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Lily in the Big Easy

By Andrian - Jun 18, 2008 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 9640 I was in New Orleans on a business trip when I met Lily. I love New Orleans for its wild nightlife and this trip ranks among the best for me thanks to this sweet innocent lady and her open minded boyfriend. I dropped off my bags at the hotel and made my way down to the French Quarter where all the action is. It was just how I remembered, drunken women everywhere willing to show you their breasts for nothing more than a set of beads. I walked up and down Bourbon Street for a little while and watched the show so to speak. I then saw a seedy little strip club down one of little side streets and decided why not? After paying the doorman the ten dollar cover charge I went inside and saw a dark room with two stages and young naked women dancing on both. Quickly I took a seat and ordered myself a drink. Looking around the room I noticed there were a number of women, a few by themselves but some with their boyfriends or husbands I assumed. That’s when I spotted Lily.
I looked at her face and saw a shy young lady with a very sweet smile. She sipped her drink as her boyfriend watched the dancers. I could see his hand on her knee, moving up and down her thigh. I sat back and enjoyed the sights and consumed a few more beverages. I found myself watching this woman more than the dancers. I saw that her boyfriend was buying her a number of drinks and she was getting pretty loose. His hand moved higher up her leg and under her skirt. I waved down a waitress and ordered myself another drink and also two drinks for the couple that had my attention. They turned around and smiled when the drinks were placed at their table. They beckoned for me to join them, so I picked up my glass and went over.
When I sat down with the happy and very drunk couple, introductions were made and I found out their names were Mike and Lily. I told them my name was Jerry. We chatted casually for a while and we both were complimenting Lily on her looks and body. I commented on how she could easily be one of the dancers and by the look on Mike’s face he liked how that sounded. Lily blushed and thanked me and I told her I was serious. The conversation turned to Lily’s body and before long Mike and I had discussed her face, breasts, legs and butt. I kept ordering rounds for us all and the friendlier I became with Lily. It wasn’t long before she had confided that she did have a fantasy about being a stripper. I felt something stirring when she explained how she dreamed of dancing in front of a bunch of men and having them give her money to see more of her.
Another half hour passed when I decided it was time to make my move. After buying yet another round of drinks for us all I looked at Mike and then at Lily and asked if they wanted to make Lily’s fantasy a reality. Lily looked at me and didn’t answer. Her dark eyes were wide with surprise by my proposal. Mike sat quietly for a moment and then smiled at Lily. He nodded his head yes and told Lily it was up to her. I wasted no time and offered Lily a hundred dollars to go with me to the back room for a private dance. It was fun to watch her nervously look at Mike and talk to him if he really wouldn’t mind. Mike looked over at me and smiled. I stood up and took Lily’s hand and we made our way to the back for my special show.
We went inside and there were a number of private booths, some were empty but there were a couple occupied and more than just dancing going on. I sat back against the leather seat and watched as Lily started to dance in front me. Her hips swayed from side to side and her hands moved up and down her body pulling at her clothes teasingly. She pulled her blouse from her skirt and started to unbutton it. I could see her bra and her skirt was riding up her legs nicely. I could feel myself getting more excited as each moment passed and Lily was closer to showing me more of her body. She removed her blouse and let it drop to the floor. Her hands moved to her breasts and squeezed them. I wanted to squeeze them. Lily then removed her skirt for me and I saw her sexy panties. This young lady looked fantastic in her red bra and panties. Lily danced more for me, seductively and slowly. She sat in my lap and started grinding her butt into me. I knew she could feel my hardness as I couldn’t stop myself. She looked back at me over her shoulder and told me to undo her bra. My fingers reached for her bra and unclasped the hooks. With a big smile she stood in front of me and showed me her breasts. I could see Lily was excited too as her nipples were very hard and stood out. My eyes were fixed on her as she wiggled her ass in front me. The last article of clothing she had left on was her tiny red panties. Lily bent over and reached back slipping her fingers into her panties and slowly slid them down her legs to her ankles. She stepped out of them and then gave them to me to keep. She continued her dancing and I looked at her naked body intensely. I liked every part of her and wanted more from her now. I put a twenty dollar bill in my mouth and motioned for Lily to come and get it. She smiled and straddled me. I felt her ass pushing down on my hard on through my pants and could barely contain myself. Her breasts were just inches from my face as she leaned down and put her mouth to mine taking the money away. She stayed there and we both laughed. My hands moved to her hips and I held her. That’s when I made my next offer.
Lily looked into my eyes after hearing what I had to say and she asked if I was serious. I assured her I was and put the cash next to us on the seat. Lily looked at it and then at me and smiled. I knew what that meant and slid my hand up her back and pushed her forward so I could suck on her breasts. Lily moaned softly as I licked her nipple slowly before taking it into my mouth. I felt her hand move to my crotch and begin squeezing my hard cock through my pants. I cupped her breasts and pushed them together. She sat back and smiled as I massaged her breasts, they felt great in my hands. Lily unzipped my pants and reached inside. I smiled at her as she took my cock in her hand and pulled it out freeing it at last. Her eyes went down to my cock in her hand and she watched herself stroke it. As she played with my penis I removed my shirt and pushed my pants to the floor. She jerked me faster and I groaned as her fingers wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock. Lily moved down onto her knees in front of me and began kissing my cock. She licked around my swollen head hard before putting her mouth around it. I lifted my hips upward as Lily started bobbing up and down on me. She sucked on my cock hard. I brushed the hair from her face so I could my cock slipping between her soft lips. I wanted to see her sweet face with a dick in her mouth and it was almost more than I could handle. She pushed my cock to my stomach and licked from the tip all the way down to my balls. I moaned loudly as she took them in her mouth and stroked me at the same time. I could feel the need to cum starting to build already. Lily was giving me an amazing blow job. She took me all the way into her mouth again and sucked it wildly. Her own moans were getting louder as she slurped and sucked on me. I gripped her hair roughly as I felt myself tightening and then I released it into her mouth. I didn’t warn her, I just started to shoot my cum into her hungry mouth. Lily swallowed everything as my body jerked and I let it all go. She looked at me and into my eyes as she held my cock in her mouth. That was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She let my cock fall from her mouth and she smiled wickedly. Sweet and innocent Lily I thought to myself really wasn’t that sweet and innocent.
