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Slechts Groot - Part 2

Slechts Groot - translation: Only The Large - Part Two

By thexxxee - Nov 25, 2008 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 10245 Slechts Groot(translation:“Only The Large”)(part two)This story has the following content:M+/F, Intr, Slut Wife, Size, Exh, Brothel, Orgy, SM, and is Pre-Viral.*Prelude:The sixth and seventh decade of the twentieth century was a time of true sexual revolution. Not just a phrase in cultural jokes, it was documented by every conceivable source, from the street tabloids, famous men’s magazines, radio, television, and horrified pulpits, to the academic testing and juried scientific publishing of the era. Jaimie’s own first week at the Aardbei Club was one example of that revolution. Even though extreme in her case, the freedom of choice, sex as a casual form of communication, an adaptive marriage, and experimentation were all characteristics in common with the larger general movement. Aardbei allowed Jaimie, and Dave, to trip through sexual fantasies within its famously controlled environment. Her expectations about those fantasies, however, were not unrealistic. The decision to try prostitution in this special time period and in this special place, did not ignore the full range of positive to negative outcomes. Even when she was a teenager, and first analyzed her own ‘far out’ fantasy about being a professional, she wondered if she could control or at least adapt to such daily variance. Her decision then and now was that the odds of good versus bad experiences were no different than with any other daily activity. Of course, the Aardbei daily activity was high volume and all sexual. Story (continued from part one)By the third week at Aardbei, it was obvious that the job was doing much more than just lengthen their stay in Amsterdam. Those first weeks allowed Jaimie to adjust to the club’s night hours. She knew that Kees could surprise her; however, during all her weeks of regular hours, he had not produced a list of customers anything like her ‘introduction’ list. Yet, he did continue to take direct personal control of her schedule. So Jaimie decided that first weekend had really been a test of both her original decision and her physical stamina. Rather than a military boot camp, it had been a sort of sexual ‘penis camp’.Kees had personally supervised no other girl past the first week or two. His extra interest in the successful start of this American was duly noted by the other working girls. But with the way Aardbei was set up, that notation was not in reference to anything like competition, rather, the interest was viewed only as a curiosity. Long before that third week, Jaimie already had her own sort of routine at Aardbei. She would walk herself over to the club, usually well before the 9:00 PM start of her shift. Dave would escort her home at 2:00 AM. In between those hours, she would usually see eight to ten men, as many as twelve on a weekend night. Coming from the ‘free’ love background, Jaimie appreciated that the non-negotiable sex at Aardbei allowed her to pursue a more natural sex. She knew that she was paid well. Given that, she could pursue the sexual expertise. She knew that she would have never taken any such position, as it was defined in the States. She would have hated the bartering, where every move is priced. Even with an ‘average guy’ list at Aardbei, the penises were consistently two inches longer than Dave and almost one inch wider. That was now a standard for Jaimie. From the very first weekend, Jaimie and Dave had stayed in close communication about the job and its effects. The fact that she was wanted by, then fucked by, so many men was still a queer turn on for Dave. He really got off on having a wife who generated a lot of lust. His male response was and is fairly normal. Pride in thy wife That part, where all the strange lusting guys get to follow through by fucking the daylights out of the wife, is probably where most American husbands would balk. That most men were bigger than Dave? That Jaimie was being stretched, as would be any prostitute with such good business? That was just more of a ‘mental spanking’ turn on. The sexual tease that Jaimie played on Dave, after her first day of work, was based upon what she knew he wanted to hear. ‘Those big bad men’ were really assaulting his lovely wife and ‘leaving their mark’. That same ‘loyal’ wife would even come home and tell him tales of those nasty men having gone places he had never gone, having done things that he had never done and, generally, just besting the Hell out of him. He absolutely loved it all Sick boy. And she, in turn, loved him.Jaimie considered herself on a fact finding mission. She was using this beginner time period to learn all about the variations of men’s personalities, builds and, of course, penises. She was hoping to intertwine what she learned, so that she might become known for even more than her looks. It was her own high standard for what others considered a simplistic duty. She began to take her sexual performance as seriously as she would have taken a dance performance. And her compulsion to do it right was not directly linked to her income. Though, Jaimie would admit that there were hours during the weekdays where the clientele were a little scarce for everyone, and that it would not hurt to have a few more guys directed her way.But the fact finding on penis type alone was gathering a lot of information. She was continuously amazed at the differences. With, without foreskin, shafts that were straight or curved in any direction, big heads, sharp heads, dark color, light color, two tone, three tone, more tones, and the entire ranges of thickness and length. The size and output of balls had become very noteworthy for her. In the short time that she had been sampling, she learned that the average cum output was about a teaspoon. But, then, she also learned that nature can do some strange things. Just as a woman might be blessed or cursed, according to viewpoint, with 50+DDD breasts, she found men who nature