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Sherry Proves Herself Worthy

Sherry Proves Herself Worthy

By - Sep 14, 2004 - From erotic-stories- women. Stories for women - Views - 13171 My name is Jim. I just turned 35 a couple of months ago. I married my wife Sherry nine years ago. We have two children, a son eight years old and a little girl three years old. We have a good life but there have been some rough spots. My story is about the end of one of those rough times. About two years ago Sherry and I had a big fight. She was spending much of her time with the kids and seemed less interested in spending time with me. She got involved in the PTA when our boy started first grade. She also volunteered as a baby sitter three nights a week at church for single women who worked evening hours. I didn't see much of Sherry during that period. I confronted her about this and the fight started. Sherry defended her actions as being normal motherly activities. I told her that I was proud of what she did for the kids but that we didn't have much time together, especially 'bed' time. I also complained that she had let her appearance down. My wife had been a very attractive woman when we married. She was 22 at the time and looked as if she was right off the pages of Playboy magazine. With long natural blond hair, blue eyes, an angel face, smooth legs and a tiny waist, she got plenty of attention when she walked down the street. Seven years and two children later she had gained fifty pounds and would only wear baggy clothes. I struck a nerve when I complained about Sherry's looks. She started to cry, which was the last thing I wanted. I told her I was sorry to upset her, but that our situation upset me. She looked up at me, wiped her eyes and said she was sorry that she had not spent more time with me. She also said she would start on a diet and exercise program the very next day. Our relationship improved over the next year. Sherry managed to lose all the excess weight and through exercising had toned her body. She looked better now than when I married her. As an unexpected bonus, Sherry retained most of the increased breast size that had developed through her two pregnancies. They were very soft and drooped only slightly, proving that they were real. She measured 35D-22-35. I know because I measured myself. Her bras indicated D-cup but her large breasts always seemed to strain the material. I suspected her size was somewhere between D-cup and DD-cup. To celebrate Sherry's new look and her upcoming thirtieth birthday, I booked a vacation for the two of us to Las Vegas. My folks watched the kids while we were away. The trip got off to a great start. We gambled, ate and saw a show the first day. Sherry wore this short mini-dress she had bought for the trip. It was not the type of thing she usually wore. Being a conservative girl, she shied away from sexy clothes, but the sales lady convinced her that with a figure like hers she should show it off. The dress was white and very tight. The hem line fell half way between her knees and hips. Sherry had to be careful when bending over or she would reveal the high cut lace underwear I bought her. She wore a matching bra, cut low so that it would not cover up what the top of the mini-dress revealed. The site of a woman with long blond hair and blue eyes, a small waist, long legs and large breasts is very impressive. She finished off the look with a pair of white high heel shoes with spiked heels five inches long. Many necks twisted that day to get a look at my wife. The attention Sherry received embarrassed her at first, but she began to like it as the day wore on. I could tell that 'bed' time would be great that evening. After the show, we returned to our hotel and took a leisurely stroll out by the pool. The cool evening breeze felt good. We found a secluded little cove in a garden by the pool. I took Sherry in my arms and kissed her gently. I was surprised at my wife's reaction. She returned my kiss with more passion than she had in a long time. Evidently, the attention that Sherry had received that day had put her in a frisky mood. I felt her tongue slip between my lips and heard her heavy breathing. When our kiss finally broke, Sherry whispered, "I want you so bad, Jim." I replied, "I want you too, honey." She teased, "You think we could do it right here?" I was surprised that my wife would suggest such a thing. My answer was action. I backed Sherry against a wall as I nibbled her neck and shoulder. Before I could make a move, Sherry raised one leg and rested her five inch heel on an adjacent bench. Her skirt inched up her leg until the thin crotch of her panties was visible in the dim lighting. The very brief, high cut panties that Sherry wore, barely covered her pussy. To wear this style of panties, Sherry had to trim her pubic hair for the first time. I was glad that I had ask her to wear this style. It was easy to move her panties aside and expose her pussy. I fingered her slit causing an involuntary moan to escape her throat. Sherry's head was back against the wall her eyes closed. I looked around to see if anyone could see us. No one could see us in our secluded spot. I looked back at my beautiful and sexy wife. She was lost in lust as my fingers stoked her dripping pussy. She moaned, "Do me Jim." She was hotter than I had ever seen her before. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock. I replaced my fingers with the head of my cock. I rubbed it all over Sherry's opening teasing her into a sexual frenzy. She said in a breathy whisper, "Please fuck me, honey, please." It was the first time that I had ever heard her use that language. Sherry was definitely the hottest she had ever been. I was horny, too. I couldn't tease Sherry any more. I had to feel the inside of her drenched pussy. I pushed the head of my cock into her tight hole causing the quivering Sherry to jerk and squeak. Slowly I buried my shaft inside her until my wild pubic hair caressed her neatly trimmed pubic patch. I pulled out again but before I could shove it in hard I heard voices. Sherry heard them as well. Quickly, I pulled out of Sherry's very unsatisfied pussy and painfully crammed my hard cock back in my pants. Sherry dropped her leg and smoothed down her skirt. Just as we were presentable again a young couple walked into the cove. They were a little surprised to see us there. I suspected that they were here for the same reason that Sherry and I were. The young lady was very beautiful. She was a few