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The Babysitter

The babysitter

By Harry Doberman - Dec 22, 2006 - From popular_stories. Popular sex stories - Views - 416677 Naomi an 18 year old girl from down the street was babysitting for us every other tuesday. The last months or so she had developped into that phase between girl and woman. The looks almost entirely a woman, her acts switching between that of a child and woman.One day I came home early and tried to be silent entering the house not to wake up the kids. I called Naomi but did not see her. I went upstairs and found her in our bed. Dressed in my wife's nightgown snuggling with my pillow, dressed with the T-shirt I wore that day before going out. She was shocked, and shamed and just stared to the floor apologizing. There was no need to hide that I took a look at her breast which was exposed.It was awkward, I was turned on, but there was no thought in my mind of acting upon my arrousal. What to say, what to do? I sat down next to her and asked her why she was in our bedroom dressed like this. This question had to be repeated in a more forceful way, before she answered. She had always seen me as the grown up, a fatherfigure and something like an uncle. The last half year she really felt she was not a child anymore so her view of me changed as well. I had become a man, the lover of my wife. Combined with the liking for me she always had, she had fantasied being my wife.Last two tuesdays she had gone to our bedroom and had lived her fantasy in a more realistic way. Now she was still turned on by her actions, was embarrassed and was fearful that I would see her as the irresponsible babysitter that appeared to be too young to babysit.
After assuring her, this was not the case and that I would go downstairs and give her the opportunity to get dressed and then we would both forget about everyrhing, she was relieved. She jumped up, looked me in the eyes and hugged me in a friendly way. The nightgown fell open and I had a full view of her breasts while she bent over to me. I tried to hide my growing excitement.After that episode there was an intimacy, a shared secret. Naomi and I were buddies.6 weeks later I came home early again. Somewhere I had a slight feeling of disappointment that she was just sitting on the couch watching TV. I sat down next to her and made a joke: "no secret bedplays this time" and she answered: "not yet"... She looked as if she could not believe that she had said what she had said, and looked miserable. Jokingly I tried to take the pressure of the moment and responded: "please feel free, shall I just wait here for you, or do you need the shirt I'm wearing". The situation remained a bit uncom comfortable, I paid her and we said goodbye. At the door she turned around and said: don't tease me like I'm a little girl. Now I felt ashamed and told her that for me the situation was also confusing. That she was not the little girl anymore who could join in play-fighting with the kids, since I no longer felt com comfortable to grab here without having to worry where my hands were located, no tickling etc.. I told her I missed her being a little kid and on the other hand admired here for growing up as a beautiful woman. With woman different rules apply than with little girls. Again she hugged me and told me that she understood, that she missed fighting and holding me as well. Bursting out with laughter she said: "I'm holding you while telling you I miss holding you, that's funny". She kept her head against my shoulder. "So you think I'm beautiful? My breasts are smaller than your wife's, I tried her bra." I told her that beauty could be measured in other ways than cup size alone, that the shape and texture of a breast are more important and that breast were not the only defining feature of a woman and that she should stay away from my wife's lingerie. Then I told her laughingly to get home immediately, because I did not like the direction of the conversation. She ran away, turned, came back, kissed me on the cheek and just a touch of the corner of my mouth and said: "your pants tell me you do like the direction of the discussion." With that bombshell she turned again and was skipping her way home.The next couple of nights I had some improper dreams and became worried I would mention Naomi's name during a dream. I don't think I did because my wife never mentioned it. Two weeks later my wife told me that two nephews of our kids would stay for the night and that she had forgotten she was on call for work and would not be home. She told me she had called Naomi to assist me, she hade made the guestroom for Naomi so she could help me with breakfast as well. I reddened, my wife misinterpreted that and told me not to worry cause Naomi would replace her very well. "I'm sure she will, dear" I answered.That evening Naomi came in at 5, she played with