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Sex Zombies Part 4

Sex Zombies Part 4

By Norm DePloom - Nov 21, 2004 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 2545 Watch live men and women 100% FREE on Home Adult Webcams If you don't like sex stories, don't read it. If you don't like stories bout forced sex, don't read it.If you are below the arbitrary age set for your area, don't read it.If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it. All the characters and events in this story are fictional; any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental. Sex ZombiesPart 04 ByNorm DePloom This, Debbie thought when she entered the house, is not what I expected. Mattie, her older sister, was sitting on the couch, dressed in her most conservative goody-two-shoes women's business power suit; looking for all the world like she had just arrived home from work. Debbie wasn't really sure what she had expected, but not this. Debbie would have been less surprised if she had seen Mattie naked, or dressed in a slutty black corset setting on the floor at Dan's feet. Hiding her disappointment Debbie leaned over and kissed her sister affectionately on the cheek. "God, I'm glad you're doing the cooking." Debbie said as she walked over to Dan and leaned forward to give him a closed-mouth kiss. Mattie's cooking may not have been famous, but it was definitely infamous. Debbie's body stiffened momentarily when her exbrother -in-law, wrapping his left arm around her thin waist, pulled her body up against his and, while bringing their lips together and pushing his tongue deep into her mouth, slipped his right hand under her blouse to pinch her nipples until they crinkled in his fingers. This is more like it, Debbie thought after first tensing in surprise then relaxing and letting her legs spread as Dan's hand moved from her breasts down across her stomach then, slipping into the front of her shorts, moved through her pubic hair coming to rest on her hot wet slit. "Time for dinner." Dan announced after breaking of the kiss and, with some reluctance, pulling his hand from Debbie's crotch leaving his ex-sister-in-law breathless as she blinked several times and looked around the room in a state of confusion before following Dan into the dinning room. Mattie moved her hips in slow circles grinding the flared end of her butt plug against the seat cushion. Sitting on the couch Mattie felt the urgency of her need rapidly multiplying as she watched her slut whore sister trying to steal her daddy. Just like she's been trying to do her whole life, Mattie thought as anger swept over her. Mattie's sweet loving expression masked the volcanic rage that fueled her skyrocketing sexual excitement as her daddy-stealing whore-sister threw herself at the man Mattie now considered to be her daddy. Mattie's anger towards her sister, just like the anger she felt for her exhusband, was transformed by her 'prime directive' into insatiable lust. Mattie sat on the couch, leaning slightly forward, gripping the cushion on each side of her legs so hard her knuckles turned white, and rocked back and forth with increasing concentration while she moved her legs alternately an inch or two up and down trying to rub her swollen, still burning pussy lips between her thighs. Her movements became more and more frenetic as Mattie imagined what her slut, daddy stealing, little sister was doing in the kitchen with her ex-husband. Sweat was forming on her forehead when Dan finally stepped to the door of the room. "Stop what you're doing, " Dan instructed his ex-wife with an irritating smirk on his face, "and join us at the table for dinner." Mattie rocked her hips to push the butt plug against the seat cushion one last time before she stood up to walk across the room to where her wonderful daddy waited to escort her to the dinner table. As she walked a small voice, buried deep in her mind and almost drowned by screams of the programmed voices telling her how much she adored this man, could still be heard. Undulating her way across the room, making every effort to sexually arouse her daddy the voice reminded Mattie that this was not her 'daddy' she was now lewdly rubbing her overly excited body against but was her ex-husband who she hated more intensely with every passing second. "Please, daddy, " Mattie begged with an exaggerated little-girl pout as she tried to rub her crotch against Dan's leg, "let me cum. I need to cum so bad it hurts." "You know the rules." Dan said as he moved his leg, leaving his ex-wife trying to rub herself lewdly against nothing but air. "Not till after your afterdinner sex show." Dan finished as he turned to walk back into the dinning room. Mattie followed her exhusband with an even more exaggerated pout on her face. Dan held the chair while his ex- wife seated herself. "Smells good, " Mattie observed as she picked up her fork. The only thing she really missed from their marriage was her ex-husbands cooking. "Come on, " Debbie said as she lifted the first bite of food to her mouth, "you two are playing a joke on me." "What do you mean?" Dan asked innocently as he took his first bite of food. "This thing about Mattie being your sex slave." Debbie elaborated. "Are you my sex