years younger than my Sherry and had a very lovely face. She was no match for Sherry's curves, however. She was sexy in her tight dress, however. Sherry leaned into me and said, "Lets go to the room and finish what we started." As much as I wanted to make love to my horny wife I decided to draw things out a bit. I suggested that first we go to the bar for a nightcap. Sherry reluctantly agreed. We talked about the day and laughed and carried on as we sipped our wine. The sexual tension continued to build. I was very proud of Sherry and felt lucky to be by her side. They say at age thirty women are perhaps older but definitely better. This described Sherry perfectly. I asked Jill our waitress for the check and she promptly handed it to me. We chatted for a moment and Jill asked us if we were in town on business or pleasure. I couldn't resist kidding Sherry about her milestone birthday. I told Jill that we were celebrating Sherry's thirtieth birthday and that she was now over the hill. Sherry looked at me as if I had shot the dog. Jill excused herself with an embarrassed look. Sherry was very annoyed with me. I was surprised at how sensitive she was about her age and appearance. She reminded me of all the looks she had gotten that day. I confessed that she was right and that I was joking. I told her she was better looking now than she was ten years before when we were dating. She doubted my sincerity. She brought up the fact that I had gawked at the young lady out in the garden. She accused me of thinking that she was now too old to be attractive to men. Sherry was really getting pissed. It may have been all the wine she had consumed, I don't know, but she started talking about proving that she was still desirable. It was getting late. I told her lets go to the room and I would prove to her how attractive she was. She said compliments from her husband didn't count. She started walking back toward the bar, muttering something about proving that she could still pass for twenty. I ask her where she was going. She told me she would prove to me that she was still desirable by getting the attention of the first man she saw. I told her that she didn't have to do that. She said it was a matter of pride. I through up my hands and followed her as she entered the pool area next to the bar. She turned around and whispered to me that she heard somebody out by the pool. Sherry headed that way with me behind her. She rounded a corner and stopped, then turned around and bumped into me as I tried to see what was around the corner. She said she couldn't do it. I asked what was wrong. She said there was more than one man in the Jacuzzi and that they were all black. I should have told her to forget it and lets go to the room, but I chuckled and told her that she was a chicken. Sherry's apprehension dried up with my words. She told me to watch, turned around and headed for the Jacuzzi. I scolded myself then peered around the corner after her. Now, Sherry is not a prejudiced woman, but I think a group of black men was the last thing she expected. She probably figured she would find some married middle aged bald man with a pot belly. She would walk by and easily draw his attention, then leave. However, after my stupid challenge, she slowly walked by the Jacuzzi filled with four of the biggest black men I had ever seen, except at a football game. Immediately, the men hooted and whistled. Sherry stopped and turned toward the men who were looking at her with hungry eyes. She asked the men if they liked what they saw. They hooted and barked some more and one said that she was the best thing he had seen all year. Sherry seemed to get bolder the more they flattered her. Here was my shy, precious Sherry talking to these men as though she were the world's biggest flirt. Suddenly, Sherry dropped her purse on the ground and rather than stoop down to pick it up, she turned and bent at the waist to get it. This caused her skirt to ride up and expose her ass cheeks and the thin strip of her panties that had ridden up her crack. It was fortunate for Sherry that it was late and no one else was around. Sherry's little show caused the hoots to increase. She peered around at the men while still bent over and smiled. It was all her dress could do to keep her breasts from popping out. The guys got an eye full of cleavage and fell over in the water. At this point I figured Sherry would leave and go to the room, however, one guy invited her to join them in the Jacuzzi. Sherry told them that she couldn't do that because it would ruin here dress. The men said "Ah" in unison, clearly disappointed. Sherry just pouted making her more desirable. Then one man said "Why don't you take your dress off? I don't see anybody else around." Sherry put an index finger to her mouth as if thinking if she should or not. I was sure she would leave then, but to my astonishment she reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt. A new round of cat calls began as Sherry slowly lifted her dress, lingering over every inch of her newly exposed legs. The guys piped down and their eyes got bigger as she approached the 'V' between her legs. I figured that surely she would stop now and leave. To my amazement she reached her panties and kept on going. Sherry continued to raise her dress above her waist and to her breasts. She struggled a bit with getting the dress over her breasts. She finally went at it the other way, taking the straps off her shoulders and pushing the material over her bra, causing her breasts to jiggled in her bra. She continued pushing the gathered up dress down over her waist and hips and finally to the ground around her high heel shoes. Her face had a sexy look to it as she stepped out of her dress and stood there with her legs about two feet apart. The hoots built up again, encouraging Sherry to jump in. A smile came to her face as she slowly stepped out of her high heels and into the Jacuzzi. The men made as much room as they could, however, the Jacuzzi was rather cramped and Sherry had to sit on one fellow's lap. As Sherry's bra and panties got wet they became almost transparent. Here was my beautiful wife, essentially naked, sitting with four huge black men in a Jacuzzi. Her small, slight figure set next to four muscular men and her milky white skin and blond hair contrasted against their dark black skin and hair, was an amazing site. I suddenly ask myself why I had not put a stop to this. I realized then how excited and turned on I was to see my wife in this situation. Besides, as