all 5 kids and gave me room to prepare the meal. When we were all finished, the kids wanted to fight me and they made a castle from the couch, some chairs and a blanket. Then they thought about a story where a beautiful princes was saved from a brutal king in a castle by a young handsome prince. Naomi had to be the beautiful princes, i told the kids that all Naomi needed was a crown since she was already beautiful. I immediatly received a big kiss for that remark. I became the roll of the brutal king, on which Naomi commented, I would like your father to be the brutal king. The 5 kids would together be the handsome prince. I had to look fearceful sitting upon Naomi and pinning her arms with mine. When I was in position, Naomi told the kids that they first could have a cookie from the jar in the kitchen and that we would remain in this position until they came back. "I will only take my sweater of because I'm hot she said" and that she did. For a minute or two I was sitting upon her, seeing her nipples through her shirt, not knowing what to do with my hands. Her hands rested on my legs close to my loins where her thumbs were casually caressing me. I felt too much blood going to my loins and my dick was growing, it found a position closer and closer to her right thumb. Than the kids came back, they wrestled me and rescued the beautiful princess. at 8 the kids were in bed, Naomi and I came down the stairs. We played some games at the table and after a while she wanted to watch a movie, so went to the couch. The movie was scary and she came closer and repeatedly she burried her face in my chest not to see a a scene. I put one hand around her shoulder, then she started to turn away from me, by her turning my hand slipped to her left breast and I lifted my hand. She asked: "please, don't let go, it's scary". I put my hand on her shoulder again and she started to turn again. With fascination I saw I started to hold a firm 18 year old breast. I massaged it very gently and she put her hand on my leg again. When she actually touched my dick, it was rock hard and I jumped."This is wrong, " I said "you need a boy your own age to gradually discover the fun of sexual attraction and I'm happily married. Sexually I passed second base already decades ago and I can not turn back."She said she had thought about that and that she was not prepared to fuck but since she really wanted me she would perform oral and manual sex and that she would be open to receive likewise. She looked in my eyes and started to unbutton my pants pulling me closer to the couch. I felt shaky and told her so. "You sit down on the couch then" she said and she kneeled in front of me. She pulled my boxershort down and kissed my dick. She looked at me and asked me for instructions since she wanted to do it right the first time. I gave her the list my turn-on's. 1) Give me the feeling that you really want it and that you enjoy it.2) Show me that you want me to have pleasure by looking at me and by reacting to my sounds and movements.3) A blowjob concerns not just the top of the dick, but all of it, the balls and all the surrounding areas.4) Warm me up with a striptease and give oral sex, just with your panties on.5) Give me a view of your breasts and when I try to reach them or your pussy, help me eagerly6) Show that you try to deepthroat me but don't overdo it. gagging does not work for me7) Swallow.I could have skipped all but no. 7, because I was so hot that I came immediately.
She swallowed and continued to work the list. So I had to ask her for a break. She lay down next to me, so I could carress her breasts. She got me a beer, took a sip and kissed me, letting the beer dribble into my mouth. After half an hour, she got down on her knees again, she remembered my list well and I was better prepared. She sucked my cock for half an hour and then I took her pony tail and started to face fuck her. Her eyes got wide so I stopped and asked her if she was OK. She said she was supprised by my force but that she wanted me to go on. So I put my cock back in her mouth, had both hands on her cute head and fucked her face good. After me coming and her swallowing, she thanked me, ..., she thanked me. An 18 year gorgeous looking girl thanked me for fucking her face.That night we slept both in the guestroom, I Iicked her pussy and watched her come and come again. She asked me to fuck her. When I declined she offered a try at her ass. I asked if she really wanted that. She said; no. I fell asleep while she was licking my balls after I came for the third time in her mouth that night. At six I went to my own bed and was awakened by my wife (returned from the hospital) and Naomi who had together prepared me a breakfast on bed."How did Naomi do" my wife asked and I told her she could help out a next time without a problem.

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