slave?" Dan asked his ex- wife. "Yes." Mattie answered simply and honestly as she had been programmed to do. "Are you now my personal fuck toy?" Dan asked. "Yes I am, " Mattie answered again, "I am your personal fuck toy." Only Dan knew that the careful programming he had administered preparing Mattie for this meal kept her setting in her chair, seemingly calm with a gentle smile on her face as she ate her dinner and answered her ex-husband's questions. "Why are you my fuck toy?" Dan asked her after eating another bite of food. "Because you drugged me." Mattie replied around the bite she was chewing. "Naah, " Debbie broke in, "no way." "Next to me, " Dan asked turning to face his ex-sisterin -law, "what man in this city does you sister dislike more than any other?" "That, " Debbie answered after no more than a few seconds thought, "would have to be Chuck." "Mattie, " Dan said turning back toward his ex-wife, "tell your sister what you and Chuck did up in his office in the grocery store." "We fuc..." Mattie started. "Tell us all about it." Dan interrupted. "As soon as we were out of site, " Mattie started her expanded answer, talking around bites of food, "Chuck put his arm around me and squeezed my right breast." "Did you enjoy it?" Dan asked. "No." Mattie answered with a slight flare of anger almost showing through. "I hated it." "Then, " Asked Dan with one of his patented superior smirks, "why did you let him do it?" "Because you told me to." Mattie answered in a tone of voice that indicated she was reciting the obvious. "Continue." Dan ordered. "The stairway up to his office was only wide enough for one at a time, " Mattie paused while she took another bite, "so he told me to go first. Then he put his hand between my legs and fingered my pussy lips while I walked." "You've got to be kidding me." Debbie said, her fork frozen halfway to her mouth as she looked back and forth in disbelief from her sister to her sister's exhusband. "Then, " Mattie continued ignoring her sister's disbelief, "as soon as we were in his office he pulled my shirt off and, while he sucked on my nipples, he pushed my shorts down my legs. Then had me sit on his desk and spread my legs." "Yes?" Dan prompted when Mattie stopped to take another bite. "Then he stood there and stared at me for a long time. He leaned over and pulled my pussy lips apart so he could see inside me. You'd just fucked be in the toilet, " Mattie paused for another bite, "so I had your cum still oozing out of me. 'God your wet' he said. I almost laughed in his face, knowing he was looking at your cum and thinking that he was turning me on that much." Debbie chewed her food absentmindedly while she listened to Mattie's unbelievable tale of an afternoon of sexual licentiousness. "I was looking at him and wondering if he was going to eat your cum from my pussy. As I lay on his desk, letting him finger me, I realized that I really wanted him to. 'Eat my pussy.' I begged him moving my hips like I really wanted to fuck him. He looked up at me and grinned. He really thought that he turned me on. He leaned over and I felt his tongue dig deep into my cum-drenched cunt. It was sort of my own little secret way to humiliate him, knowing that he was eating your sperm from my pussy." Mattie paused for another bite, then hesitated, a brief look of anger seemed to pass over her face then she continued. "After he ate all your jizz from my cunt he dropped his pants down around his ankles and pushed his cock into me." Mattie stopped in thought for a moment. "It didn't last very long." Mattie grinned at her audience, Chuck's fast ejaculation seemed like a personal victory to her. "He pulled out after just a few strokes and said he wanted to cum on my face. So I got down on my knees and he jerked himself off until he shot onto my face." It was obvious to Dan and Debbie that Mattie considered the story to be finished. "Wow, " Was all that Debbie said at first, "but, " she continued after a moments thought, "how do I know that Mattie's telling the truth? I mean, if you two are pulling a joke on me then all this, " Debbie waved her hand vaguely in the air as if her sister's story might still hanging above them, "might just be something you two made up." Dan looked at his ex-sister-in-law for a moment before he spoke. "Mattie, " he ordered without taking his eyes off Debbie, "you've had enough to eat." Mattie put her fork down then picked up a napkin and dabbed at her lips. "Crawl under the table, " Dan continued instructing Mattie while he held Debbie's eyes locked in his gaze, "and suck my cock while we finish eating." "I'll be damned." Debbie said softly as she watched her older sister push her chair back then, after getting down on her hands and knees, crawl under the table. Debbie pushed her chair away from the table so she could bend over and watch as her straight-laced upstanding sister unzipped her ex-husband's trousers then, after pulling his half-hard cock out through the fly, open her mouth and envelope it with apparent eagerness. Debbie looked unbelievingly at, alternately, her ex-brother-in-law who sat eating his dinner looking as if nothing unusual was happening under the table, and at Mattie, under the table, slobbering over her