shocked as I was, I figured that she would soon get out of the Jacuzzi and head for the room. For the next few minutes they talked and laughed and the men gawked at my wife's body. Occasionally, one of the men would rub Sherry's breasts and she didn't seem to mind. She managed to move from lap to lap. Finally, as I expected, Sherry got out of the Jacuzzi, dried off with a towel belonging to one of the guys and began to dress. The men soon afterwards got out and dried off. Sherry was having a lot of trouble getting the dress on over her wet underwear. One fellow helped Sherry by tugging on the dress to get it into place. I could now hear their conversation better. She was telling one of the guys about some wine she had back at her room. I suddenly realized that she had invited one and maybe all of these guys to our room. Sure enough, they all followed my wife as she walked, swiveling her hips, to our room. As Sherry walked my way, I moved behind a snack machine to avoid being seen. She glanced my way briefly as she glided past. The four black studs didn't notice when she gave me a look that said, "I told you so!" Sherry was some sight. Her skirt had a wet spot at the crotch that looked as though she had wet herself. Her dark nipples were visible through the wet material of her bra and dress. It hadn't taken long for the wet bra and panties to soak through the white dress rendering it nearly transparent. Sherry didn't seem to mind at all. She smiled at the stud who held the door open for her. His eyes locked on Sherry's substantial cleavage. She, at the same time, noticed the sizable tent growing in his swim trunks. A tent started growing in my pants when she involuntarily licked her lips. They went down the hall to our room that was on the ground floor near a small court yard. The room had a patio on the court yard and I headed for it. When first arriving at the hotel, I had closed the curtains. Unfortunately, I couldn't get them com completely shut. I was now grateful for the crack that gave me full view of our room. I had just settled into the deck chair when the light went on in the room and in walked Sherry and her four new friends. I was thankful for the cheap construction of the room that allowed me to hear the conversation inside. Sherry pitched her purse and keys on the dresser and stretched her arms high in the air. I knew she was tense because she always stretches like that when she's tense. I figured she was beginning to get uptight and would soon ask these guys to leave, after successfully proving her point to me. After a time, one of the guys said, "You promised us some wine, Baby." She smiled and said, "I am so sorry. I did promise you some wine." She pulled the wine out of the ice bucket that we set up earlier and poured five glasses of wine. Sherry apologized for the plastic hotel glasses but these guys didn't care. I suspected they were hoping that Sherry would get a little tipsy from the wine. Little did they know that she had already had several glasses of wine at the bar and that wine affects her quickly because she does not drink often. She was also hot from our interrupted session in the garden. One of the men, who answered to Sly, turned on the boom box that he brought along. It played an upbeat tune. Another man whom they called Hose said, "They were playing that tune at the club tonight." Sherry asked, "What club is that?" Hose answered, "Ecstasy! Its a gentlemen's club." "Only men are allowed?" Sherry asked. "Naw, " Hose said, "its a club where women dance on stage." "Ohhh, " Sherry said with a nervous smile. The one called Nick said, "There weren't any women as hot as you, Sherry, dancing at that place." Sherry blushed and said, "You really think I'm attractive?". The forth guy called Bull piped up, "Like I told you outside, Baby, you're the best thing I've seen all year." A mischievous smile played across Sherry's face. Sly looked at Sherry and said, "I bet you could dance better than any of those Babes at the club." Sherry shook here head and said, "I've never done that type of dancing before. Hose said, "Aw Baby, you're built for that type of dancing!". Sherry looked apprehensive and said, "I don't know." "Aw, come on baby, " begged Nick. The others added their encouragement as well. Finally Sherry downed another glass of wine and said, "OK guys. But, you let me know when I do it wrong." Sly turned up the music and Sherry stood up. She started to sway back and forth, swiveling her hips in rhythm to the music. The guys start to ooh and ahh as Sherry bumps and grinds. She had never done that sort of thing in all our years together, but now she was dancing like a pro. "Turn around, Baby, and show us your butt, " ordered Nick. Sherry smiled and complied, grinding the whole time. Hose said, "Bend over and stick that butt out, " and Sherry complied. She was obviously getting into this. She turned back around and began to notice the tents again growing in the guys swimming trunks. She smiled deviously. Bull yelled out, "Its time to start taking it off." Sherry shook here head with a pout and crossed her arms over her breasts. The guy's faces looked disappointed. Sherry then smile again and lightly flicked one strap of her shoulder. They were all smiles again as she slowly pulled her dress over her bra. Her bra filled breasts bounced as Sherry freed them from the tightness of her dress. Sherry continued slowly past her waist and over her hips. Finally, she dropped the dress and kicked it aside to the whistles and cat calls of the four black studs. I had the feeling now that this was not the end of her show and I was right. To my amazement she reached behind and unhooked her 36D bra and as she swayed slowly released her massive tits to the pleasure of all assembled. She then teased the men by grabbing the waist band of her panties on both sides and pulling up and down to the beat of the music. The studs yelled, "Take it off! Take it off!" Sherry shook her head and said, "No" as if scolding our baby daughter. She smiled again and turned around so that her back was facing the studs. Sherry slowly lowered her last stitch of clothing except for her high heel shoes. She then swayed over to the bed and, in a sexy way that I had never seen before, crawled on the king size bed on her side and raised one leg straight up. This revealed her blond pussy in all its glory. The studs started to drool. Sherry lowered her leg and said in a sexy voice, "Now its your turn." These guys didn't need to be told twice. They were