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Stoney Bdsm

Emily's Strange Tale

By Anon - Sep 27, 2004 - From bdsm- stories. BDSM stories - Views - 15134 A BDSM story - "What the fuck is this!" Abby screams slapping the girl's face again. "You let that PIG mark you!"
Emily used her hands to cover her face as she cried and begged. "Pleaseee! Abby Pleaseeee! I couldn't help it. He had me so excited that he was doing it before I realized it. Pleaseeee don't be upset. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
"Not as sorry as you're going to be. Now turn over!" Abby demanded sternly as she pulled at Emily's shoulder.
With Emily laying on her stomach crying into the pillow, Abby quickly reached under the corner of the bed and brought out a leather wrist cuff. The cuff was attached to the corner- post of the massive headboard of the bed. Taking Emily's right arm she pulled the girl's wrist to the cuff locking it. After cuffing the left wrist, she slapped Emily's ass with her open palm ordering her harshly. "Raise up you little nypho slut bitch. I want to put these pillows under you."
Emily used her knees and dutifully obeyed as she again pleaded "Pleassee darling don't. It won't happen again."
Abby stuffed the pillows under the sobbing girl's hips and stomach. Then she went to the foot of the bed where she spread the bound girl's legs wide apart before attaching cuffs to her ankles. She chuckled to herself as she stood and watched Emily clench her buttocks in a vain attempt to make her ass a smaller target.
Reaching down Abby opened a large antique oak trunk, rummaging around inside she pulled out a black razor strap. Letting the trunk lid slam shut she held the leather strip up with both hands.
Emily still crying and begging was peering over her shoulder trying to focus her tear filled eyes on what Abby had in her hands. There were things in that chest that she was deathly afraid to have applied to her body. Some of Abby's punishment and discipline toys could really hurt and do serious damage if applied to harshly. She knew Abby loved her and would never do anything to damage or permanently scar her. She was always fearful of being disfigure while being whipped, she couldn't help it. It was something that always flooded her mind just before a session began.
Abby raised the strap up to shoulder height then swung it downward with her right arm, it landed with a loud crack on Emily's right thigh.
Pain exploded inside the girl's head and she screamed out and jerked upward in her bonds.
In a flash Abby was around the bed and had her hand clamped over the girl's mouth. As she continued to struggle Abby calmly ask, "Do I have to gag you?" Emily frantically shook her head no. She hated gags, especially the one that was shaped like a man's penis. Their toy box only contained two of the devices. She remembered the day Abby brought it home.
Abby had purchased the cock gag as a joke telling her: "It's for those times when I miss and hit your delicious little puss instead of your inner thigh's. With this filling your sweet mouth the neighbors won't call the police, " she had laughed.
Making Emily hold and feel the hard black rubber device she continued.
"I don't think I'll have to use it often, darling. You should certainly know I seldom miss what I aim for. Besides I only punish and discipline you because I love you. By spanking and punishing you I show you how much I care about you. Now let's see how this black monster fits?"
Taking the gag she tapped Emily's pouting lips with it's fat black head. Playfully Abby commanded. "Open wide and I'll ease it in so that we can properly adjust the straps."
Closing her eyes, Emily's lips trembled and quivered. Meekly her sensuous lips slowly parted and she opens her mouth wide.
Abby smiles at her lover submission. Carefully she inserts the gag letting it slide along the girl's tongue making sure she does not choke. Giggling she request "Now say Ah for the nice lady doctor." Emi
ly is frozen with fear. Breathing heavily through her nose Emily she is relieved went the rubber head did not touch the back of her throat. At first she was apprehensive and almost panic stricken until she realized the shaft was not choking her. It merely fill her mouth and made speaking impossible.
Abby quickly tightened and adjusted the head straps then eased the saliva soaked phallus from her mouth. Seeing the fright in the girl's eyes she quickly kissed her saying. "This tiny black dick is a joke darling. The only thing I want to stuff down you throat is my tongue." She then French kiss Emily taking her breath away.
The penis gag had been in the chest with the rest of their toys ever since that day and was never mentioned again.
Emily was now terrified that Abby would choose the penis gag.