ex-husband's hardening cock in a display of sluttish behavior that Debbie would, up to this very second, have thought was impossible for her. "OK, " Debbie said as she shrugged and, after one last glance under the table, picked up her fork and continued to eat her dinner, "the only way you could get Mattie to do that would be with some mind control drug." Debbie took another bite and chewed in silence for a few moments. "I meant what I said, " Debbie continued searching Dan's face with an earnest look, "about you not needing a drug to make me your sex slave, I mean." Debbie blushed and looked away. "Look at me." Debbie's eyes snapped back and locked with Dan's in response to the command. "Being my slave is not a game, or a part-time thing." Debbie felt like she was being held down just by the strength of Dan's gaze. Without looking away she placed her fork on down and listened with total attention, her hands resting on the edge of the table. "You will give me every thing you own, " Dan also stopped eating as he explained to his ex-sister-in-law exactly what was going to happen to her, "and you will devote every second of the rest of your life to me." "You're going to give me the drug no matter what I want. Aren't you?" Debbie asked softly, not taking her eyes off Dan's. "Yes." Dan answered matter-of-factly. "And if I try to get away?" Before Dan could answer they both smiled and chuckled as their conversation was interrupted by a deep guttural moan that escaped from Mattie's cock filled mouth under the table. "If you tried to run away now, " Dan explained, leaning forward to look more intently into the eyes of his next victim, "I will stop you and use whatever force is necessary to make you ingest the drug." They sat in silence for a long moment, each thinking about what had just been said as they listened to the slurping sounds coming from underneath the table. "And, " Dan finally continued, "I'd thoroughly enjoy every second of it. In fact, " Dan gave Debbie his best evil grin, "I'd probably rape you first, just for kicks, then give you the drug." Debbie looked down at the table, her mind swirling with memories and feelings. The image of Dan wrestling her to the ground, ripping her clothes from her body and forcing his hard cock into her cunt thrilled Debbie almost more than she could say. "I'm almost tempted to run, " she admitted shyly, "just so I can get raped by you. But I won't, " she continued after a thoughtful pause, "because I don't want there to be any mistake about my willingness to be your total slave." Debbie had been com completely and unquestionably in love with this man since the first time her older sister had brought him home for dinner. Looking into his eyes Debbie felt again the same thrill that had surged through her twelve-year-old body that first night. "The first night I met you, " Debbie continued dropping her eyes from Dan's intense gaze, "if you had told me to crawl under the table and suck your cock I would have done it without question right in front of my parents." Dan's and Debbie's romantic tete-a-tete was interrupted by a loud moan accompanying the continuing slurping sounds of Mattie sucking on Dan's cock under the table. Debbie pushed her chair back from the table and, bending over, looked at her older sister under the table. "Oh my god, " Debbie said softly as her face turned red in embarrassment, "she's got her skirt pulled up and three fingers pumping in and out of herself while she sucks on you." Dan could feel Mattie's face heat up against his thighs as her humiliation deepened. "Your sister doesn't like you seeing her like this." Dan said as he reached under the table and pushed Mattie's hair away from her face. "Why don't you crawl under the table, " Debbie found herself being stimulated by the same superior smirk that irritated her sister so much, "so you can get a closer look, and Mattie, " Dan addressed his ex-wife under the table, "you just keep doing what you're doing." Debbie pushed her chair further from the table and, without hesitation, got down on her knees to obey her exbrother -in-law's command. "Now, " Dan continued after Debbie joined her older sister under the table, "tell me exactly what you see." "She's got her skirt pulled all the way up to her waist and, " there was a brief pause before Debbie continued, "oh my god, " Debbie's surprised voice came from under the table, "how did her pussy lips get so swollen? They look like she's been fucked by the whole army. Shit, " Debbie continued after another brief hesitation, "she's got a butt plug up her ass." "How many fingers is she using to fuck herself?" Dan answered as he moved his hands under the table to push his ex-wife's mouth further down on his hard cock. "She's using three fingers, " Debbie replied, "she must really be horny." She observed. "What's it smell like?" Dan asked her. "It looks and smells like she's been fucking an entire pro football team all day." Mattie moaned and Dan felt her hot embarrassed tears drip onto his thighs. "She's mostly just been fucking herself." Dan informed his ex-sister-in-law as he pushed Mattie's mouth off his cock and, after pushing his chair back from the table and standing up, putt his hard cock back inside his trousers