out of their clothes in no time. Sherry looked from one stud to the next. Her mouth was wide open as she looked at the black dick meat in front of her. She said, "Now I know what they say about black men is true and now I know why the call you Hose. How big is that thing?" Hose proudly confirmed, "14 inches long and 7 inches around when hard, Baby." Sherry said, "You mean its not full grown yet?" Hose chuckled and said, "Not yet baby. It's about half way there.". Sherry swallowed hard. Not a one of these guys had a dick less than 10 inches long. As they looked at Sherry lying there with those long legs, slender waist, huge tits, blue eyes and long blond hair, these guys obviously figured Sherry for a horny slut. In contrast, Sherry just wanted to prove to me that other men find her attractive. The fact is, however, that a naked, voluptuous white woman lying seductively in front of four black men fisting their cocks, had gone way beyond what Sherry had wanted to prove. It was impossible to tell what was going on in Sherry's mind. These guys obviously wanted to put their tools to work. I don't understand why Sherry didn't realize that she was to be the job site. This was not going to be a simple game of doctor. The boys had been stroking their big dicks and they were rock hard. Sherry unconsciously licked her lips and asked Nick in here tiny voice, "Can I touch it?" He quickly moved forward so that she could reach it. She touched the end and said, "Its so soft and its so black." Compared to her milky white skin the contrast was fascinating. Sherry sat up to get a closer look. She then did what I suspected this was leading up to all along, but still could not believe. Sherry slowly put her mouth around this 12 inch wonder and slowly bobbed her head up and down. She licked every inch of that tool. She even lifted the dick up and licked his plum size balls. I couldn't believe that she was voluntarily sucking this guys dick. I have always had to beg her for a blow job. Imagine my shock when she smiled seductively and said, "So this is what crawled inside me in the Jacuzzi. It was so frustrating when you pulled it out of me." Nick smiled and said, "Just teasing, baby. I was hoping you would want to continue in a more private place." I realized then that I had made a huge mistake when I didn't take Sherry back to our room after we were interrupted in the garden. She had been hot enough to let anyone fuck her. This black man had been conveniently able to do so when she was on his lap in the Jacuzzi. I guess Sherry decided that if I wouldn't take her to the room and make love to her when she wanted it then she would find someone who would. The teasing I gave her about her age just pushed her over the edge. Nick started to tease her by pulling away from her. She tried to get her mouth around it again but he just slapped her face with his dick. After a few seconds of this she leaned back on her elbows with a pouting look on her face. Nick began to slap his rod against her leg causing Sherry to spread her legs in front of him. I could tell that she was getting worked up. She began to whimper and said, "Please.. Please.. Please." Nick asked, "Please what, Baby?" Sherry innocently looked up at Nick with those big blue eyes and said pouting, "Please, put it in me." Nick said, "What Baby?" Sherry again said, "Please Nick, put your big dick inside me." Nick teased her back by saying, "Put it where, Baby?". Sherry reached between her legs and pulled apart her pussy lips. Nick said, "Ah, the bitch wants me to fuck her." The other studs, still stroking the dicks, encouraged Nick to fuck Sherry. I watched as my wife of many years took the 12 inch black dick of this stranger into her pussy for the second time. At first, Nick pushed his cock in slowly. A piece of meat this big was a first for Sherry. My wife rewarded Nick with a gushing of pussy juice as she came for the first time. She shook and moaned for about 20 seconds, while Nick started increasing the pace. After her orgasm Sherry began to meet his thrusts with her own. She was breathing hard and whimpers would occasionally escape her throat as they picked up the pace. Nick leaned over on top of her and began kissing her tits. He worked his way up to her face and began kissing her mouth. She accepted Nicks tongue into her mouth and she reciprocated. As their lips broke free, Sherry moaned, "Please don't come inside me." Nick said forcefully, "Bitch, I never spill a drop of my juice. If I don't cum in your pussy, then it will have to be in your mouth." Sherry agreed without protest. I couldn't believe it. She flatly refused to eat my cum in all our years of marriage and now she eagerly agreed to do that for this black dude. Nick started making noises like he was about to cum. He got off Sherry and moved around to her head. She quickly raised her head and put her mouth over his dick. Nick growled, "Take that load, bitch!". I could tell Nick was shooting a lot because Sherry kept swallowing and swallowing. Little streams of cum managed to escape her lips and run down her chin and onto her big tits. Finally he had run dry. You wouldn't know it from Sherry. She kept sucking and licking that dick, trying to get every drop into her mouth. She even scraped the cum off her tits with her finger and put it into her mouth with a big smile. When she finished, she said, "I never knew how good cum tasted." I groaned and said to myself, "Now you tell me." Now that the fuck was over, Sherry had time to realize what she had just done. Her face showed a trace of guilt. Before she could say or do anything, Hose walked over to the bed and stuck his massive dong in Sherry's mouth. "Now its time for a little stretching, " announced Hose, and he did not mean muscles. I suspected he meant my wife's mouth and pussy. While Hose tried to feed his meat into Sherry's mouth, Bull moved in on her pussy. He began licking her clit with his very long tongue. Sly was licking Sherry's swollen tits and Nick was resting from round one with Sherry. Round two found Hose stretching Sherry's mouth to its limits. At first only the head would fit. Bull's work on Sherry's pussy made her forget her feelings of guilt. The look on her face displayed renewed lust and the whimpers returned. She began working on Hose's fat dick as if it was her sole purpose in life. With effort, Sherry began to get more of the tool into her mouth. When Nick got his blow job she was more delicate and only took the first few inches into her mouth. Now she seemed