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Girls Tv Show Season 3 Article

Sex Zombies Part 3

Sex Zombies Part 3

By Norm DePloom - Nov 22, 2004 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 3731 Watch live men and women 100% FREE on Home Adult Webcams If you don't like sex stories, don't read it. If you don't like stories bout forced sex, don't read it.If you are below the arbitrary age set for your area, don't read it.If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it. All the characters and events in this story are fictional; any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental. Sex ZombiesPart 03 ByNorm DePloom As soon as Mattie had gotten back and dropped the butter into the cart, her face already red in anticipation, Mattie's hand slipped down to her crotch where she slipped two fingers into her freshly fucked cunt while being watched by a mother and her two small children who were shopping in the same isle. Mattie's eyes begged her ex-husband for the command to stop while her fingers rapidly increased the tempo of their movement in and out of her wet dripping pussy. Dan did not tell Mattie to stop until after the woman, muttering about the nasty perverted slut, marched off to find the store manager. "Tell me again, in your normal voice, about the day your daddy popped your cherry." Dan ordered as he started pushing the cart down the isle. Mattie, walking along beside her ex-husband, recited the new version of what happened that long ago day in a voice loud enough for everyone around to hear. She was just finishing her tale, ending with a moving description of her daddy calling her his 'little princess slut' while his large hard cock slipped inside her for the first time when the store manager appeared around the end of the isle investigating the complaints of one incredibly upset young mother who had demanded to know 'what in the hell kind of perverted sex store he was running'. "I should have known." The store manager said with a grin as soon as he recognized Dan. "Who's..." He started to ask then recognized Mattie with a double take. "Shit..." He added, staring at her almost naked body with a slack jaw and a rapidly growing trouser tent. "Fuck..." He finished giving up and staring at Mattie's breasts, her nipples which were being kept hard by the cool air in the grocery store, just barely covered by the thin cut-off T-shirt she was wearing. "Aren't you two divorced?" He finally asked when he recovered his capacity for speech. "I finally gave into her begging, " Dan informed his friend as he lifted Mattie's cut-off T-shirt enough for him to get an eye full of her hard nipples, "and agreed to take her back, " Dan continued to lie to his long time friend, "but only if she promised to be my dedicated fuck slave." Mattie was making little rocking fuck motions with her hips in response to the sexual excitement brought on by the total humiliation she was feeling being displayed like this in front of this particular person. That and being portrayed by her ex-husband as a 'willing' fuck slave to a man she disliked almost as much as she disliked her exhusband. "God, no shit?" Was the only reply the store manager could manage. "Show him how you finger-fuck yourself." With one hand Mattie immediately pulled the 'crotch' of her cut-off jeans to the side so she could push two fingers of her other hand deeply into her ready pussy while these two despicable men watched her. "See, " Dan spoke in a soft conspiratorial voice to the store manager, "if I told her to she would get down on her knees and suck your cock right here in the store." "God, you're kidding, right?" The manager asked his old high school buddy. "She's always hated me." "Would you like me to prove it?" Dan asked. While she fucked her fingers in and out of her wet over-used cunt Mattie grew more sexually excited from the humiliation of being offered by one man she hated for the sexual use of another in such a casual and public way. The store manager rubbed his hard cock, that was straining to get free from his trousers, while he watched the star of every jerk-off fantasy he had in high school fucking herself right in front of him. "Shit I'd love that, " he answered stroking himself in time with Mattie's fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, "but I'd get fired, and even fucking the great Mattie Wilson is not worth losing my job for." Hearing this detestable little man saying she wasn't worth losing his job for caused Mattie to feel an entirely different kind of humiliation sweep over her. "No problem, " Dan said giving his