and zipped up his fly. "Out from under the table both of you." Dan ordered as he turned toward the living room. "It's time for some fun." "Looks like you've had too much fun already." Debbie said in a critical tone as the two sisters climbed out from under the table and followed Dan into the living room. "Oh shut up you fucking little daddy-stealing slut." The vehemence with which Mattie spoke as well as the language she used surprised them both. Debbie mouthed the words 'daddy-stealing slut' as she looked at Dan questioningly. Dan shrugged his shoulders indicating he had no idea why Mattie would be calling her a daddy-stealing slut. "You, " Dan said indicating his ex-wife, "sit right here on the end of the couch." Mattie did as instructed. "Straighten your clothes and don't touch yourself in any way until you're given permission." Both Dan and Debbie watched as Mattie, face turning bright red with embarrassment, stood back up and smoothed out her clothes before setting back down. "Fold your hands, " Dan continued his instructions, "and sit there like a young lady until you are told otherwise." Debbie watched in amazement as her older sister obeyed every command given to her by the exhusband she hated so much. "Yes daddy." Mattie replied looking up at Dan with a sweet smile on her face. 'Yes Daddy' Debbie mouthed the words looking at her ex-brother-in-law with increased admiration. "As for you, " Dan said to Debbie as he sat in the overstuffed chair that faced at right angles to the couch. "I have a couple of things I want you to do to test your willingness to be my slave before I give you the drug. You will now take off your clothes, nice and slow." Debbie smiled at Dan and began slowly removing her clothes. She wasn't wearing much so, even doing it as slow as possible, it wasn't long before she as standing in front of her older sister and ex- brother-in-law totally naked. "Lace your fingers behind your head, " Dan ordered, after Debbie had removed her last piece of apparel, "and turn around in a circle very slowly." Debbie's self confidence began to fade, being replaced with self-doubt as Dan stared at her with the critical eye of a connoisseur of naked female flesh. Dan noticed that, unlike her sister, Debbie kept her bush trimmed in a neat landing-strip pattern. It will make a nice contrast, Dan thought as Debbie continued her slow turn, one wild bush and one trimmed. He chuckled at the thought that the 'wild' bush was on the 'tame' sister. After Debbie had made a com complete three hundred and sixty-degree rotation and was once again facing him, her face turning red with embarrassment in spite of the sexual excitement being generated by the situation, Dan stood and faced his ex wife. "Keep your hands behind your head." He told Debbie turning his head to look at her. "Pretend that your hands are tied behind your back and undress me with your mouth." Dan held his ex wife's eyes with his stare as her younger sister, hands held behind her head, her nipples hard with excitement, leaned forward and began to work at the top button of his shirt with her teeth. One button at a time Debbie worked her way down the front of Dan's shirt until she reached the waistband of his trousers then she walked around him several times using her teeth to pull at his shirt working it a little further out from under his pants with each trip. Finally, when the shirt was unbutton and untucked, Debbie stood behind her ex-brother-in-law and, taking the collar of his shirt in her teeth pulled it down his arms and let it fall to the floor. Dan continued to hold his ex-wife's gaze, smiling at her in a way he knew she hated, as her sister walked back around and, kneeling submissively in front of him, began working at his belt with her teeth. Debbie's chin repeatedly bumped into and rubbed against Dan's hard cock as she loosened the belt then worked the waistband button with her teeth. When she pulled the zipper tab down with her teeth, opening the fly, Dan's trousers dropped to the floor and Debbie found herself with her ex-brother-in-laws large hard cock resting against her nose and forehead. "No." Dan ordered when Debbie opened her mouth to suck his cock without being instructed to. "Not yet." With a disappointed look and a frustrated moan Debbie, her hands still held behind her head, sat back on her heals and stared at the hard cock in front of her face while she waited for further instructions. "Do you enjoy sucking cocks?" Dan asked her while he continued to hold his ex-wife's eyes locked onto his. "Yes, " Debbie answered without hesitation, "I love to suck cocks, and I love to eat cum." She added. "Your sister was never much of a cock sucker when we were married, " Dan informed his ex-sister-in-law. He watched the red spreading over Mattie's face as she heard her ex-husband telling her younger sister about the sexual problems they had during their marriage, "and she simply refused to swallow my cum." "Oh how terrible, " Debbie said turning to give her sister a stern look, "how selfish can you be?" "Although she is much better about it, now that she's my slave and has no choice in the matter. She sucks cock and eats cum whenever she's told to." Dan finished as her watched the telltale signs