determined to get as much of Hose into her mouth as she could. Finally, Sherry was only able to get about five inches of that monster down. Hose was not satisfied, however. He ordered, "I want this meat in your throat, bitch!" I figured there was no way. It was physically impossible. Besides, Sherry had tried on my meager seven inch dick and had always gagged and choked. Regardless, my wife kept trying to get more of that huge thing in her mouth. After trying different angles and positions, I noticed that less of Hose's dick was visible and that Sherry had managed to get two more inches in. Hose would withdraw, then push back in. Each time Hose pushed in a bulge would appear below Sherry's chin. With each thrust more cock would go in and the bulge in her throat would get bigger. I would estimate that either Hose's dick was compressing or that she now was taking 10 inches with each thrust. Sherry now leaned over more on her stomach so that she could get the rest down her throat. Hose's stroke now appeared to be effortless as Sherry continually took more and more of that dick. Hose wasn't shrinking either. He was obviously rock hard. Finally, she had done it. Her cute little pug nose had reached Hose's pubic hair and her chin was bouncing against his balls. It must have taken a great deal of concentration to take that huge 14 inch dick down her throat but it now appeared to be effortless for both of them. Now as Sherry moved in on Hose, she would stop and linger with his dick in her throat. While impaled on his rod, she looked up into Hose's eyes with her baby blues and I knew she was smiling. Her mouth was too full to smile but I could see it in her eyes. She was obviously proud of her accomplishment. After lingering for a few seconds she would withdraw to catch her breath, then go down on his monster again. She looked as though she could continue all night. Finally, Hose pulled out of her mouth and said, "You suck great you nasty slut, but I want another hole." While the fantastic blow job was going on, both Bull and Sly had continued their respective jobs of pussy licking and tit licking. If Sherry had any second thoughts about what she was doing, then they had gone. She now seemed determined to be as Hose had said, "A nasty slut." "You are a bad girl, aren't you, " asked Hose? Sherry grinned and answered in a wispy voice, "I am a bad girl and I love it." "Yea, " said Hose. "You are a nasty slut, aren't you?" Sherry got the most sexy, lusty look on her face and breathed, "I am a nasty slut. I want you black studs to do as many nasty things to me as you can." Now, Hose wanted her pussy. Bull and Sly moved aside as Hose grabbed Sherry and pulled her around so that his dick lined up with her pussy. Sherry looked eager to get those 14 inches in her hole. "Put that nasty thing in my nasty hole, " Sherry demanded. Hose followed Sherry's orders after she had lubricated his pole with her tongue. Hose inched his massive member into her cunt. She grimaced a little as his dick penetrated her, but Sherry's pussy was more flexible than her mouth. Soon, Hose had twelve inches in her cunt and had bottomed out. He eased back out and Sherry exhaled and relaxed. He impaled her again more quickly. Hose gradually increased his strokes until he was pounding Sherry's hole so fast that his black cock became a blur. Sherry's usual whimpers increased to shrieks during the pounding with three notable interruptions when she tensed and had an orgasm. This went on for about ten minutes as Hose's buddies, and I out on the patio, stared dumbfounded. I was awestruck at the pounding Hose delivered to Sherry. Toward the end of this spectacle Sherry started saying filthy things like, "Fuck me harder you bastard! Pound that big dick into my pussy." This only served to urge Hose on. The amazing thing was the staying power Hose had. Finally, Hose slowed down to rest as Sherry had her third orgasm. "Why are you stopping?" Sherry complained. "It feels so goooood having your huge prick pounding my little cunt." After catching his breath, Hose said, "You nasty slut. You just can't get enough." Sherry moaned, "Ooooh, just give me your big hose, Hose." Hose replied, "I'll give you my hose bitch. I'm gonna do your ass." Now I figured this would bring her back to reality. Sherry has always considered anal sex to be a sin. She flatly refused to ever consider the possibility. It was a measure of how 'in lust' Sherry was with Hose's hose that she cooed, "Ooooh. Yes. Fuck my asshole." Hose reached down and roughly grabbed Sherry's head and pulled her up to his dick. He ordered, "Slick this dick you nasty whore." She eagerly complied, picking up where she left off earlier. This time it took only two or three strokes to get Hose's meat com completely down her throat. After a minute he pulled her off and pushed her down on the bed. "Turn over and get on your hands and knees like a dog, bitch, " Hose commanded. He wet his finger and slowly stuck it into Sherry's asshole. After moving it in and out for a moment, he eased another finger in and then another. Sherry just moaned in anticipation. Now that she was ready, Hose put the head of his cock against her asshole and pushed slowly. Sherry's moans got louder and she begged, "Go Slooow." With a pop Hose's big dick slid in. After the first few inches the going was easy. Sherry had relaxed and was able to take about 10 inches of his meat. It was truly amazing to see that huge rough black man push his huge fuck stick into the tiny butthole of my precious milky white wife. Hose now picked up the pace of his thrusts and Sherry began to rock back to meet his thrusts. Sherry began to say, "Fuck my ass harder, you nasty black stud!" With that, Hose started his pump jack going as before. It was just a blur. Immediately Sherry had an orgasm that lasted about twenty seconds. Once the orgasm had passed she began bucking against Hose again. This caused her blond hair to fly around wildly and her huge tits to bounce in all directions. Sherry turned her head back and looked at Hose as he pounded her. Those baby blues show the most intense lust I had ever seen. She looked as though she would do anything for this man, an attitude that was about to be put to the test. Hose started to growl and it was apparent that he was about to cum. He looked into Sherry's blue eyes and said rather calmly, "Come get your dinner, slut." Sherry quickly turned around and Hose shoved the massive dong, that had just seconds before been pounding her ass, into her waiting mouth. Now