, was enlightening. But it all became a revelation, when she considered that five more guys as big or bigger were to follow. And that the men’s attitudes were? All revolving around assaulting a beautiful woman with penises? The more damage to a little girl, the higher the score? These guys had become morbidly hard to arouse. That Jaimie was outstandingly beautiful and a sort of Slechts Groot virgin were qualities that made her a target for the guys, a turn on that included the thought of her as an excellent sexual sacrifice. It was their club. And the men made up their own rules, as they proceeded through each and every eventful night.
Kees and Kala had appeared up at the top of the rows of seats. They were there to see how or if Jaimie fared. Both knew that it was not just based upon her prep over the last few months, but also the luck of her draw tonight. That is, how many men, how large each might be, how ferocious each might be feeling on this particular night, and the entry that they chose (the X frame unrestricted deep entry, in this case) were just as important as how well prepped and genetically stretchable the girl might be. As Kees and Kala looked down to the stage area, they saw Jaimie locked on that X, huffing, puffing, whimpering, scratching her nails into the wood, as Bill’s ass humped up and down, back and forth. The little rhythmic background music was not meant to, and did not, mask the sounds. The heavy thump and thuds of Bill thrusting into her were quite audible, bouncing off the walls and up the stairs and through the aisles. The look and sound of Jaimie as the ‘white meat fuck bucket’ for that night was a continuous turn on for the remainder of the wolf pack. All the guys were impatiently waiting their turn.
Polite as he may have been when first meeting Jaimie, Bill’s intent was just as extreme as it might be for most other club members. He looked down at her defined and very balanced body, and the jet black pony tails draping down between the upper arms of the X. He reached for her left hand, grabbed her fourth finger and rolled her wedding band around. He pulled the finger and band up slightly, for all the other guys to see. Some ‘Ja vohl’, ‘’vrouw’, ‘Frau’, ‘femme marie’ mutterings amongst the German, Dutch and French representatives.Then Bill put both of his hands back to the butt cheeks, pulled those apart as wide as possible and pumped hard, with a twisting, true screwing, action. The site and sound became, as intended, a truly gross interpretation of violent punches, as they rippled deeply within the lean white body. Such powerful internal body shots seemed to have little to do with ordinary sex and a lot more to do with meat tenderizing. The long powerful strokes carried on for 15 to 20 minutes. Then Bill erupted within...causing his own spasm and, in turn, a powerful spasm of the vagina that he had been poking so hard and so long. The cum was dripping out, even before he withdrew his penis. When he plopped out, even from Kees’s and Kala’s viewing platform, high above the stage, it was very easy to see the gaping red pussy. The cum dribbled into mid air and fell directly upon the stage floor. The entire female 64 inch ‘slab of white meat’ still was quivering.
A local black man named Jake, with 12 inches, took over, and banged her almost senseless. Surprisingly, no new rips! Third was a white fellow from the UK. You know, Brit, stiff upper lip and ‘all that’, including a stiff 12.75 inches. Fairly rough in his delivery, he did make some new rips into the minora ring. The product of red streaked cum drained down both inner legs. Fourth was another black man, a Robin from Ohio in the USA, Jaimie’s home state. He and the fifth attacker, a French man with 13 inches, made the fuck bucket wider and deeper and fairly swollen. In total? To that point? Jaimie had actually done rather well.
The last man up was Otto, a German industrialist. Even at Slechts Groot, and amongst a group of men like those mentioned previously, Otto was considered extreme. Extreme? Whether caused by his own strange sadistic family members, a chemical imbalance throughout his development, an actual genetic mistake or the effect of having an abnormally large penis or the combination of all those things, the result was rather sociopathic. Otto could remain stiffly aroused for long periods of time, based only upon thoughts of sexual torture. Kees, and everyone else at Slechts Groot, knew that Otto had his own private sessions, back in Germany. An author, Thomas Harris, would cover the existence of men like Otto, eleven years later, in a novel, Red Dragon, when a Dr. Lecter would be presented to the world. In Otto’s case, his sociopath personality did not include cannibalism, well not blatant, and seemed to be exhibited 100 percent through sexual forms of torture. Usually using only enough restraint to maintain his precarious membership, Otto was the worst person on Earth for Jaimie to encounter.
Otto’s equipment? A knobby 13 inches to begin with. Hard, and harder when accomplishing changes inside a female. Then, way ahead of his time, for 1970, Otto had his penis pierced with four separate silver barbell studs along his length. As well, he had a large ring hanging from the head of his penis, large enough, so that when he was hard he could swivel it up from under the head and then over the top of the head, sort of popping in place behind the head or sulcus. The inside of the ring, the side that fitted him, was smooth. The outside of the ring, that which raked through the vagina, was purposefully rough and bumpy, sort of like a wood file surface.