of his exwife' s rage being transformed into unbearable levels of sexual excitement. "Is your cunt hot, wet and eager to be fucked?" "Yes." Debbie and Mattie both answered in unison. "Please fuck me, " Mattie added in a desperate whisper, "please let me cum." "You know the rules, " Dan said sternly to his ex-wife, "you know you aren't allowed to cum until you put on a really nasty sex show." Debbie looked back and forth from her ex-brother-in-law to her sister as this exchange took place. "Now shut up and don't say another word until you are instructed to." If Debbie still had any doubts about the effectiveness of the drug her ex-brother-in-law had given to her sister, they were dissolved when Mattie actually obeyed Dan's order to 'shut up'. Dan stepped out of his trousers and, after kicking them aside, sat on the edge of the overstuffed chair. "Come here." He said to Debbie who, obeying his order, walked on her knees until she was between his thighs with his hard cock resting against the hot, smooth skin of her chest just below her breasts. Dan leaned back in the chair and, pulling his legs up, hooked his knees over the arms of the chair. "You will now tongue fuck my ass while you finish me off with your hands." Without hesitation, and without even a trace of reluctance, Debbie took her hands from behind her head and, after grasping Dan's balls with one of them and his hard cock with the other, leaned down to bury her face between his butt cheeks. Making her tongue hard and pointy Debbie pushed it against his sphincter while she massaged his cock and testicles with expert strokes. "Oh yes." Dan moaned as her tongue forced its way inside his ass and her hands urged his cock and balls towards another orgasm. "That's right, slut, push it in deep. French kiss my ass like the dirty little whore you are." Debbie's moans joined Dan's as her sexual excitement grew in leaps and bounds. The reality of what was happening excited her beyond what she had imagined even during her most heated of masturbatory fantasies. Unnoticed and ignored on the couch Mattie rocked her hips, pushing the butt plug rhythmically against the seat cushion, with increasing ferocity as she watched her little sister tongue fucking her ex-husband's ass. She watched with overwhelming jealous rage as her daddy-stealing little slut sister ran her nasty hands up and down over her daddy's wonderful cock. Fantasies of leaping from her seat and pushing that whore aside so she could tend to her daddy's needs properly accompanied her own moans which now joined those of Dan and Debbie. "Fuck that tongue in and out of my ass you cocksucking bitch." Dan yelled, his legs beginning to tremble with pre-cum tension. Mattie's moans began to sound more like whimpers as she desperately tried to stimulate her over-used genitals enough to bring on an orgasm. Knowing she could not cum until HE told her to, did not lessen the manic obsession with which she tried to rub her swollen cunt lips against the rough material of the seat cushion while she rocked the exposed, flared end of her butt-plug against the same cushion enjoying the feel of the plug moving inside her body. Debbie, concentrating on her assigned task, was unaware of Dan's or Mattie's moans. She was, if the truth be known, even unaware of her own moans as she stretched her tongue to get just a little deeper into her ex-brother-in-law's ass while she massaged his balls and stroked his rampant cock. Debbie felt Dan's sphincter clamp down on her invading tongue, then just a second later the twitching of his cock in her hand as he spewed his cum onto his stomach and chest. Holding her tongue buried deeply in her ex-brother-inlaw' s spasming ass Debbie held his jerking cock and his balls in her a firm but gentle grasp until his cock stopped twitching and his ass released its grip on her tongue. As Dan's sphincter slowly relaxed Debbie slipped out then showered the hole with flicks from the tip of her just released tongue and gentle kisses from her submissive lips. She continued this until she felt Dan's hands on each side of her head gently pushing her face away from his ass while he lowered his feet to the floor. "You, " Dan said still gently holding her head with a hand on each cheek, "are now my official anal-lingus expert." Debbie beamed with pride and looked over at her older sister with such a superior attitude that one would have thought that she had just won the Nobel Prize for curing cancer. Then with out being instructed to, Debbie leaned forward and licked Dan's cum from his chest and stomach. "Now, " Dan instructed once he had been licked clean, "go out to your car and bring in your registration slip. Don't put on your clothes, " he continued when Debbie reached for her blouse, "just go as you are." Dan watched his naked ex-sister-in-law as she retrieved her keys from her purse then walked out the front door of the house. After the door closed he turned to his ex-wife. "You, " he informed her with a nasty sneer, "need to take lessons from your little sister." Dan watched with unhidden pleasure as Mattie's newly erupting rage was transformed into even more volcanic lust driving her to rub her cunt lips raw trying to satisfy herself. "Unless you prove yourself