this was nassssty. She swallowed about 6 inches before Hose bucked wildly. This dislodged his cock from Sherry's mouth momentarily. At that moment a big glob of the whitest cum squirted into Sherry's mouth. She quickly tried to recover but Hose had stored up too much cum. She swallowed about half of the stuff but the rest dribbled out the cracks between Hose's cock and Sherry's lips. It dripped onto her tit and collected there until there was too much. It then dripped off her big nipple into her pubic hair and onto her clit. Once Hose had dried up, Sherry proceeded to clean every inch of Hose's cock. When she finished it was spotless. She then grabbed her tit and licked the cum off it. Sherry then reached down with a finger and picked up the spot of cum that had come to rest on her clit, opened her cunt with her other hand and shoved the white pearl as far up her pussy as she could reach. She withdrew the finger from her depths and put it in her mouth, smiling sexily. She simply said in a breathy voice, "Tastes gooood." Every one watching, including me, finally started breathing again. Sherry then looked mischievously at Sly and cooed, "I want your dick in my pussy." Sly answered, "Sure thing baby, but first I need some protection." Sherry looked confused as Sly fished around in his wallet and pulled out a condom. He boasted, "I'm not putting my meat in a nasty whore without the glove." I was pissed. How dare this asshole put my otherwise pure precious Sherry down like that. Before I could get up the nerve to crash this gang bang, I heard Sherry say, "Fuck me any way you want, Sly." Sly opened the condom, handed it to Sherry and said, "Put the glove in your mouth and roll it on with your lips." Sherry examined the rubber, noting which way it rolled, and put it in her mouth. Sly got on the bed and Sherry leaned over him and took his cock in her mouth. After deep throating Hose, Sly was no challenge. She placed her mouth around Sly's pole and slowly impaled herself on it until her nose was touching his balls. She slowly withdrew, exposing an electric green colored condom. She did this with such skill that I began to wonder if she had done it before. Sherry had never put a condom on me. To my knowledge, I was her only lover until tonight. Sherry then wheeled here leg around and over the top of Sly's cock. She then lowered her cunt onto the green pogo stick and began to ride. For a while Sherry bobbed up and down on his dick. Occasionally, she would rise up and Sly wound rapidly piston her pussy as she held still. It was one of these episodes that brought on another of Sherry's orgasms. She shook for about 15 seconds and then started gasping for breath. It has always been a pleasure to watch Sherry cum. When Sherry's orgasm was over, she continued the up and down motion. Her tits bounced in all directions, when Sly wasn't mashing them with his big hands or sucking the big nipples red. After ten minutes they changed places. Sly rammed that green thing into Sherry's cunt at a blinding place, producing another orgasm for her. Finally, Sly started bucking wildly, then shoved one last time, lifting Sherry's butt off the bed. He had emptied himself. All during the fuck he had never kissed Sherry. He obviously considered her nothing more than a hole to stick his cock in, protected of course. After resting Sly withdrew his green poker from Sherry's pussy. The condom had stayed firmly in place on his dick all during the pounding, but now there was a blob of an electric green substance occupying about a full inch and a half at the tip. When Sherry saw this her blue eyes lit up and she begged, "Give it to me, Sly." Sly replied, "Take it bitch." Sherry eagerly reached down and carefully extracted the rubber from Sly's cock, careful not to spill any of the precious liquid. She then tilted her head back, her long hair touching her shapely ass, put the opening of the condom in her mouth and up ended the thing. That cum must have been trapped inside Sly for a long time judging by its thick consistency. It slowly traveled from one end of the condom until it disappeared into Sherry's mouth. She removed the condom then stuck out her tongue to reveal a bright white puddle of jism filling more than half of her mouth. Sherry narrowed her mouth a little causing a couple of tablespoons of goo to flow out of her mouth, down her chin and onto one of her big tits. She then swished the remaining nectar around in her mouth savoring its taste. Finally, she swallowed three times to force all the cum into her belly. She then scraped the thick pearls off her tit with her finger and put it into her mouth. Sherry turned her attention back to the rubber, turning the thing inside out and putting the whole thing in her mouth. When she pulled it back out, it was free of Sly's seed. She looked up, showed her angel smile and breathed, "I love cum." "Sly, can I lick what's left on your cock?" Sly hesitated then said, "OK." I suspect he granted her this privilege base on that awesome performance with the rubber. She stuck her tongue in his pee hole to get any residual cum then took the entire shaft into her mouth, all ten inches, and when she withdrew Sly's rod was squeaky clean. Sherry now turned her attention to Bull. He was sitting in the overstuffed chair next to the bed fisting his cock and watching the show. Sherry crawled off the bed, walked over to Bull and said in a sexy voice, "Bull, its your turn. I want you to fill me with your fat cock. Then, I want to taste your cum." She sat on Bull's lap, his cock popping up between her legs. Sherry grabbed Bull's dick and rubbed it against her clit as she ran her other hand across his chest, up the side of his face and through his wiry hair. Sherry leaned over, opened her mouth, pushed her tongue through her lips and used it to pry open Bull's thick lips. His lips opened easily and that long tongue that Bull had used on Sherry's pussy found her tongue as their mouths closed over one another. When they finally parted, it appeared that Bull's tongue had been deep in Sherry's mouth. Sherry said in her tiny voice, "Please Bull. Put your big black cock inside me." Bull grabbed Sherry's tiny waist and without much effort, picked her up while she guided his cock to her opening. He then pulled her onto his 12 inch pole. Sherry got a chill as the friction stimulated her clit. Bull raised Sherry up then plunge her down. Sherry's juices began to flow lubricating Bull's piston. They went on like this for about five minutes when Sherry had