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Stacy The Asian Pharmacist - Disneyworld Romp

Stacy the Asian Pharmacist: Disneyworld Romp

By WannBherDaddy - May 2, 2009 - From interracial-stories. Interracial stories - Views - 21690 Stacy the Asian pharmacist and her family have taken a vacation to Disneyworld. Although nothing's wrong with her marriage, Stacy and her husband feel this would be a good time to reconnect, as between her job and his, they seem to hardly ever have time to be together. Plus, their two young children(4&5 years old) have always wanted to go.The vacation's going great, and though Disneyworld is packed to capacity on this hot summer afternoon, the family's having a great time together. The line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is almost unbearably long however, but finally the line thins as more of the long boats are set up for passengers to board. Stacy and her family are at the back of the line, and as they try to squeeze in the last row of the boat, they realize that not all of them will fit, even with each of their kids sitting on their laps. Another boat arrives, and Stacy volunteers to get into the front row of that one. "Momma, please don't go, " her little daughter begs, but Stacy--wearing a white floral print dress and sandals, her hair tied in a long pony tail which reaches to the base of her neck--kisses her on the forehead and assures her, "Honey, I'll be just behind you. You can see me from where you're sitting, and with the backlog of boats, I won't be too far behind." It's true: there are several boats ahead nearly bumping into one another as they round the corner into the thickening darkness of the ride.Her husband and the kids wave bye-bye to mommy as their boat begins to round the bend. As Stacy waits for her boat to line up, a slightly grungy dude in shorts, sneakers, black t-shirt and jean jacket with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair enters the waiting corridor for the ride. He has that sort-of grunge groupie, wannabe-a-rock-star look to him, and he and Stacy are the only ones there. The guy looks around and shrugs at Stacy: "Guess it's just you and me, " he says with a chuckle. Stacy nods. "No family?" she replies and flashes a brief, polite smile...she's never been one for conversations with strangers, and as her family's boat disappears into the darkness, she can't wait to catch up to them. "My girlfriend's meeting me on the other end, " he says. "We already went on this once, she didn't want to wait on the line again, but I can't get enough of this ride." Stacy nods in acknowledgement and gets into the front of the boat, keeping a wary eye on him as he takes a seat a couple rows behind her. The ride starts off, and as the boat makes its turn into the darkness, Stacy can see her family's boat a few feet ahead of hers, and her daughter waving to her and pointing her out. Dad and the kids turn and wave happily, and Stacy waves back. The ride continues, and Stacy soon forgets about the guy behind her as she gets caught up in the animatronics of the pirates waging battles, the skeletons guarding treasure, and other treats. She notices that the grouping of boats in front of her own is starting to thin out a bit, as they come to a halt every few feet, and more get sent on ahead in an attempt to unclog the jam. As her family's boat reaches the crest of one of the ride's waterfalls, there is a slight pause and then their boat slides down, her kids and everyone inside screaming and laughing in fun as the boat disappears and a loud splash follows.Stacy suddenly feels a hard tug on her ponytail, and her neck is bent backward harshly over the seat. She has no choice but to push up with her legs, allowing herself to be pulled back in the hope that her neck doesn't break--! She reaches up, trying to find what's tugging on her hair, and looks up to see the grungy guy standing in the seat behind her, his shorts pulled down and his hardened cock staring her straight in the face! As Stacy starts to reach behind her to get his hand off her ponytail, he slams his knees down on each of her palms, pinning them in place. She tries to cry out, but finds her screams muffled as his cock shoves itself into her mouth and he smiles happily. "This is the part of the ride I love the best", he says as he lets go of Stacy's ponytail and reaches under the back of her head, forcing it up so that his cock slides down her throat all the way.Stacy can't believe this is happening to her, and tries to push him off...but the pain of his knees crunching her hands against the back of the seat only makes her cry out more, which makes her mouth widen, allowing his cock to slide further down her throat. He begins moving his hips back in forth, his cock massaging her throat as it moves up and down inside it, his loud moans mingling with the wailing of the ghosts in the cavern. He slaps his hands down on the seat, on either side of her head as the boat shudders. "Hang on, we go, " he laughs as the boat starts to head down the waterfall. It slides down, and Stacy starts to gag as his cock slides in further, his balls whacking against her face as they hit the bottom and water splashes over them both just as he blasts a load of hot jism down her throat!He pulls his cock out of her mouth sharply and backs away, watching in amusement as Stacy doubles over, coughing up some of his sperm and clutching her throat and stomach, trying to breathe as her gag reflex constricts her throat. The grungy guy looks ahead, and sees that all the other boats are out of sight around another bend in the ride. He climbs over the seat and sits beside Stacy, taking her in his arms. "Don't worry, cutie...your family can't see what a naughty girl their mommy is, " he says, and kisses her on the forehead. Stacy tries to fight to break free, but she's still coughing too hard. He grabs her roughly by the ear and neck, forcing her mouth down around his cock once more. She tries to fight, but his thick hand wraps easily around most of her beautifully slender neck, holding her in place while his other hand grasps both of her thin wrists, holding them up and locked. "Just be a good girl, be a good girl, and I'll let you go. We only have a little more time to get to know each other better, so you know what to do."Tears are running