to be a better at ass licking than your sister she's going to become your daddy's little whore princess instead of you." Tears flowed from Mattie's eyes as she rubbed herself violently against the seat cushion and shook her head with equal outrage. "You have something to say?" Dan asked "Please, daddy, " Mattie wept, "please let me lick your ass, let me show you how much better I am." "How could an uptight little prig like you, " Dan asked, untouched by the drug induced, heartbreaking, little girl emotions being displayed by his ex-wife, "possibly be as good as a real honest to god fuck-toy slut like your sister?" "You were my first, " Mattie wept, "how could I ever love anyone like I loved you?" It was unclear, even to Mattie, whether she was speaking about her imaginary 'daddy' or about her ex-husband. As Debbie walked out the front door into the nipple hardening cool night air the thought that this was her last chance to get away without being forced to take Dan's mysterious drug never entered her mind. Her only thought was of how hot it had made her feel to tongue fuck Dan and bring him off manually with her sister watching. Debbie opened the door to the almost new Mercedes Benz she had purchased with part of her inheritance and, sitting her bare ass and cunt on the cold leather seat, leaned across, opened the glove compartment and pulled out the registration slip; knowing fully well that she would be signing her prized possession over to her ex-brother-in-law as soon as she went back into the house. Knowing it would be asked for, Debbie also removed the savings account passbook that she had left in there earlier that day. Ignoring the goose-bumps being caused by the cool air on her naked skin, Debbie sat half in and half out of her car, registration and passbook in hand while she thought about that evening long ago when Mattie had first brought Dan home for dinner. Debbie smiled as she remembered lying quietly in her bed listening to her older sisters breathing from across the room, waiting for her sister to fall asleep so she could satisfy the urgent signals she was receiving from her young cunt, signals that demanded immediate attention. Finally, unable to wait any longer, Debbie quietly spread her legs and ever so gently and softly, being extra careful to not make the bed squeak, began to rub her crotch. As she rubbed herself she imagined her older sister's new boyfriend sneaking back into the house and silently forcing her to do things she could, as yet, not even imagine. When Debbie finally stood up and closed the car door before turning and walking back into the house she may have been cool and dry on the outside, but she was hot and wet on the inside. Debbie was just beginning to shiver from the cold air when she came back through the door into the warm living room. The stares of Dan and Mattie watching her every step as Debbie walked across the living room made her acutely aware of her nakedness. "Fill out the form on the back, " Dan instructed, handing her a pen after she had knelt once more in front of him, "a slave has no need for a car." The room remained silent as Debbie com completed her task then handed the registration form to Dan. "The keys, " Dan reminded her. "Sorry, " Debbie said as she picked up her keys from the floor where she had dropped them and handed them over with an apologetic look. "Now get your checkbook, " Dan continued instructing the naked woman kneeling in in front of him, "and write a check for the balance. A slave has no need for money." As Debbie wrote the check, which would turn her money over to her ex-brother-in-law, she was surprised by the feelings she was experiencing. Instead of the anger or sadness she had expected Debbie was overwhelmed by feelings of freedom and joy. Never again, she thought, will I have to worry about car maintenance, or rent, or buying food, or anything other than what I was born to be; a vehicle for the pleasure of men. Finished with the check Debbie handed it and her as yet un-asked for passbook to her ex- brother-in-law who set them aside without bothering to look at the amounts. "It's time, " Dan announced as he picked up the small vial from tae table beside his chair, "open your mouth and lift your tongue." Kneeling in front of her exbrother -in-law, setting back on her heals, with her knees spread slightly, giving Dan a glimpse of her glistening eager cunt, her hands resting palms down on the tops of her thighs, Debbie leaned forward slightly, accentuating her naked, hard-nippled breasts, and opened her mouth as Dan had instructed. Looking like a baby bird waiting for a morsel of food from its parent, Debbie waited patiently for her exbrother - in-law to administer the drug. "When I gave your sister her first dose, " Dan said as he placed the drug under his kneeling, naked, exsister -in-law's tongue, "I had to put it in a Coke, " Dan put his hand under Debbie's chin and gently pushed her mouth shut, "and she didn't even know she had taken it until after she sucked my cock just because I told her to." Debbie smiled at the image of the look that must have been on her uptight, sexually repressed sister's face when she opened her mouth for her exhusband' s invading cock. "Now I want you to