masturbating ex wife a shove toward his old friend, "take her up to your office and use her anyway you want while I finish shopping." Mattie recoiled in disgust when her nearly naked body bumped against his hard, cloth covered, cock. "Mattie, " Dan continued, "you will go with Chuck and perform whatever sexual act he wants. "When he says he's finished using your body for his pleasure you will return to me." Blushing and continuing to fuck her fingers in and out of herself with increased, humiliation driven, excitement Mattie followed Chuck down the isle. "And Mattie, " Dan called after her, "be sure you tell Chuck all about the time your daddy caught you fucking yourself in the back yard." Dan smiled with sadistic pleasure as he heard his ex-wife begin to recite once again the revised tale of her encounter with her daddy on that long ago warm spring afternoon. Dan almost broke out laughing when Mattie walked back down the isle towards him. A rather large gob of Chuck's cum hung from her nose. As soon as she caught up with her ex-husband Mattie immediately began masturbating again. "You can stop that, " Dan said turning to push the cart toward the checkout stand, "and wipe that asshole's cum off your nose." Mattie did as she was told, then immediately began pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy. "Geeze, stop that will you." Dan said in exasperation when he saw her hand between her legs once again. Dan was tired of the grocery store games and ushered his scantily clad ex-wife through the checkout lane and back out to the car with no further humiliating instructions. Both Dan and Mattie rode in almost embarrassed silence for the first few minutes after pulling out of the grocery store parking lot. Mattie, enjoying the respite from the constant sexual harassment and humiliation she had been subject to the last couple of days leaned her head back against the headrest and, closing her eyes, thought about these strange new memories she had of her father molesting her. How could it be? A tiny voice in the back of her head asked repeatedly, Debbie slept in the same room with you. "We have one more stop to make." Dan announced with renewed enthusiasm as they turned into a parking lot Mattie recognized from the day before. "It's time for you to have a butt plug." Dan announced turning off the engine. Mattie stared in horror at the entrance to 'Suzie's Adult Toys' the scene of one of the most humiliating episodes of her life the day before. "I'm going to let you buy your own butt plug." Dan announced turning to look at his ex-wife and handing her some money. "It had better be big enough to suit me, " he warned, "or I'll make you go back in naked and finger fuck yourself in front of everybody while you exchange it." A few minutes later Mattie returned to the car clutching a paper bag. When she sat in the car Mattie assumed 'the' position, then her body began to tremble as the conflict between the command to sit in this position when she rode in the car and the command to masturbate whenever she com completed and assignment played out in her mind. "Take it out." Dan ordered. Mattie removed the butt plug from the paper bag and held it out towards her ex-husband. "Lift your legs up and rest your feet on the dashboard." Mattie followed the directions then, still holding the butt plug out toward Dan with her left hand started fucking the fingers of her right hand in and out of her cunt. "Spread your feet apart as far as you can." Dave continued his instructions as he started the car and backed out of the parking space. "Now rub the butt plug on your pussy." Dan glanced over at his ex-wife to insure she was complying with his orders before he turned the car into traffic. "Get that thing just as wet as you can with your cunt juice, " Dave advised as he drove the car, "as soon as we get home you're going to have to insert it in your ass with only the lubrication you manage to rub on it from your pussy." As he drove Dave repeatedly glanced down at Mattie's crotch fascinated with the way her sore swollen pussy lips drug along the smooth surface of the butt plug, leaving behind a slimy trail of her cunt lubricant. Mattie's rubbing of the butt plug against her pussy became more and more frantic as the humiliation of being forced to rub her exposed cunt in a semi-public place pushed her sexual stimulation into over-drive. "Smile for the camera, " Dan ordered, pointing to the traffic-flow-monitoring camera mounted on top of the light pole. Mattie moaned, as her hands became a blur rubbing the butt plug against her crotch faster and faster trying