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Spring Term

Spring Term

By Don Brown - Jan 29, 2008 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 14706 Christmas had been and gone and the trio were settling down to harder studying.
All the courses were being enjoyed and new friends being made.
Linda and Zoë never mentioned or repeated the events on the last day of October.
They had also settled into the rotas of cleaning and keeping the place tidy.
One ore two slip ups in the bathroom but nothing seen that no one else had, though Linda had mentioned the size of Pete`s cock to Zoë, she had seen it by accident a couple of times.
It was that time of the month again, Mr. James called.
After the niceties Mr. James waited for his rent.
They all stood in a semi circle and handed over their cash.
Firstly Zoë, she was careful she did not want another private appointment with Mr. James, she handed over her 400, 8 weeks rent, December and January.
Linda second with her 400.
Pete last handed over his 200.
200 short Pete.
We werent here.
I know, but look at the contract, 12 monthly payments.
Oh shit.
Ok, you know youre your options.
Tears filled his eyes, he loved it their.
I have 70 Pete, said Zoë, I have it for my field trip but you can borrow it.
I have 90 Pete, I got money for Christmas but you can borrow it with pleasure.
Thats 160 and I have 15, can I get you the rest by tomorrow?
You choose Pete, out now or accept the punishment.
It will need to be the punishment.
Oh Pete the girls chimed in, how awful, and both sat down.
Your room is too small Pete we will do it in here.
Pete looked stunned.
Have you changed your mind?
You will call me sir during your punishment, do you understand?
Yes sir.
We can stop at any time but if we stop you pack, do you understand?
Yes sir.
Right lets commence, strip.
Do not mess me about.
Sorry sir and he removed his jumper and vest, kicked off his trainers and lowered his jog pants.
He stood in his designer boxer shorts, and looked over his shoulder at the two girls.
Sorry sir and he kicked of his boxer shorts.
This was like when he was at boarding school.
The headmaster always beat boys on the bare.
He remembered when he was in his last term at 18 years old.
He had been caught drinking to celebrate his friends birthday.
He and 5 others had been told to report to the gym.
They were lined up and told they would all be caned.
They had to remove their clothes and bend over the beam, which had been lowered.
6 bare 18-year-old bottoms all bent over waiting.
Pete was third.
He winced as the first two received a dozen strokes each.
It was his turn, the head tapped his bottom 6 or 8 times whilst telling him to count the strokes and not get up.
The head was a masochist he thought. 12 vicious cuts, which were the worst pain, he had ever had. He remembered not being able to sleep on his back or sit down for 2 whole days.
Linda described his back in her mind from the rear view she had.
Short black hair, possibly a number 3 or 4.
Coat hanger shoulders, straight across at a perfect angle to his head.
Straight back leading to the bottom of an angel, shame to mark it, but rules are rules.
He had hairs running from the middle of his back and into his bottom cheeks.
His hot cross bun shaped bottom lead to perfect legs with sparse hairs.
Right, over my knee.
Pete walked two paces and placed himself over Mr. Jamess knee.
Mr. James wasted no time, snack, smack, smack, one cheek after the other.
It went on relentlessly and Pete was screaming his head off.
Mr. James liked to spank young men, it was a different sound to spanking a girl. More of a hollow sound, he could also get them crying after about 10 spanks.
The girls never missed a spank and followed his hand up and down.
Pete stood and started jumping around in the spankers dance. With his cock firm against Mr. Jamess leg he also had a semi hard on.
When he turned and faced them jumping up and down his cock bounced off his belly.
This time Zoë described his front in her mind.
A lovely face with a boyish smile.
A six pack with a few hairs on his chest.
A straight belly and a black tuft of hair above his cock.
His cock was beautiful, about 8 inches long and as thick as Lindas vibrator. How she longed to get it in her mouth and slit.
Mr. James spoke, thats 10 off; now bring the dining chair over.
Pete walked past the girls in too much pain to cover up or blush.
He placed the chair where he was told.
He was instructed to lean over the back of the chair and grip the seat.
He heard Mr. Jamess belt falling through the belt loops then resting on his red bottom.
Yes sir.
Thwack, thwack, thwack
Mr. James did not waste time between strokes, Pete`s bottom was striped all over.
Then he stopped, Pete was screaming by now.
Stand, Pete stood and jumped around, once again his cock although slack was still a good 6 inches, bounced of his belly.
Mr. James waited till Pete calmed a little.
Pass me your trainer Pete, you still owe 5.
Pete picked up his trainer and passed it to Mr. James.
Bend right over, Pete bent and Mr. James put his hand on Pete`s back to keep him steady and then let rip with a bullet of a spank with the trainer.
Pete burst into tears again.
He received 5 smacks of the trainer.
Mr. James stopped, stand up.
Pete stood up in some distress.
Do you think you will be late again with the rent Pete?
No sir, no sir definitely not.
Mr. James said goodbye and left.
Oh Pete are you ok, the girls fussed round him.
No he sobbed oh my bottom.
Come into my room I have some cold cream, which will help take away the pain.
Pete followed Linda into her room followed by Zoë.
Bend over a little, Linda opened her cream and placed some on his bottom, he jumped forward so she put her hand in front of him and grabbed his cock to hold him back and reassure him.
He stopped sobbing instantly.
She rubbed his bottom till all the cream was rubbed in; she also massaged his cock till it was full size.
As she stopped rubbing Zoë knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth.
Linda stood in front of them both and stripped of leaving just her knickers on. She knelt and took over from Zoë.
Zoë then undressed and left only her bra on. She moved over and lay on the bed with her legs open.
Linda stood up and held him by his cock. She led him to the bed. She bent over, slid her knickers to one side and guided his cock into her prepared slit.
Zoë bent his head forward onto her slit and let him tongue her.
Pete came with such force he almost fainted. They lay him gently on the side of the bed and let him watch.
Zoë took the sides of Lindas knickers and slowly moved them down her legs.
Linda then lifted a tit out of Zoës bra and played with it. She then took the other out and did the same. Zoë reached behind and undid her bra and threw it to the ground.
This had the desired effect and Pete was hard again.
They lay him gently on his back Zoë sat on his cock carefully. She eased him past her lips and into her wet slit. Bit by bit she lowered herself down till his shaft disappeared.
She then began to ride him. He was in a little discomfort but soon began to book back. They moved in perfect rhythm.
Linda moved to his head and facing Zoë perched above his face. His tongue came up to meet her. She lowered a little more; he darted in and out like a humming bird, eager for the nectar.
She lowered even further covering his eyes.
When Zoë saw he could not see she pinched Lindas nipples hard causing her to push right down onto Petes face, they heard him gasp so she lifted back a little.
Linda returned the compliment forcing Zoë down and she lost the rhythm.
Both girls hands then reached each others clits and they worked each other whilst Pete did the basic work. Once again they all came together in an orgy of passion.
The girls climbed off Pete and left him lying on the bed.
Linda went for a shower whilst Zoë just stared at the beautiful body of the man who unbeknownst to him took her virginity.
Linda finished so Zoë told Pete to take the next shower.
He stood with his hand covering his cock and went to the bathroom.
Zoë gave him 5 minutes then followed him in. She opened the cubicle door, he turned to see her and pulled her in.
They washed each other then Zoë got onto her knees and took his cock in her mouth. She was determined to take it all even when it was hitting the back of her throat she at last managed it brought him off in her mouth.
She felt the salty fluid hit the back of her throat, it made her gag but she managed to swallow it all. She stood kissed his cheek and left the shower.
Pete could not believe the last couple of hours and Linda and Zoë could not believe that they had forgot to tell Pete of the extra rent due.

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