I stood Lily up. She bent over and put her hands on the seat as I knelt down behind her. I felt the backs of her thighs and then her nice ass. I kissed her thighs and licked my way to her pussy. I spread her cheeks with my hands and had a great look at Lily’s most private of parts. I licked her pussy once and her body jumped. I kissed her ass as I spread her cheeks farther apart. Gently I spread her labia and began licking her very wet pussy for the first time. She tasted so good. I pushed my face against her from behind as I tongued her sweetness. Her moans got louder and louder as licked her faster and squeezed her ass harder. She pushed her body back against my face and I pushed my tongue deeper. Everything was great from her taste to her smell. My cock had grown hard again as I made Lily cum. Her juices ran down my chin as I didn’t stop licking.
I got off my knees and stood behind a bent over Lily. I smiled as I looked at her ass and rubbed my cock to her soaked pussy. It felt amazing as I rubbed the head of my cock between her lips and pushed inside. I heard Lily gasp as I thrust into her and gripped her hips. I started to fuck her hard immediately. I had been waiting to do this to Lily all night and I couldn’t wait any longer. The sound of my body smacking against Lily’s could be heard across the room. Lily’s body shifted forward and her head banged against the back of the seat from the force of my fucking her. I didn’t care and kept pumping my cock into her pussy. It felt too good to stop. Lily stayed bent over for me as I continued working my cock in and out of her repeatedly. I reached up and took two handfuls of Lily’s dark hair and pulled on it as I fucked her. She groaned each time I drove my cock deep into her. I groaned loudly and told Lily I was going to cum. She looked back at me as I pulled out of her and stroked. Lily smiled as she felt my warm cum land on her ass and in the small of her back. She ran her hands back and rubbed it into her skin as I stepped back and looked at her.
Lily stood up and took the money I left on the seat, she started to gather her clothes when two men approached her and made her an offer. I smiled and told her to go. She went with the two men (turned out their names were Dave and Emery) and they quickly put her on her knees in front of them. She looked from side to side as they pulled their cocks out for her. Lily looked amazing on her knees in front of both of these men. She took them both in her hands and started to stroke, feeling them grow in her hands. Lily looked at Dave and kissed his hard cock as she stroked Emery’s big black cock. She took him in her mouth and started sucking on it. It slid deep into her throat as she closed her eyes and enjoyed this strange man’s cock. She lifted her mouth of his cock and took Emery in next. I watched closely as he held the back of her head and thrust his cock into her mouth. Lily alternated from sucking one cock to another and at one point rubbed them both against her cheeks. Emery sat down on the seat and Lily lowered herself onto his big hard cock. She groaned as she felt him sliding into her pussy. He was very big and Lily loved how he filled her up. Slowly she began bouncing up and down on Emery’s dick. He reached around and held onto her breasts as Dave stood in front of her and fed her his cock. I couldn’t believe this sweet girl I saw earlier in the night was now taking on two strange men. Lily sucked on Dave as best she could while Emery pumped his massive cock up into her pussy. The two men talked to each other about how hot Lily was as she sucked one and fucked the other. My eyes almost popped out of my head at what happened next. Lily turned around and lowered herself onto Emery again putting her breasts in his face for him to suck on. Emery pulled on her nipples with his teeth as she rode up and down on him. The site of Emery’s black cock thrusting up into her little pussy was making me crazy. That’s when it happened! Lily felt Dave’s hands on her hips and turned her head to see him. Emery stopped his hard pumping of Lily’s pussy as Dave rubbed his cock against her ass. She felt him push against her hole and cried out as he forced his cock inside. Slowly Dave went a little deeper into Lily’s ass as Emery’s cock was buried deep in her pussy. The two men both started to fuck her. She looked absolutely amazing with both of their cocks working in and out of her. Lily wrapped her arms around Emery’s neck and held on tightly as he and Dave both thrust into her in rhythm. Her moans were uncontrollable as two cocks moved inside her. I cheered them on as they slid in and out of her faster and with each thrust they rammed into her body harder. Soon Lily was being fucked roughly by them both and I watched as both their cocks worked like pistons in her pussy and ass. I could see Lily was having a major orgasm as her whole body shook and she let out a low guttural moan. The two men were grunting and groaning each time they pushed their cocks into Lily’s holes.
They put Lily back on her knees in front of them and stood stroking their cocks in front of her face. Lily opened her mouth and waited for them to cum. Dave was first to lose it as he stepped closer and squirted some cum into her open mouth. He pulled back and came across her chin and cheek. Emery held his big black cock just inches from her mouth as he unloaded on Lily covering her sweet face in his cum. It landed over her nose and on her forehead. He even stroked some into her hair. I sat smiling and clapping as Lily received a huge facial from these two men. She licked her lips and tasted them as she stayed knelt down before them.
After getting cleaned up I walked with Lily back out to her boyfriend Mike and he smiled as we sat down at the table. He asked how she was and I said she was fantastic but I would leave it to her to tell him the details. With that I left the happy couple and made my way back onto Bourbon Street for some more fun.

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