unsuccessfully to assuage the nearly terminal lust being spawned by her continued humiliation. Dan drove the rest of the way home steering with his left hand, and using his right had to caress his ex-wife's trembling inner thighs. "I was just wondering, " Dan said softly almost to himself, as he turned to face Mattie, after he turned the car off in the driveway, "if I should test Debbie's sincerity about being anxious to be my slave by having her give me a blow job before I give her the drug?" Dan raised his eyebrows questioningly as he looked at Mattie, "Or just give her the drug right off the bat?" Dave watched his ex-wife with disbelieve for a few minutes. He really had not thought it possible for her self-abuse to get any more frantic than it had been before. "Stop playing with yourself and follow me." Dan said as he climbed out of the car and headed for the front door. Stepping through the door, Dan waited impatiently for his bow-legged walking ex-wife, then closed the door behind her. "From now on, " Dave instructed Mattie as soon as the door was shut, "when we enter the house, if you have been allowed to wear clothes while we were out, you will take them off here and leave them piled on that table." Dan pointed to a small table beside the door. Mattie stripped of her shirt and shorts then dropped them onto the table. "Go lie down on your parents bed." Dane ordered then, after retrieving the video camera, he joined her in the bedroom. "Lift your legs and spread them as far as you can." Dan instructed as he focused the video camera on his ex-wife. "Now stare directly into the camera lens and give it your best 'fuck me' look while you rub the plug on your cunt to pick up some more juice." Mattie stared into the lens as she had been instructed and, in spite of her feelings of shame and humiliation gave it her best 'fuck me' look just like her ex-husband wanted while she rubbed her wet, open, abused cunt with the butt plug that was destined for her ass. "Yea, that's good, that's real good." Dan said, almost to himself as he zoomed the video camera in for a close up of the butt plug rubbing over Mattie's red swollen pussy lips. "Now reach around your legs and push the plug against your ass hole." Dan taped his ex-wife as she obeyed his orders. "Push harder, harder, that's it, push it real hard." Dan continued as he moved closer and closer so the lens would pick up Mattie's 'balloon knot', as some of his friends liked to call it, slowly stretch as she applied more and more pressure to the plug. Holding the camera with one hand Dan rubbed his hardening cock while he watched, both on the tiny monitor screen on the video camera and in live action in front of him, Mattie's sphincter slowly stretch over the central bulge of the butt plug then almost suck the plug from her hand as it slid down the diminishing circumference of the plug's slick surface until it rested against the flared end of the plug that kept it from disappearing com completely into her backside. "Now, " Dan continued his instructions as he pulled his hard cock from his pants so he could stroke it better, "hold your cunt open with one hand and slowly push a finger into it with the other." Mattie did as she was told while she slowly rotated her hips trying to get used to the feel of the butt plug. "Now pull your finger out and rub your clitoris with it." Dan continued to tape the action as his ex-wife dipped her finger deeply into her open cunt then rubbed it over her swollen clitoris. "This, " Dan said as he paned the camera from Mattie's finger dipping into her pussy and spreading the juice over her hard clitoris to zoom in on her face which was streaked with tears of humiliation and flushed with overwhelming lust at the same time, "will make any red-blooded American psycho who sees it cum in his pants." "Follow me." Dan said dropping the video camera on the bed and walking towards the room Mattie had shared with her little sister while they were growing up. Dan was carefully avoiding using the word 'come' in case Mattie's sexually crazed mind mistook it for permission to have an orgasm. As Mattie rolled to a setting she froze for a moment with a strange look on her face then rocked her hips experimentally a few times as pressure was put on the newly installed butt plug, then stood and followed Dan. "Lie down on your bed, " Dan ordered, "go to sleep." Dan got down on his knees so he could speak softly in Mattie's ear while he ran his hands over her breasts, stomach, thighs and crotch. "It's the night of the afternoon you fucked yourself for your daddy in the back