Otto walked up behind Jaimie. She had caught her breath and was swiveling her head as best she could, to try to get a view of who might be next. But from her latched in position, she could only peer a little behind each shoulder. So, she just got a brief glimpse of Otto’s head and face, and that was seen only before he moved up through the center of her parted legs. He stood looking at the sprawled out beauty. In his mind, more than in anyone else’s mind, was a plan to make a real sexual sacrifice. This body, this meat, had been laid out for him. It certainly was better than what he had been able to work on, back home, at his German estate. He looked around the room, as if to assess any limits that might be placed upon him. That is, if any could be. He noted Kees up at the top of the stairs. Kees gave no response of any kind. And Otto simultaneously projected a wicked smile and twisted brow, then turned back to the project.
He put his hands out and softly felt up the body in front of him. He pinched muscle, he stretched legs and arms, he felt under the body and around to the front. He found firm breast material there and began needing it like dough. Then he grabbed both nipples. He pulled on them, as if he were trying to remove them.
“Oh...”, from the mouth. And while it was open, he quickly reached up to grab it with both hands. He yanked it open, wide, wider, then too wide. He did not look at the face, rather he kept working on the mouth while he remained behind her. His hardening metal clad penis rubbed over the lower back and buttocks of the body beneath him. After he had the soft facial cheeks pulled far away from the teeth and gums, he held them at that point while the index finger of each hand reached up and jammed into a nostril. Then, while constantly stretching that mouth, forcing each side to flip inside out and back as far as he could, he used those index fingers of his to poke deeper into the nostrils and stretch them also up, out to the side, and back. Without ever looking at it, he knew that he had the face well deformed.
“Uuuuuh. Uuuuuh. Rasp. Gulp. Gulp. Whimper. Eeeeeeeeeeeow. Gulp. Rasp.” Were the only sounds escaping. He smiled as he poked, pulled and twisted harder. All he actually saw, and all he actually needed to see, was the back of a head that had dark black hair coming out of it, and each of his arms disappearing forward under a large pony tail on each side of that head. All he needed to feel, and actually did feel, were his fingers within the nostrils, the cheeks, and even into the throat just before he flared those fingers open wildly in all directions. He was literally pulling apart whoever’s face that might be.
“EEEEEEYEOW...snork...rasp, rasp...snork...gulp...gurgle, glub, glub...gurgle...uuuuuuh...kahhhwk...gurgle.”, were sounds that came from the front of the dark haired head, as Otto reworked it at his pleasure for another 5 minutes. During that time, he rarely looked down at the back of that head, choosing to stand at attention while holding the head out toward the wall as he continued to rework the face into a mush. Then, he released the face. The head fell forward, and he pulled his hands back. As they appeared from under each pony tail, each hand dripped a thick bright moist red. His penis had become fully erect while he was working on the face. Now he wanted to use his penis to ‘tear through the middle of the meat’ that lay beneath him.
From its piercing under his glans, he flipped his metal ring up and over the head of his giant penis. When hooked behind his sulcus, its rough edges aimed out from the top. And his four barbell studs projected at equal distances along that length of the ventral or bottom surface of his penis. In a few seconds, he would use lubricant only for his own sake, just to get it quickly in and quickly moving. Otto had a perverse pride involving his equipment. It was a pride in the size of his penis, its metal stud type projections, and the impressive damage that the combination could do.
As he prepared to mount, he looked back, grinned once more, and waved at Kees with one of his gooey bright red hands. Both Kees and Kala quickly left the room. Then Otto lubed a little, stepped up behind the unprotected pelvic spread, and began to bury his Frankenstein monstrosity of flesh and metal, with full depth and force, all delivered at a sewing machine speed. He never looked down as he felt himself accomplishing his wonders, his brutally massive changes. Without his eyes bothering to direct it, his penis continued the relentless duty of a tool, combining the functions of punching, plowing and puncturing. He only stared off into the corner of the stage as if he were dazed. And when exposed to the horrific sounds, he just smiled and continued to stare into that space, while pumping harder and faster. In the past, while standing over his other ‘slabs of meat’, as well as now with this one, he would merely mutter, “Frish, Grund, Fleisch. Dein frisches Hackfleisch erhalten kommen.” (fresh, ground, meat. Come and get your fresh ground meat.)
Just less than 30 seconds earlier, after Kees and Kala had rushed away from Otto’s work, and back into the main lounge of Slechts Groot, the soundproof door had provided its all important service by closing tightly behind them.

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