had deemed cum factories. It was part of the duty or fun, again according to viewpoint, that being with one of those guys was, well, a mess. She, at first, considered it a duty to deal with the extra amount of cum. Then she began to be entertained by the production, and started getting some reward from either seeing or feeling the high volume. Finally, just as in her high school and college days, she began to be a real cheerleader. That is, she would cheer them on, trying to get the maximum amount of spurts, as she either used her pussy, mouth or hand to assist. Of course, she even admitted to herself that her cheering was limited to vibrating ‘ummmmmms’ when she was caught doing oral. But the guys seemed to appreciate that response as well as any.Her own sexual rewards? They were very important to Jaimie. She was determined, that, if she had to spend many hours working in a famous brothel, she was going to have as much fun doing it as she could. She never gave up the hope for a cum to be done in synch with the guy. And she was pleasantly surprised that, at least with Aardbei members, such a mutual cum was frequent. Of course, there were always times of male failure. If that had happened to ‘you’, ‘you’ would have wanted it to happen with Jaimie; for, she was always considerate, as positive as one could be, and presented the man with much hope for a ‘next time’. Her personal rewards were the more intense and more frequent orgasms that the bigger penis sizes created. Though nothing like the first weekend had occurred, there were moderately large ones, on the order of around 9 inches and fat. With that size, she could work out very well, and usually found that she obtained multiple orgasms with any man who had such equipment. Jaimie told Dave that she had two steady fellows at work; that meant they came to fuck her almost every day that she was on duty. Sometimes they dropped over several times during a shift. Both of them were the 9 inch long and over 2.25 inches wide caliber. They were inside Jaimie, deeper, more frequently, and for longer periods of time than her own husband could be.Thinking bigger, she had looked forward to Arend, Mr. Doorknob, returning and was unhappy when she heard that he and his family had gone on vacation. She, at least, was given a good reason why he did not return quickly to continue working on her. She smiled when her own thoughts came up with the ‘continue working on me’. About such feelings, she was always honest with Dave, just as he asked her to be. Just as she had told Dave about the steady fellows, she would tell him of the ‘longer’, the ‘thicker’ and the ‘much better’ orgasms. It all still seemed to get him going and help produce their own sex. She still liked sex with her husband, primarily because he was her buddy. It was the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’ when she could share her work experiences with such an interested spouse. But he had not asked for a special total, and she intended to not bring the number up on her own. The tally of ‘superior fucks’ was what she did not mention, primarily because it had become an overwhelming number. And she did not want to test Dave’s limits. But since he had her keeping track of stats in general, she did carry the ‘excellent’ tally in her head. In only the three weeks of work, she had found 31 men, who performed at an entirely different level than her husband did. In order that each be one of the 31, she had to cum much longer, much stronger and much more often with that man. So, up to that point, 31 new men, along with 7 men back in the States, had a better mating connection with Jaimie than Dave could ever hope for.Her night shift allowed her to see the larger crowds, the strange associated culture of sex and many other curious events. For one, since she worked similar shift assignments, she met Angie frequently during the week. Sometimes, Jaimie would be between fucks and get to catch the 10 PM stage show. Angie was the girl most frequently fucked by the two black men. But there was a rotation, and Jaimie did see an Isabel and a Patty ‘get it’. Those two were certainly used anytime Angie was off duty. Otherwise, it always seemed to be Angie who got the most intense fucking by the guys. They disappeared into her immediately, hit her very hard, and essentially made Angie appear as if two bottomless pits had been created by the ‘night after night’ action. So, though she may have been around the same 64 inch height as Jaimie, Angie could still be called a ‘big girl’ by her clientele. With all the kinks flying around the place, instead of that physical fact disqualifying Angie from adoration, it actually seemed to increase it, and helped her create her own worshiping entourage. During those first weeks, Jaimie was also introduced to some very strong hashish. Angie had her smoke a little one night, and Jaimie went on to love the effect all the rest of the evening. It made even the little guys feel great to her. It made big guys ripple all kinds of unexplainably strong feelings from her pussy to her finger tips. She easily obtained some hashish to share with Dave, as well as to supply herself at work, just in case Angie wasn’t around.The transition from the third to the fourth week was eventful. Dave received news that he was admitted to business grad school at UNC. He had not been expecting to actually make it. But there it was, acceptance. And he needed to go back to the States and use the summer to prepare for the start of school in August. The news made the staging of the couple’s return very complex. Since Dave did not qualify for any monetary assistance, he would need a great deal of money to pursue the grad school program. It was obvious to both Dave and Jaimie that they had stumbled into the proverbial ‘gold mine’ at Aardbei. Since Jaimie’s very first day on the job, the income had been many times what they really needed. And it was more than any grad degree would ever earn. All during the last few weeks, the couple had discussed what to do with the surplus. They had plans of paying off debt back in the States, getting a