yard." He told her. "Remember he fucked you twice on the lounge chair in the yard. You are waking up, and you find your daddy playing with your body." Mattie began to moan and stir. "You want your daddy to fuck you again. You want to please your daddy and have him fill you with his cock." Mattie moved her hips in fucking motions as she opened her eyes and smiled at Dan. "Ask your daddy to fuck you." Dan instructed as he sunk two fingers into her wet willing cunt. "Fuck me Daddy." Mattie begged looking at her exhusband, but seeing her daddy in his place. "Please fuck your little whore princess." "You always sucked your daddy's cock before he fucked you." Dan informed his ex-wife as he stood up and presented his cock for her oral attentions. Mattie propped herself up on one elbow then, grabbing her 'daddy's' cock with her other hand sucked it into to her eager mouth. "I just fucked your momma, " Dan continued as he played the role of his ex-wife's daddy, "can you taste your mommy's cunt cream on my cock, little whore princess?" "MmmmHmmm" Mattie mumbled her reply around the cock that filled her mouth and throat. "Clean your mommy's dried cunt juice from your daddy's cock." Dan whispered to his ex-wife as he held her head with both hands and forced his cock deeper into her throat. "You love the taste of your mommy's cunt juice don't you, my little slut princess." "MmmmHmmm" Mattie repeated her mouth and throat still being full of hard cock. "You want your daddy to fuck his little whore princess?" Dan asked. "MmmmHmmm" Mattie answered with even more enthusiasm as she ran her tongue over her daddy's cock head trying to remove the last taste of her mother's pussy. Pushing his ex-wife back down on the bed Dan climbed on top of her and pushed his hard cock into her hot wet cunt. "Tell me how much the little slut princess loves being fucked by her daddy." Dan whispered in Mattie's ear as he moved his cock slowly in and out of her. "I love the feel of your cock inside me daddy, " Mattie told her ex-husband as she rocked her hips and clenched her cunt muscles to message his hard cock as it fucked in and out of her, "please make your little slut cum, daddy, please, " Mattie began to beg for release from the sexual tension that had been building to unbearable levels. "Please make me cum with your big hard cock, oh god, please, your little whore princess needs to cum so much it hurts." While listening to his ex-wife beg her 'daddy' to make her cum Dan fucked his hard cock in and out of her hot wet grasping cunt with ever increasing force while squeezing one of her breasts with each hand and sucking savagely on her hard crinkled nipples. "Oh god yes daddy, fuck me hard daddy." Mattie screamed as she wrapped her arms and legs around her ex-husband and held on while he pounded his cock in and out of her pussy with such force that the whole bed bounced up and down on the floor with a loud banging noise. After several minutes of brutally fucking his ex-wife's abused cunt Dan buried his cock inside it and emptied his cum into her once again. "Nooooo!" Mattie wailed and then began crying with sobs that shook her entire body when her 'daddy' stopped fucking and climbed off her desperately needy body without letting her cum. "Please daddy, " Mattie sobbed in such obviously painful need that Dan smiled with sadistic pleasure, "please let me cum." "No, " Dan replied thoroughly enjoying her suffering, "you're a nasty little slut and only good girls get to cum when their daddy's fuck them." Mattie knew her daddy was right, she was a nasty little slut, she had started playing with her cunt at such a young age she could not remember a time when she didn't fuck herself every opportunity she got. He's right, Mattie thought as she sobbed in disappointment, I don't deserve to cum. "Go to sleep." Mattie immediately stopped crying and fell into a relaxed sleep. "When you wake up you will remember every thing that just happened as having happened the night after you fucked your daddy in the backyard." Dan thought for a moment then grinned sadistically again while he continued. "The next day when you and your daddy were home alone your daddy made you crawl on your hands and knees and beg him to fuck you again. He loved it so much he would make you crawl on your hands and knees and beg him to fuck you every night and any other time you were alone. But, " Dan continued his sadistic re-writing of his ex-wife's life history, "no matter how much you begged your daddy wouldn't let you cum unless you put on a really nasty sex show for him first." Dan paused to let that sink in. "As