Keeping her hand in place Abby stared into the girl pleading blue eyes then spoke. "As you wish but if you scream too loudly I will silence you and double your punishment. You have been warned now! Do you want to reconsider the gag?"
Again Emily shook her head no. She did not want to be gagged nor did she want the neighbors or anyone to know that her lover was whipping her for letting a male put a hickey on her. It was humiliating and shameful enough that she submitted herself to Abby but to have someone know of her submission. It would be too much, she would just die of embarrassment, she thought. She told herself she would groan, beg and plead but not scream. She never wanted to have that black cock in her mouth again and a real flesh and blood penis was out the question. Abby could cut off her clitoris and sew up her slit but she would rather die than perform orally for a male.
Abby drew her tear soaked hand away cautiously expecting to hear more pleading. The young girl did not speak but a shudder passed down her body from head to toe. Abby traced her quivering lips with her finger tip then commanded. "Kiss the razor strap and ask me to give you the punishment that you deserve." Abby brought the three inch wide black strap to within an inch of Emily's still trembling lips.
Straining her neck forward Emily's lips touched the supple leather. Looking up at her lover she took a deep breath then spoke rapidly in one long breath. "I very humbly beg you pardon for allowing a male to mark me and I promise you....."
A pair of stinging slaps to the ass interrupted her: "That's not the only reason you're being disciplined. You were going to conceal your little passion mark from me. You purposely left that little episode out when you described how that man fucked you. Now begin again. Ask for forgiveness and your punishment like the good little girl I've trained you to be."
Chocking back her sobs Emily docilely resumed: "I beg your pardon for allowing a male to mark me and for not tell you and showing you immediately upon my return home... and ... and... I going to submit with gratitude and docility to the discipline which I justly deserve. Please darling punish me as severely as you think best. I pray that I learn from this correction. I will never try to conceal or hide anything from you ever again. Please punish me now!" Having uttered what she hoped was appropriate she burst out with a plea for mercy. "Oh, darling, take pity on me, don't be to severe .... I was going to show and tell you about the hickey, I swear."
Abby stood and picked up the strap lying next to the tear streaked face. Bending down she kiss Emily's damp cheek then moved down and brushed her lips over the twin hillock's of white flesh. The skin of Emily thigh was tinged a faint shade of pink from the earlier stroke of the strap. But the skin on her buttocks was a creamy snowy white and unblemished, the swats from her hand having already faded. To Abby, Emily was most appealing and sexy when she had tears in her eyes and welts on bottom.
Straighting up Abby could feel her nipples harden at the thoughts of what was about to happen. Her clit was tingling and her pussy lips were starting to swell and separate with her growing excitement. Soon those beautiful full buttocks would be bright red and burning with painful stripes and welts. As would be the backs of her thighs and especially the tender sensitive inner thighs. Emily would learn, you hide absolutely nothing!
Emily's bottom twitching in terrified anticipation of the first stroke of her whipping. She had secretly wished for this a few minutes ago but now that it was a reality it was a different matter. She told herself this is what she deserves and if she submitted it would prove her love for Abby and not a man.
Abby brought the strap down with considerable strength across the naked globes of Emily's delectable rounded butt. The lash marked the snowy white cheeks with a bright red splotch. Abby's clit grew as her slit started to glisten with her sweet nectar.
Emily mouth open wide but she suppressed her overwhelming desire to scream. Instead she arched up pulling at her bonds then flattened herself back to the bed and piteously groaned: "Ohhh it hurts so, pardon, pardon. I'll never do it again ... never again ... Ohh have mercy. ... Ouuuuuueeeee!!! Ouuuuuueeee Arrrrch Ohhh!"
Within minutes Emily's ass and thighs were fiery red and welts crisscrossed the once creamy smooth skin. Her ass was dancing all around as her hips weaved and gyrated in every direction her bonds would allow. Her face was now buried in the pillow and only the muffled shrieks of anguish and pleas for leniency could be heard above the sound of leather meeting naked flesh. Her buttocks would clench and unclench as the lashes landed.
Abby noticed that Emily's dainty pink pucker anus, open and closed with each spasm of pain. "Yes!!" Abby thought to herself "her bunghole is cute, quite pretty really and yet so dainty and small. Emily will definitely undergo Anal Training starting tomorrow she decided."