her first orgasm with Bull. Bull slowed his pounding and said, "I want your ass baby." Sherry got that lusty look and said, "OK Bull. I want you in my ass." Bull picked Sherry up as he stood with his cock still buried in her cunt. Her feet never touched the ground as he placed her, doggy style, on the bed. Hose had been on the bed while Sherry fucked Bull. Hose backed up so that Bull and Sherry would have room. Bull stroked Sherry's pussy with his dick a couple of times to get lubricated, then pulled out his 12 inches and pushed it into Sherry's ass. It went in easily, Sherry's asshole having been trailblazed by Hose. He began pumping her ass picking up speed as he went, while Sherry moaned and shrieked. Hose, evidently tired of the noise Sherry was making, rose to his knees and stuffed her face with his cock. Sherry was now getting it from two sides. Bull was burying 12 inches in Sherry's ass while Hose was feeding 14 inches down her throat. They got into a rhythm where they both pulled out at the same time, then both rammed her from each end. Sherry's chin and pussy were simultaneously slapped by two sets of plum size balls. Sherry's muffled moans were still heard despite the face pounding she was taking, although not as loud as before Hose's cock invaded her throat. It occurred to me that the end's of those two cocks buried inside Sherry were only a little over a foot apart. These boys could have possibly picked Sherry up using only their cocks assuming their fuck muscles were strong enough. They looked strong enough. At one point in the double pounding, Sherry stopped sucking Hose's cock and licked down the shaft to his huge balls, taking each into her mouth. She also lifted his ball sack and stuck her tongue in his asshole. I couldn't believe this. She worked her tongue at least an inch into his hole. Bull began to experiment with a little variety. He would pull out of Sherry's ass then plunge his rod into Sherry's pussy. Back and forth he would go leaving a gapping hole where he pulled out. As Sherry took a pounding from both ends, her tits would bounce around wildly. I knew they would be sore the next day. Of course all of Sherry would be sore the next day. However, there was more to come. Sherry paused for a moment sucking Hose's cock to focus on the pounding Bull was given her. Bull grabbed Sherry's huge tits and pulled her up against him. He kissed her neck as he kneaded her tits. Hose took the opportunity to help Bull work on Sherry's tits. Hose began to suck on Sherry's right nipple as Bull pinched the other. Sherry squealed with the sensations. Her hands brushed up against Hose's huge cock and she grabbed it and began to stroke it. It was so long that the head kept slapping her belly. Sherry pulled on Hose's cock and began to work the head of it against her clit as Bull filled her ass. "Hose, I want you in me, too, " said Sherry. Hose took his mouth from Sherry's tit and straightened up. He moved closer so that his chest pressed against Sherry's tits. Sherry wasted no time wedging Hose's cock into her pussy. She then threw her head back onto Bull's shoulder and sighed as the second cock filled her hole. Bull asked Sherry, "How does it feel to be the slut in a slut sandwich?" My slut wife breathed, "Wonderful." Bull and Hose began to pump her together, in and out. Their cocks were stretching Sherry's two orifices to the point that they would touch. Sherry's face twisted in pain as they plowed her furrows, but gradually that face of pure lust returned, along with the moaning. After a few minutes they shifted into a position with Hose on his back and Sherry straddling him. Bull knelt behind Sherry's ass and continued to plug her asshole. Sherry managed to say, "Someone put a cock in my mouth." Nick, now fully recovered from his earlier fuck with Sherry, climbed on the bed. He stood over Hose and sat on the bed's backboard. His 12 inches dangled right in front of Sherry. She gobbled it up when she saw it. By my count she had about 38 inches of black cock filling every hole big enough to take a cock. If it were possible I'm sure she would have found a way to accommodate Sly who was watching this spectacle with great interest. Sherry again surprised me by pulling Nick out of her mouth and calling for Sly, saying, "I think I can get two in my mouth, Sly." Sly jumped up as Nick slid over to make room. They turned so that they could both feed Sherry their cocks. I guess after taking on Hose's monster Sherry figured she could do anything. She managed to take both cocks in her mouth, but only about three or four inches worth. She now had four cocks in three holes pounding in and out. The site was amazing. My sweet innocent Sherry with her new 'killer' body, cute angel face, blue eyes and blond hair had a 14 inch black cock in her pussy pounding away, a 12 inch black cock in her ass pounding away and two black cocks stretching her mouth to its limits. Hose had grabbed each of Sherry's nipples and was swinging her tits from side to side. Bull would occasionally slap Sherry's ass with his big hands leaving red whelps. A close look at her pussy indicated a sizable froth of sexual fluids. It was hard to judge when Sherry had orgasms because of all the activity. It was clear from the dripping juices drooling out of her cunt and down onto Hose's baseball sized ball sack that she had had several orgasms. I had lost count of her orgasms but it clearly had to exceed a dozen over the evening. Sherry and her four black studs continued like this for 10 to 15 minutes. Suddenly Nick started to jerk. Sly backed away and allowed Sherry to give full attention to Nick. She licked the head of his cock while he stroked it at a blinding speed. Hose piped up, "Bitch, catch all his jism now. I don't want any dripping on me." On cue Nick blasted out a series of cum strings all going straight into Sherry's mouth. He dabbed the finally dribbles of cum on Sherry's outstretched tongue. She closed her mouth, swished his cum around a bit then swallowed it in several gulps. She then cleaned any residue left on Nick's cock. Sly had been fisting his dick furiously, while Sherry was having Nick's snack. He was now ready to pop. Sherry quickly turned to Sly to catch the slow oozing of Sly's peculiarly thick cum. He slowly made a pile of Jell-O like goo on Sherry's tongue. As before, Sherry downed Sly's cum and cleaned up his rod. Meanwhile Hose and Bull continued to piston Sherry's cunt and ass. It must have taken great concentration to collect all that cum while