you wake up you will start having memories about how your daddy rented you to his friends for them to fuck. Wake up." Mattie opened her eyes then her face clouded over as she reviewed her new 'memories'. "Rub this on your cunt lips, cunt." Dan instructed with a chuckle over what he thought was a good joke. Mattie took the jar from her ex-husband and, after dipping her finger into the thick goo, spread it on her pussy lips as she had been directed. The burning sensation started immediately. "It's my own invention, " Dan informed his ex-wife as he took the jar from her and put the lid back on it, "repeated applications will make your cunt lips much larger and more sensitive." Dan turned to leave the room, then looked back at Mattie almost as an after thought. "Follow me, " He instructed her, "it's time to start dinner." As soon as the arrived in the kitchen Dan put his ex-wife in the corner and told her to hold her hands behind her back with her wrists crossed. "Your hands are tied now." Mattie felt the nonexistent rope being pulled tight around her wrists. "Tell me, " Dan commanded a few minutes later while he worked on their meal, "what happened after you went to bed on the day you fucked your daddy." "When I went to bed that night, " Mattie sobbed as she 'remembered' the night and related the details to her ex-husband "I masturbated thinking about what had happened that afternoon." Dan paused in his work and turned to look at his ex-wife standing in the corner. That, he thought looking at Mattie's trembling back. is not a memory I planted, it must be a real memory. It was a revelation to Dan that his ex-wife would masturbate that night thinking about the way she had been humiliated by her father. "From now on, " Dan told his ex-wife interrupting her story, "say 'I fucked myself' not 'I masturbated', Now, start over." Dan returned to his work. "That night I fucked myself thinking about what daddy and I had done that afternoon." "Yes?" Dan prompted when his ex-wife stopped talking. "I went to sleep, then I woke up and my daddy was there. He was naked and he was touching me." "And?" "His cock was already hard, and it was all wet and sticky with my momma's pussy juice." "Go ahead." Dan prompted happy that Mattie's active imagination was filling in story details. "He wanted me to suck my mamma's juice off his cock before he'd fuck me." "Did you want him to fuck you?" "Oh, god yes. I remember being so horny I thought I would die, or at least go insane if I didn't get fucked and cum real soon." While she talked Mattie kept her 'tied' hands behind her back and pumped her hips in jerky fuck motions, being kept active by the butt plug in her ass, the burning of the salve on her cunt lips, the humiliation of having to tell her exhusband all her most closely guarded secrets and the excitement of remembering being fucked over and over by her daddy when she was a girl. Mattie was secretly pleased to have discovered that her main life-long sex fantasy was real after all. "Go ahead." Dan ordered. "Then, after I licked and sucked his cock clean, and he held my head and fucked his cock down my throat, he climbed on top of me and fucked me so hard the whole bed bounced on the floor making loud banging sounds every time he shoved his hard cock into me." Mattie increased the rate and power of the fucking motions she made with her hips while she told her story to Dan. "I bet a horny little whore like you were really enjoyed that." "I loved it, I always loved it when my daddy fucked me and called me his little slut princess." "I bet you came real hard." "No!" Mattie sobbed piteously. "Daddy wouldn't let me cum. He, " Mattie sobbed and tears rolled down her cheeks while she finished telling the story, "fucked me real hard for a really long time, it seemed like he was pounding his hard cock into me all night long, but he wouldn't let me cum." Dan smiled, it never occurred to the drugged Mattie to question how her father could fuck her so thoroughly and keep her from cuming. Even though Mattie quit talking and cried like her heart was broken by the memory, the idea that her daddy had been able to control her so com completely sent her hips into an even more frantic fucking of the air as she stared at the corner where the kitchen walls came together. "Why wouldn't he let you cum?" "He said that I was a nasty little girl, " Mattie said between body shaking sobs, "he said that only good little girls got to cum when their daddy's fucked them." "What happened the next day?" "As soon as mom and Debbie left the house, I followed my daddy around the house on my