down Stacy's face, she's terrified...but even more terrified of what he'll do to her family if he's spotted. Her throat finally unconstricts and she stops coughing around his prick. With a muffled sob, she begins to suck his cock, slowly and gently easing her mouth down around it as she takes him in inch by inch, finally finding a safe rhythm for herself as the pirates around her sing their song: "Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me!"Stacy can see it getting lighter around them as their boat emerges into a better lit area of the ride, where two Spanish galleons fire volleys at each other, cannonball explosions hitting the water. She can't begin to know how she'll ever explain this to anyone who sees her sucking off a com complete stranger, so Stacy curls into a fetal position, hoping to not be spotted by anyone. Her attacker can see ahead though: all the other boats have long since rounded this part of the ride, and theirs is the only one around. He doesn't tell her this, as he lets go of her neck and lifts up her floral print dress to reveal matching panties with little red and yellow flowers all over them. He slips his hand underneath and inserts two fingers into Stacy's warm vagina, and begins to finger her. She moans in protest around his cock, but he shushes her harshly. He pushes his fingers in roughly, moving them in quick circular patterns to get her wet, and as Stacy's breathing becomes more rapid, on the verge of forced orgasm, he abruptly stops and pulls out. He rolls her over on her back, positioning himself on top of her as he does so, Stacy's moans and cries of protest stymied by the thick white meat pushed between her thin, sensual Vietnamese lips. He pins her hands down, then sets his knees on top of each of her arms, holding them in place as he pulls her dress up all the way, her slender, beautiful legs and panties revealed fully. He pulls her panties down over her thrashing legs, down to her thighs, then lays on top of her, forcefully spreading her legs and pussy lips, plunging his tongue deep inside her."MMMPPPHHHHHH!!!" Stacy screams around his cock, but there's no one to hear, in front or behind, as their love boat drifts serenely and slowly along the ride's canal, with no witnesses to Stacy's abasement at the hands of her new owner. She struggles to get herself free of his grasp, but her arms have gone numb from the pressure of his knees on them, and she can't move them. To her further personal shame, it turns out that he's an expert pussy eater, and she can feel herself getting more and more moist with every stroke of his tongue inside her. She doesn't even realize that she's stopped kicking and thrashing, as her legs lie still against the seat, allowing his hands to be free so he can alternate between eating and fingering her pussy. It's only as her head swims with the impending onset of cumming that she realizes that she's gently and obediently sucking his cock like a hungry baby with a bottle in its mouth. Her initial tears of fear have subsided, but are replaced by new ones of shame and humiliation at the joy she feels as they orgasm together--her pussy splashing its juices of gratitude all over his face while she relaxes her throat to allow as much of his sperm as possible to slide down it.Her arms burn and tingle as he pulls out of her mouth and stands up, allowing her a small measure of freedom. She glances up and can see the ride's almost over, and they're nearing the section where the small cafes around the bend will soon be visible, and where anyone seated and eating will be able to see them. Yet as Stacy feels his hands wrap around her waist, she doesn't resist as he rolls her over onto her stomach. One of his hands smacks her twice lightly on her ass, and without even thinking, she moves into position, presenting for him like an alpha dog's obedient bitch. He mounts her from behind, his thick white shaft sliding easily into Stacy's warm, wet and welcoming pussy. She holds onto the side of the boat, which rocks on its gliding track with the intensity of his cock pounding into her tight Vietnamese snatch, which moistens more with each thrust. He smacks her hard on her left ass cheek. "Fuck your husband! Who's your daddy, girl?" he demands. When she doesn't answer, he smacks the same cheek even harder. "WHO!""You're my daddy!" Stacy's cry echoes throughout the ride, and she can only pray that her family doesn't hear it as she says it again and again as grungy guy's cock plows into her, harder with each thrust...until finally her pussy clenches firmly onto his cock, welcoming his seed as it rushes into her warmly and she cries out in an orgasm that is no longer fully forced out of her. Stacy's attacker pulls out of her. He starts to pull her panties up, but then wraps the front of them around his cock and quickly jerks off, shooting some remaining semen onto the inside of her undies. He pulls them up firmly around her, the moistness of his seed damping her pussy's pubic hair. "You can keep that to remember me by, " he says as he pulls his own shorts up, wipes her juices from his face and climbs back to his former position a couple seats back. As the boat makes its way to the cafe area, a couple of people share odd glances at the young Asian woman sitting in the front of the boat, wiping away tears. They go back to their own conversations though as she smoothes her hair and manages to make herself somewhat presentable. Before the boat comes to a com complete halt at the ride's end, grungy guy jumps out and Stacy watches as a young blonde woman greets him near the turnstiles. Stacy can barely make out their conversation, but is shocked to hear the woman ask him "How was she?" "Taste for yourself, " he says and sticks his tongue out. She wraps her lips around it and he slowly draws it out, allowing her to get a good sample. "Ummm, tasty, " she says, and they head off, arms wrapped around each other. Stacy shudders, not knowing what to feel anymore, but as she spies her family waiting for her at the exit near the cafe, she manages to force a smile onto her face as she waves at them. Getting out of the boat, she can feel her attacker's moistness mixing with her own, and has to fight off another shudder as a hot tingling thrill shoots up her spine...

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