pay careful attention and tell me what the drug feels like when it is entering your system." Debbie relaxed, setting back on her heals, with a thoughtful expression on her face. "Mattie has been programmed to feel hate or anger or embarrassment as sexual excitement." Debbie looked over at her older sister who was setting on the couch, her mouth hanging open and her breath coming in ragged gasps as she rubbed her poor inflamed cunt lips against the rough material of the couch with as much force as she could apply. "Mattie, " Dan spoke sharply to his ex-wife, "stop moving." Debbie watched in amazement as Mattie instantly stopped rubbing herself and gave her husband such a pitiful, begging look that Debbie felt sorry for her. "So, " Dan continued, turning his attention back to Debbie, ignoring his ex-wife's desperate need, "the more she hates me, the angrier she gets and the more I humiliate her the hornier she becomes." Dan paused to look at Mattie, who appeared to be on the brink of a total psychotic breakdown. "Plus, " Dan added with the attitude of an artist talking about one of his masterpieces, "I've programmed her to be unable to cum without my permission. I imagine that it's been very uncom comfortable to be Mattie the last couple of days." Dan turned his attention back to his new slave. "What are you feeling?" He asked after watching the expression on her face slowly transform from thoughtful to one of surprise and wonder. "It's amazing, " Debbie answered in a voice filled with awe. "It's completing me, " she continued then paused again, "it's making me more...more..." Debbie searched for the words to describe what was happening inside her head, "'s making me more me." She finally finished, then paused again before continuing. "I can actually feel the desire that I have to obey you being transformed into a compulsion to obey you." "This is the 'imprint' phase." Dan explained to her. "During the next day or two I will become imprinted on your brain as your master who you must obey." "Yes, yes, " Debbie replied grabbing Dan's knees and looking intently into his eyes, "I can actually feel it happening." "You stay here, and don't say any more, " Dan ordered, "I'll be right back." Debbie watched as Dan stood up and walked out of the room in the direction of the bedrooms. She felt the wave of anxiety wash over her as soon as Dan was out of sight. As the seconds turned into minutes Debbie felt the anxiety growing to the level of a full-blown panic attack. Looking in the direction of the bedrooms, she wanted to run after him, or at least to yell for him to come back, but he had told her to stay here and not to say anything more. Debbie tried to stand up, she tried to yell to him but found that she could do neither. Her panic continued to rise to the point where she felt like she was going to pass out. What if, her panicking mind thought, he doesn't come back? Will I starve because I haven't been told I can move? Just when Debbie thought she was going to die from the intensity of her anxiety, Dan walked back into the room. The tidal wave of relief that crashed through her body felt better than any orgasm she had ever experienced, and left her limp and sobbing on the floor. Dan sat in his chair then gently helped Debbie back up onto her knees then urged her forward until her naked breasts were resting against his knees and her head was lying in his lap. "There, there, " he consoled her as he ran his hand over her hair like a man petting his favorite dog, "the separation anxiety is the worst when you first start taking the drug." Debbie's sobs slowly calmed to an occasional whimper as she basked in the attention she was getting from Dan. As Debbie's anxiety calmed down Dan looked over at his ex-wife who had been ignored for the last few minutes. "Oh my god." Dan said as he pushed his ex-sister-inlaw' s head off his lap and stood up. "Mattie!" Dan shouted as he stepped over Debbie to tend to his exwife. Mattie's entire body was rigid and trembling violently as she stared glassy eyed and unseeing at the empty space in front of her. "Mattie!" Dan shouted a second time as he slapped her face. Still unresponsive Dan slapped Mattie a third time before her eye's regained some focus. "Open your mouth!" Dan yelled at his ex-wife, followed by another slap when she failed to obey. "Open your mouth!" Dan shouted again. Mattie's head seemed to wobble on her neck for a few seconds, like one of those dolls people put in the back windows of their cars, then she focused on her ex-husband and opened her mouth. Grabbing the pen that Debbie had used to sign over her worldly possessions with one hand, and the vial with the other, Dan used the pen to move Mattie's tongue up then poured a hefty dose of the drug into her mouth. Dan and Debbie both watched Mattie closely until her body began to relax and the trembling began to subside. "Debbie, " Dan said as he sat down in his chair, "you can talk." "What happened?" She asked with a bit of nervousness. "Just a little brain lock up." Dan answered matter-offactly as he continued to watch Mattie to insure she was coming out of the near catatonic state she had been in. "Probably caused by the deep irreconcilable conflict between her real personality