hands and knees begging him to fuck me and let me cum." Mattie replied her voice filled with 'remembered' shame and humiliation. "Why didn't you just fuck yourself and cum?" There was silence for a moment while Dan waited to see how Mattie's mind would work this out. "I don't know, " She finally answered, "I just know that I couldn't cum, even by fucking myself, until my daddy said I could." "Turn around." Dan ordered, taking a break from Mattie's story of how she was fucked and humiliated by her daddy. Mattie, still holding her hands behind her back, and still gyrating her hips trying to get used to the butt plug and to relieve her unrequited lust, turned her back to the corner. Dan, taking a break from his cooking, gave his ex-wife's puffy swollen cunt lips an admiring look. "Your hands are untied, " he instructed Mattie, "now rub some more of that ointment onto your pussy lips." Mattie whimpered in objection, but picked up the jar and, dipping her finger into the thick paste, rubbed it onto her puffy pussy lips. "Put your hands behind your back, " Dan continued his instructions, enjoying the look of pain on his exwife' s face as the ointment began to burn and irritate her cunt lips causing them to swell even larger, "your wrists are tied again, now turn around and face the wall." Mattie, tears running down her cheeks, and her hips moving in exaggerated fucking motions as she tried to ease the burning sensation, turned back around and faced the walls as she had been instructed. "Now, " Dan asked after Mattie was facing the corner again, "did your daddy fuck you again and let you cum?" "He told me that he'd only let me cum if I'd do a really nasty sex show for him." "what happened after that?" "Every time we were alone in the house, " Mattie explained, "I'd have to take all my clothes off and follow him around the house naked on my hands and knees begging him to fuck me." She paused only momentarily then continued. "Then I'd have to do a really nasty sex show for him so he'd let me cum." "Did he come into your bedroom after that?" "He came into my bedroom every night after that, " Again there was a momentary pause, "and I'd have to get down on my hands and knees and beg him to fuck me, then put on another really nasty sex show for him." "What was Debbie doing while you were fucking your daddy every night?" "I don't know." Mattie finally answered after a long pause. "Wasn't she fucking herself, on the other side of the room, while she watched you and your daddy humping like animals?" Dan suggested. "Didn't you used to look over at her and watch her fucking herself with her fingers while she watched you being fucked by your daddy's big hard dick?" "Yes, " Mattie answered tentatively as the new memories formed themselves in her mind, "yes, you are right, I used to watch Debbie finger fucking herself while she watched our daddy fuck me with his big hard cock." "Do you think Debbie wanted your daddy to fuck her too?" "Of course she did!" Mattie said with the air of a person who had just experienced an epiphany. "But, she didn't deserve to get fucked by my daddy, " Mattie's voice became very possessive, placing extra emphasis on the 'my', "I was his li'l whore, I was the one putting on the really nasty sex shows for him." Mattie continued the transformation into the roll of the petulant child. "You were the one who fucked his friends when he told you to." Dan suggested helpfully. "I was the one who fucked all of his friends when he told me to." Mattie repeated with out hesitation. "All that sneaky little bitch has done since the day she came home from the hospital is try to steal my daddy away from me." Mattie finally ran down, temporarily. This hidden anger, Dan thought staring once again at his ex-wife's undulating body, could make things interesting tonight. "Go to your bedroom." Dan said now that dinner was at a point where he could leave it for awhile, then he followed his ex-wife, watching with fascination as Mattie walked while trying to rub her swollen cunt lips between her thighs and continue making fucking motions with her hips all at the same time. Once in her bedroom Dan gave his ex-wife more of the drug then, after 'untying' her hands, had her lie down and then put her into a trance again. Pulling a chair up beside the bed, Dan played with his ex-wife's breasts, stomach, thighs and especially her large swollen cunt lips while he gave her instructions for the night. Among other things Dan told her that, from now on he was her 'daddy', he was the one who's cock she was obsessed with and lusted after. "I'm the one you have to put