She could just picture Emily down on all fours, her thighs slightly spread and her hands holding her own ass cheeks widely apart. She would be obediently begging for anal intercourse from her Mistress. She remember seeing a rectal section in one of those porno shops on Second Avenue last month. If anyone would have the equipment for Emily's Anal Training, they would. She would go and see what they had.
As her pussy contracted and quivered with a mini orgasm she knew she wanted to feel Emily's lips and velvet tongue paying homage to own nether region again. The feeling of a tongue pushing past her sphincter and into her anal canal had been highly sensual and erotic.
The heat that the strap was producing in Emily's ass was affecting her tits and cunt. Her nipples were now erect, her pussy was flooded with her juices and her clitoris was ready to explode. Her internal muscles were contracting on the tampon deep inside her. It was if the tampon was a man's dick or the dildo that she and Abby loved to use on each other. She was on the verge of orgasm when Abby suddenly stopped whipping her. Squirming and wriggling around she tried desperately to achieve the climax she was so close too.
Abby also could tell that the girl was aroused sexually but she knew that if Emily orgasmed the lesson she wanted to convey could be lost in the ecstasy and bliss of cumming. Yes she would mark Emily but not with a hickey. She wanted her love to freely consent to wear her marks. Perhaps a tattoo or body piercing, she had seen pictures showing gold rings piercing nipples and vagina lips in magazines. But first pregnancy then even more intensive training for her lover. She now wanted their relationship to go far beyond just having Emily as her submissive lesbian mate. She wanted Emily to be her slave. A slave who would obey her every whim. It would take time. She knew that Emily was naturally submissive and already deeply in love with her. She wanted to test the girl's submissive limits and her own ability to total dominate someone. With the right approach and patience training Emily would eagerly obey any command no matter how shameful or humiliating it was. Her pregnancy would be the start of this new dimension for their relationship.
Bringing the strap down one last time Abby aimed between the jutting bottomcheeks for the pink-lipped orifice framed by the silken thatch of golden pubic hair. The last stroke was to be directly on Emily's pussy. That would show her to whom she belonged.
At having her pussy hit Emily was unable to control herself any longer. She shrieked and screamed at the top of her lungs while trying to break her restraining bonds. Intense shock register itself in her consciousness as she desperately tried to clamp her thighs shut as indescribable searing pain swept through her cunt. Weeping tearfully, Emily somehow found her voice and implored her lover. "NO! No! Not there! Pleaseeeeee ... Not My Puss ... I can't take it. Ohhhh! It HURTS! IT HURTS SO MUCH! ANYWHERE BUT THERE!"
Tossing the razor strap onto the closed chest Abby announced: "I'm going out! While I'm gone I want you to meditate on why you were whipped, I'll be back later to untie you. But first kiss my hand and thank me for taking the time and trouble to disciple you."
Sobbing uncontrollably, Emily repeatedly kissed the hand presented to her.
While the girl continued to sob and kiss her hand, Abby admonished her in a soft voice saying. "Hush! Hush now, it's all over. I forgive and pardon you. I know you want let it happen again. I love you my darling that why I punish you, because I love you. You love me to don't you?"
"YES! YES! Abby I do" she whimpered.
Abby gently kiss her forehead saying "That's why you submit to me isn't it my baby."
Emily could only nod her head as she continued to sob. Abby caressed and fondled the girl's silken tresses until she was could speak again. Sniffling Emily began to slowly mumbled. "I thank you for the trouble you have taken in whipping me." With tears trickling from her eyes again Emily sobbed out begging. "Darling don't go, I want to show you how much I love you. I will hide nothing from you ever again. PLEASEEEE STAY, I need you to hold me!"
Draping a blanket over the still bound and naked Emily, Abby put on a pair of jeans and a man's flannel shirt. Pulling on her suede boots, she went to the closet for her black leather coat. She stopped at the door and looked back at the softly sobbing figure on the bed. Turned off the lights she spoke softly saying. "I'll be back soon and we'll talk." A moment later the front door of the apartment could be heard closing.
