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Stranger On A Train

Strangers on a Train

By Traveller - Nov 11, 2006 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 11166 It was late in the evening and I was travelling back to camp on a local train. It was wartime and there were no lights in the train so I didn't realise that there was anyone else on the train until I heard the voices. It was one of those carriages that was a new design at the time, open with pairs of seats facing each other over a table. As the train reached a long uninterrupted stretch I heard murmurs and then a loud girl's voice said, ' 'ave yow ever bin fooked?' in a very broad Black Country accent. 'Naow, ' the answer came, 'I ent never, wot's it loike?' 'Great, ' the first voice said, 'yer ought ter feel a cock in yer cunt, it's better than wankin'!' I thought, a couple of young girls... one been fucked tonight, wonder what the other's thinking. 'Oi wouldn' moind, ' the second voice said, 'my bruther wan'ed to fook me boot I wouldn' let 'im! Didn' fancy me bruther fookin me.!
I thought, Wonder if she'd fancy me 'fookin' her? I wandered to the end of the carriage where they were, 'Hello girls, ' I said, 'I got a nice cock, fancy a feel?' I got it out, a dim light showed two girls, probably under age, but what did I care, I wouldn't be here much longer even if they worked out where I came from.
One of the girls reached out and took it in her hand and started wanking me, 'Like the feel of that?' I asked, 'Yer, ' she said, 'jus' roight fer my friend 'ere. Come on Molly, feel this!. I felt another hand join the first, 'Cor, ' the other voice said, 'd'jer think it'd be orlroight?' 'If yer wants fookin' corse it is, ' the other girl said. I saw one dim figure stand up, it was obvious that she was taking her knickers off, 'Here, ' I said, 'let's have a feel!' She came towards me and I put my hand between her legs, I worked my hand up her skirt, her cunt felt hot the lips just parted. I stroked them gently and my fingers slipped in, she gasped, 'Not hurting, is it?' I asked. 'Naow, feels good!' she said. 'Come on then, ' I put an arm round her and slipped a finger up her cunt and felt for her clit with my thumb.
Surprisingly she had quite a big one sticking out between her lips. She gasped and I finger fucked her, I could feel a bit of an obstruction. I said, 'You want to find out what fucking's about?' 'Yer, ' she panted, she was the only one feeling my cock. I said, 'Lie on the seat then.' She laid down and I pulled her knickers right off, I pushed her legs apart, I dropped my trousers and pants and pushed my cock between her legs. 'Put it in the right place, ' I told her and she grabbed my cock again and sort of wggled it in the open mouth of her cunt before I felt the tight little hole. I pushed, it went in a lttle way, 'Listen, ' I said, 'if you're a virgin it might hurt when it goes in but after it'll feel alright.'
She was very wet and I pushed my cock up her until I felt her maidenhead, she went 'Ow, ' and pulling my cock back I suddenly rammed it back up her, I felt her hymen go and my cock slid right up her. She cried out, 'Ow, that 'urt you bastard!' I said roughly, 'You can't get fucked the first time without it hurting, ask your friend!' I started fucking her gently, she was very tight, but very wet as well and after a few strokes I was sliding easily in and out. She was silent as I fucked her then she was giving the odd gasp and I knew her cunt was thrilling her, 'Come on then, darlin', it's nice isn't it? Thrilling, you've got a great cunt.' ' 'ave oi?' she said. panting. 'Yeah, ' I told her, 'you need fucking, you've got a great cunt for it and that's what your cunt's for, isn't it?' I began fucking harder and really enjoying it, I was amazed that she wasn't complaining, I felt for her tits, they were small and extremely firm. I pulled her sweater up, no bra, I sucked her nipples while I fucked her. Then suddenly I knew that I was going to come, I pulled back and rammed my cock back in her as hard as I could, she didn't copmplain about that either, then as I pulled back I shot my load. Six times I shot my spunk up her and she was moaning and grabbing me. When I'd finished I pulled out and wiped my wet cock on her knickers. I thanked her, she said, softly, 'I'm fooked, en' oi?' I said, 'You are, you don't need to worry about it any more, you've got a great cunt for fucking, you want to start using it!'
I dressed and went back to my seat, I heard them talking. The original voice said, 'Did yer really loike it then?' 'Yer, 'corse oi did, Chrise, it felt lovely in moi cunt.' 'Yer let 'im spunk up yer!' 'So what? It were the best bit when I felt his stuff shootin' up me! Can' wait til oi get fooked agen!'
Two stations later I got off, I wondered who the girls were, certainly they were rough as rats and probably very young, but I was surprised at how nice that young girl's cunt felt as I fucked her. I thought the chances were that she'd let any boy fuck her now thinking whoever it was it would feel the same.

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