on 'really nasty sex shows' for so I'll allow you to cum. I'm the one your jealous bitch sister is trying to steal from you. I'm the only one you've ever really wanted to fuck you. The only time you're ever happy is when my cock is inside your body." Dan stopped talking for a minute while he concentrated on tugging her enlarged cunt lips to see how swollen they were. "When your sister visits tonight, " Dan continued satisfied, at least for now with the size of her enlarged pussy lips, "you will be polite and loving to her, you will not let her know how you feel about her attempts to steal your daddy from you." Dan continued his instructions then woke her up. Mattie looked up at Dan standing over her and greeted him with a radiant smile. "Fuck me daddy, " She begged, spreading her legs and holding her arms open to welcome her ex-husband to her body, "please fuck your little whore princess." "What the hell, " Dan said looking at his watch then stripping his clothes off, "I want to see what those extra large pussy lips feel like anyway." Dan climbed onto the bed and, lowering himself onto her body, he pushed his already hard cock into her now eager cunt. "Yes daddy, " Mattie said with an ecstatic voice as her 'daddy's' cock slipped into her, "fuck me daddy. I'm your little whore, daddy." Dan fucked his ex-wife with long, deep, slow strokes. Working in a deliberate manner Dan enjoyed the feel of her newly enlarged cunt lips as they clung to his cock shaft and drug along its surface. He also thoroughly enjoyed the tight feel that the presence of the butt plug, buried deeply in her ass, gave to her pussy. "Please let me cum, daddy, " Mattie started begging as soon as his cock was inside her, "please fuck your little whore hard and make her cum." Dan, ignoring the begging of his ex-wife, continued to fuck her with slow, deliberate strokes while he sucked on her nipples. Mattie, unable to contain the sexual excitement that had been building in her all day, wrapped her arms and legs around her ex-husband's body and commenced fucking herself on his cock in a frantic, compulsive manner. "Stop, " Dan ordered holding still inside her spasming body, "you must always match your body movements to mine, " Dan resumed his slow deliberate fucking motions which Mattie matched with a disappointed whimper, "it's only my pleasure that's important, " Dan continued as he fucked her, "not yours." "Yes daddy." Mattie answered in a totally subdued voice that still managed to be drenched in unfulfilled lust. As his long slow fuck of his ex-wife came to an end Dan held himself deep inside her while he once again left his sperm coating her hot, wet cunt walls. Mattie began to cry as soon as her ex-husband's cock pulled out of her com completely unsatisfied pussy. "Aren't you going to let me cum?" She asked with heartbroken sobs as Dan climbed off the bed. "No, " Dan answered decisively, "you know you can't cum until after you put on a sex show for me." Dan looked down at his suffering ex-wife, then continued. "If you do a really good job of being a nasty slut whore for the show tonight then I will let you cum when I fuck your ass again afterward." Dan informed Mattie as he pulled his clothes back on then walked to Mattie's closet. "Time for you to get dressed." Mattie was surprised by her ex-husband's choice of clothes for her to wear for the evening's festivities. She had thought, as much as she thought at all under the influence of the drug, that she would be dressed in the same cut-off Tshirt and shorts she had worn to the store. Other than the garter belt and hose with no panties and the bra with holes cut out for her nipples to stick through, the outfit Dan laid out for his ex-wife to wear for dinner was the epitome of conservative women's business dress. Mattie continued to stare at her new 'daddy' with lust and devotion while she donned the half slip, camisole, white blouse, knee length skirt with a modest kick pleat in the back (but no embarrassing slit running all the way up to her naked crotch) and a smart looking jacket, over the provocative underwear. Looking at herself in the mirror, Mattie realized even as her nipples hardened rubbing against the soft material of the blouse, that she would be right at home attending any corporate board meeting. The clothes, and the programming, successfully masked the raging volcano of anger and lust that simmered just below the surface, ready to erupt at any moment.....continued.... Find my stories here- Watch live men and women 100% FREE on Home Adult Webcams

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