Emily continued to cry softly in the darkened room after Abby left. Her ass and the backs of her thighs still radiating heat. It was a prickly burning heat that she wanted to sooth away with her hands. What bothered her the most was not the anguish she felt in her abused welted buttocks and thighs but her cunt. Her pussy throbbed with pain yet her clit was erect, still tingling with aroused excitement. She want to CUM; to reach a climax but how? She was still securely restrained. At first she frantically tried to stimulate herself to orgasm by grinding and rotating her pelvis and hips into the pillows stuffed beneath her. She tried rubbing her stiff nipples against the rough texture of the bed spread. She contracted her cunt muscles squeezing the tampon. Nothing seemed to working.
Frustrated at not achieving her goal of sexual release, Emily began to struggle against her bonds. She hoped to slip her hand from the cuffs which held her. Panting and exhausted she gave up trying to free herself. Slowly she resigned herself that she would not be permitted to reach an orgasm until Abby allowed it. She went limp sobbing and whimpering "Abby, Oh Abby my love, I wish you were here. I would show you how much I love you. I will do anything to prove my love, just ask and I will obey instantly without question. Anything darling! Anything at all, as long as you love me. I am yours Abby darling. I will be whatever you want me to be. I love you Abby. I love you, I DO! I DO!"
Abby was relieved when no cops pounced on her when she opened the apartment door to leave. She was frighted that one of the neighbors might have called the police, Emily last scream had been ear shattering.
She should have insisted on the gag but then she would not have heard the begging and pleading which she loved. The quiver in Emily's voice and her shrieks and pleas were music to her ears just like her tears were a joy to see. Disciplining and punishing the girl always aroused her and made her hot and horny. Knowing that she was the one who decorated that lovely body with stripes and welts inevitably made her nipples swell to hard little points and her pussy slick and wet with desire.
Shaking her head Abby mutter to herself. "Something has to be done." Slave Training Emily in the apartment could land her behind bars, and with the baby where would they put everything? Moving wouldn't fix the problem. There could be nosy inquisitive do-gooder neighbors who could report her to the authorities. Building or buying were the only solutions.
They could easily afford to build or buy a house. She had invested most of her salary and the income from her trust-fund. Her portfolio of stocks, bonds and securities was now worth in excess of three hundred and fifty thousand. Yes, buying a house would fit her plans perfectly.
A secluded house would give her the privacy and the room she would need for dominating her lover so com completely. A house with a large unfinished basement would be ideal. The basement could be made into an almost soundproof punishment-training chamber. It could be decorated and equipped with bondage and S/M paraphernalia. The instruments of pain and pleasure, Abby had always dreamed and fantasized of having and using on a willing slave.
The house could be an added reward for getting pregnant. She had already told Emily that she could quit her job as soon as a medical doctor pronounced her with child. Having her own home would make Emily deliriously happy and all the more enthusiastic and eager to bear her a child.
Starting the car Abby headed toward Second Avenue, if a man wanted to fuck her baby's ass before he impregnated her, so be it. She had taken Emily's maidenhead with her strap on dildo. Now she would be the one to take her little darling anal cherry too. The thoughts of her fucking that tight firm ass was making her panties moist. She could have kicked herself for not getting into this ass and anal stuff a lot sooner. It had just never occurred to her that buttock's and rectum's were such erogenous places. She could see all sort's of possibilities for her and Emily in this area for the future.
She would stretch and enlarge Emily nether hole over the coming days until she was at her next fertile peak. Then send her out again. This time ready for butt-fucking if necessary in order to get her pregnant and ready for enslavement into the world of Dominance and Submission.
She also wanted to see just how servile, humble and obedient Emily would become in regard to her pink pucker anus and bottom-cheeks. Their ass playing early made her realize just how sensitive her own ass was. She was not sure she wanted to be sodomized herself but it was something she might consider someday. If Emily could be made to commit this ultimate act of intimacy could she live out another fantasy and piss on her or better yet make the girl drink her urine? Abby didn't know if her dominate nature would allow her to go that far but she was optimistic and hopeful that she had what it would take.
Abby gripped the steering wheel tightly as she realized she was panting for breath and that her body had begun to shiver. Dropping a hand between her thighs she cupped her crotch and tried to massage and stroke her pulsating clitoris through her jeans and panties. The mere pressure of her fingers down there triggered her climax. She had cum just thinking of what she was going to do to Emily.

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