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Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Hairstyles for Women is the king category in the year 2011 as short hairstyles remained the hot trend during whole 2011. These hairstyles for women trend was triggered by Kate Holmes when came before media in an adorable short bob hairstyle. It gave her an awesomely innocent and naughty look. Her cute smile was adding more glorious stars to her freshness. The millions words of praise that she earned excited the other celebrities to try the new bob and other short hairstyles. Women were seemed crazy about the short hairstyles during 2011. This craze gave this styles kingdom, an opportunity to expand more and more. You can find more than 200 uniquely new styles just in this collection. If you have short hairs then you will feel yourself lucky to have such a big choice for your hairstyles. Short hairstyles collection for women is rich and relish with various sorts of hairstyles including new and classical hairstyles. Most of them were the newer versions of classical hairstyles and in those the Bob styles were the most prominent. Bob's popularity was re-initiated by Kate Holmes and then it was given hundreds of new names and versions. More than 60% of new short hairstyles for women are the bob newer versions. Few of various bob hairstyles are the chin length bob hairstyles, baby bangs bob, square hair frame bob, straight end bob, long bob, mid length bob and various others which were the hybrid hairstyles of various other categories of hairstyles like spooky, blonde etc. Short scene hairstyles were the other popular form of short hairstyles for women during the year. Few celebrities could also be seen wearing these but its reign could not last long in the presence of bob hot trend. Spikes hairstyles continued their journey this year as well and were able to occupy few of the celebrities' heads to show its presence in 2011 as well. Short spooky hairstyles were the amazing creation in the hairstyles fashion. It got so much popularity in the teen age girls and that's why you will see every second college or university going girl in any form of spooky hairstyle. This trend in teens given the spooky hairstyles to grow more and so you were able to get others version as well in spooky styles which added more strength to the base of spooky styles. Short hairstyles for women will make you excited if you have the short hair. Now you can show in every party that you never stay. Rock your parties with latest collections in Short haircuts 2011.
Aileen Patelis an SEO Expert and IT consultant working on Various Websites. He is writing and marketing for hairstylesin hair-styles-2011/short-haircuts-2011short haircuts 2011

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