being plowed from behind. It was now obvious that Bull was preparing to cum. He quickly dismounted Sherry's ass, holding the cum inside his cock and moved around to Sherry's face. Without hesitating she swallowed Bull whole as he pumped his load down Sherry's throat. Sherry lingered with her nose in Bull's pubic hair collecting all that Bull had. She slowly withdrew from Bulls cock leaving a spit shine on its shiny blackness. Finally, Sherry stuck her tongue in his pee hole to check for any leftover juice. At this point I felt something warm on my hand. Evidently, sometime during my wife's gang bang, I had pulled my cock out of my pants and started masturbating. With Shelly's third cum snack from Bull I had blown my load, but Sherry wasn't out here on the patio to clean me up. Now Sherry could concentrate on Hose's big cock. He continued to swing Sherry's tits by the nipples and she evidently liked it. Twice they swapped tongues as he pistoned her well-worn pussy. Sherry then said something to Hose that broke my heart. She said in her sexy little voice, "I love the way you fuck me, Hose. You make me feel so full. Please Hose. When you cum, do it in my pussy. I want to feel it shooting deep inside me. I want something to remember you by." I was shocked. It sounded to me as if she wanted Hose to get her pregnant, to have his child. I was lost. Had she fallen in love with this stranger, this huge black man, strictly because he had a 14 inch cock with the ability to produce orgasm after orgasm? What had happened that night? It started as a celebration and had ended with my wife taking on four black men who did things to her that I had never imagined. My attention suddenly turned back to Sherry and Hose when he started to growl. He had turned Sherry over and was giving it to her on top. Her head kept hitting the bed's backboard as he pounded her. Hose was holding Sherry by her tits as his 14 inches filled her cunt. Hose made one last thrust and was finally able to get his entire cock in her pussy. He delivered his load deep into Sherry's womb. He held his dick buried in Sherry as he leaned over and planted his mouth on hers. They stayed clinched in that position for several minutes swapping tongues and mingling sexual juices. Finally, Hose pulled out slowly and got off Sherry. A trail of mixed juices oozed out of Sherry's pussy. She reached down with her hand to collect the flowing cocktail and fed it into her mouth. After four feedings the flow subsided and Sherry turned her attention to Hose. She stuffed his juice covered cock down her throat cleaning up the leftovers. It was late and the guys started getting dressed. Sherry had a sad look on her face. She cooed, "You guys are not leaving yet are you? I want more dick and cum." Sly replied, "Listen bitch. Its late and we're tired. I'm gonna get some Zees." Nick said, "He's right babe. Its time to go. If you want more cock, go hit the streets. There's probably lots of cock at that club. You know. Ecstasy." They said their good-byes, each giving her a wet kiss and her tits a squeeze. Then they were gone. All Sherry had to prove that they had been there was a belly and pussy full of cum. She looked disappointed. Sherry moved back to the bed and sat down. Her hand drifted to her pussy where some residue, from her last fuck session, was leaking out. She collected the juice with her finger and put it in her mouth, licking her fingers clean. My angel had become com completely nasty. I eased out of the lawn chair and headed for the interior entrance to our room. I met the four black men at the hallway entrance. They were commenting about the great piece of ass they had just had. "That's the best white woman I have ever had, " exclaimed Hose. He added, "She's the only woman I ever had that took me down her throat." I said hello as we passed. Nick returned the greeting as the others walked away. I opened the door to the room and walked in. Sherry was adjusting the hem of her dress. She definitely had a just fucked look about her. Her hair was mussed up and her skin was red and damp with perspiration. Sherry attempted to straightened her hair but gave up when she saw me. She smiled at me and said, "I take it that you watched from the patio?" I nodded. She added, "Have you ever seen anything like what happened?" I said, "No. Why, Sherry?" Sherry asked back, "Why did I fuck four black men?" I nodded. She continued, "They were very nice to me. At first I just wanted to show you that other men wanted me. I was feeling good from the wine and one thing led to another. Oh, Jim, it felt so good. I hope you're not angry with me. I figured that you would have interrupted me out at the pool if you wanted me to stop. When you didn't, I thought that you might be turned on." "What about the comment you made about having something to remember him by?" I asked, then added, "Were you trying to get pregnant?" Sherry's jaw dropped. She said, "NOOO. Jim, you know I'm on the pill. At first, though, I didn't want a mess in my pussy. But, when I tasted cum I loved it. I just wanted to keep some cum inside my pussy so that I could taste it as it leaked out. Unfortunately, it's about all gone." I noticed that although she had dressed, her bra and panties were on the floor. I asked, "Why do you have your dress on without your underwear?" Sherry replied, "I'm going out to get more cum. I think I can attract more men without underwear. It will make undressing and dressing easier, too." I couldn't believe it. I said, "You mean four men for an hour and a half was not enough?" She said, "I enjoyed myself too much to stop now. Tomorrow, I go back to being your faithful wife, but, until morning, I am going to be a nasty slut. I am going to fuck every man I see and eat every bit of his cum until sunrise." Sherry walked out the door with only her tight white mini-dress and 5 inch heels. Her nipples were poking through her dress. At the time, I hoped she knew what she was doing. I was amazed and turn on by her performance that night. I couldn't wait to get at her myself. I was also worried that I might lose her. Since that time Sherry and I have lived an exciting life. We have a lot of fun with sex. However, we keep that aspect of our lives separate from our traditional family activities. We relive that night occasionally as part of foreplay. Sherry is working on her own story of what happened while she was out roaming the streets. I look forward to reading it when its finished.

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