and the fuck-slut I'm forcing her to be." As he talked Dan pulled Debbie closer so she could sit at his feet and lean her naked body against his legs while she rested her head on her arms in his lap and stared adoringly into his eyes. "We don't have to worry about that with you, " Dan continued as he stroked Debbie's hair, "since you are already an amoral bitch whose only goal in life is to be a well-used fuck-slave." From anyone else that could have sounded like an insult. "Watch this." Dan said to Debbie. "Mattie." Dan called softly to his ex-wife who now appeared to be asleep on the couch. "Yes Daddy?" She replied, stirring from her state of total relaxation. Debbie watched with interest as she contemplated the erotic potential of having Dan play 'daddy' to both of them. "Would you like to have a nice orgasm now?" Dan asked Mattie as he casually began to play with one of Debbie's nipples. "Oh yes daddy, " Mattie answered as she sat up and, after straightening her skirt, sat with her hands folded in her lap, "please let your little whore princess cum." Debbie was surprised by how much Mattie sounded just like she had when they were little girls and she was trying to wheedle some special favor from their father for his 'little princess'. "I want you to sit on the edge of the couch, " Dan began instructing Mattie after he had pulled the coffee table over and positioned it in front of her, "pull up your skirt, spread your legs wide and prop your feet up on the table." "Daddy, " Mattie said blushing bright red and looking at Debbie pointedly, "in front of her?" Mattie heaped as much scorn on the word her as she could. "Do it, " Dan ordered. "Yes daddy." Mattie responded contritely as she moved forward on the couch, pulled up her skirt and, after propping her feet up on the edge of the table, spread her knees wide, exposing her cunt with a defiant look at her younger sister. Dan adjusted the table lamp to better illuminate his ex-wife's abused crotch. "Look at that, " Dan said pointing at Mattie's exposed cunt, "she's rubbed her cunt so hard her pussy lips are sore and oozing." As Dan talked about the condition of his ex-wife's red, raw cunt Mattie had begun gyrating her hips in an effort to entice her daddy into fucking her. "Hold your hands like I told you to in the car." "Please daddy?" Mattie begged as she moved her hands to the insides of her thighs so her swollen, open pussy was framed by her hands. "Please fuck me and let me cum." Debbie ran her hands over her naked breasts as she watched her older sister pumping her cunt obscenely in the air while she begged her ex-husband to fuck her. The scene was so hot Debbie could feel the juice drooling out of her cunt onto her upper thighs. "Mattie." Dan addressed his ex-wife softly. "Yes daddy?" Mattie answered hopefully. "Cum." "Oh my gggggoooooooooddddd, " Mattie screamed as her hips jerked spasmodically, like she was fucking herself on a huge hard cock, "oh god fuck me...yes...Oh god...fuck me hard..." The orgasmic screams continued, accompanying the jerking fucking motions of her hips. "Shit, " Debbie said softly as she slipped her hand into her naked crotch. Debbie could never have imagined her sister having such a volcanic orgasm. She had always pictured Mattie having a polite little orgasm then apologizing for it afterwards. As she worked two fingers into herself Debbie leaned forward seemingly mesmerized by her older sister's gyrating cunt. "Stop cuming, " Dan ordered, cutting Mattie's orgasm off with a pitiful whimper emanating from the mouth that had been screaming with cum induced ecstasy only a second before. "Stop fingering yourself." Dan said turning his attention back to his ex-sister-in-law. Debbie immediately pulled her fingers out of her wet needy pussy and looked up at Dan with an apologetic look, then looked back at her older sister who, since she had not been told otherwise, was still displaying her over-worked cunt for them to see. "Go into the master bedroom, " Dan continued his instructions, "and put on the clothes that I laid out on the bed." Debbie climbed to her feet using the edge of the coffee table for support; all the while keeping her eyes fixed on Mattie's still gyrating crotch. "No matter how bad your panic gets, " Dan said when Debbie had finished getting to her feet, "you cannot come back in here until you are com completely dressed. After Debbie left the room Dan enjoyed the sight of his ex- wife's manically humping pussy and the desperate, begging look in her eyes for a couple of minutes. "Straighten your clothes and set up like a well behaved lady, " he instructed her harshly, "and quit acting like a sex crazed fifty cent whore." Tears of disappointment and frustration welled up in Mattie's eyes as she lowered her feet to the floor then stood up and pulled her skirt into place before setting back down and clasping her hands in her lap. Thus composed she watched with growing trepidation as her ex-husband moved lights, light stands, tripods and three video cameras into the room from the back porch then began to assemble the equipment.....continued.... Find my stories here- Watch live men and women 100% FREE on Home Adult Webcams

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