new car perhaps, or even getting a house. In ‘dollars’ of the time period, Jaimie was doing extremely well. When the adventure started, all the little dream uses were to have been realized or expire within a restricted time period. There were early rules, like ‘another four weeks maximum, then we leave’. Such rules seemed to no longer apply, now that the grad school costs entered into the equation. Dave was tempted to let Jaimie stay ‘just a little bit longer’. That would certainly pack away the money. In a short period of time, Jaimie might even be able to pay off everything that would be incurred during all the years of grad school. So, they discussed the possibilities at length. It was decided that Dave would leave immediately, in order to set plans in motion. Registration, tuition, off campus housing, etc. would be difficult projects, and require time. Jaimie was extremely agreeable, and set herself up as the ‘beyond comprehension’ dutiful wife; not many husbands agreed to pimp out their wife in order to go to grad school. And it was so amazing that Jaimie was able to continue her truthfulness right up to the time that Dave boarded the plane. She let him know that she would try to have a very good time while they were apart. In fact, she let Dave know that she rather looked forward to continuing her ‘whore’ project for a while, and that she was getting rewards out of the experience that she never had expected. Dave finally became a little insecure.“You still my buddy? And will be? No matter how ‘fucked up’ you get?” Though truly concerned, he could not help but laugh while delivering that last question.“Oh, you never need to ask that Of course I am and will be your buddy. We have so much going besides the sexploits. You know that. But, I do promise to bring home some more nasty stories to tell you, perhaps late in the evenings, between studies.” A wicked smile accompanied that last sentence.Her pledge was happily received, then Dave packed, and caught his plane for the States that same evening. In the few days between being notified of his grad school acceptance, the application of their new plans, and then Dave leaving, Jaimie had told Kees that she was staying. He understood that the couple had plans back in the States. But, that, for a while, she could put in more hours at Aardbei. Kees and Jaimie agreed that she would maintain the same hours, but cycle three days on and one day off. Even the usually stoic Dutch Kees appeared very happy with the prospect. Any time he could hire a prize like Jaimie, it made points with the members and increased membership renewals; and then, their reports to their friends generated new memberships. The full time use of Jaimie was a blessing to Kees.The success of the brothel was the highest priority. With that goal in mind, Kees hoped to take advantage of Jaimie’s new isolation. Since her first few days on the job, he had wanted to expand her use and amplify her notoriety within the club. With Dave gone, and Jaimie focused on his club, he felt that he had the big chance. Kees immediately began thinking of how to make smooth and very legitimate excuses for extending her service. Before Jaimie worked her very first three day sequence, he had already started one plan in motion. For Jaimie’s third night of work, he had arranged for Angie to have a standard night off, for Isabel to be out of the city and for Patty to be ill. That eliminated the three girls who, at least in recent history, had ever performed the 10 PM double penetration show.On that third work day, Kees met Jaimie as she came out of one of the little fuck rooms at 9:45 PM. He appeared frantic. He told her that Angie and Isabel were off, that Patty was to have done the show, but that she had called in sick just 45 minutes ago. Kees pleaded with Jaimie to do the stage show, which was only 15 minutes away. With her in a state of startle, and her mouth open, with no sounds coming out of it, he quickly reminded her that the double fuck paid a separate 288 dollars. After weighing her likes, dislikes, the need for money and her momentary bravery, she said that she thought that she might be able to survive one show with the two men. Kees feigned an over appreciation of her decision. The act was delivered with excellent technique, and grounded upon his experience as the ultimate pimp.The fact that Kees scheduled all this to happen just before her day off was another non-accident. Which gets us back to Jaimie’s assessment of what was going to happen to her. She suddenly began to remember Angie’s descriptions of what it was like to be pummeled by the two giant African penises - sort of equivalent to two black logs being shoved in and out of her. Angie had said something about the first time being a long distance stretch. No ordinary pussy could stretch like what was required without ‘some tears’. Angie had gone on to specify that these two very endowed men were a couple of the first major contributors to her big ass and big pussy. Though she did indicate that some sub nights at Slechts Groot finished her up; whatever that meant?Jaimie was mad at herself for not remembering the details of Angie’s report before she said yes to Kees. Jaimie rarely cursed, but about ten minutes before the show she was muttering wonderful little phrases like ‘Aw, shit’, ‘Damn’, ‘I’m gonna be sorry ’.Then, she switched back to her game personality, for she knew that she both needed to and really wanted to make the best of it. She brightened up a little, thinking of how she had told everyone that she liked large penises. Then she just as quickly crashed, thinking ‘yeah, but not this large. And not two of the too big ones all at once’. She went to the dressing room and smoked a little chip of hash that was worth only two tokes. Jaimie was trying to calm down, as well as radically change the sensory input from her pussy. She could hear the music change to a funky fuck tune, raise in volume, and send bass notes thumping through the wall. In Jaimie’s mind, the powerful thumps were overwhelming indicators of what was going to happen to her pussy and ass. Show TimeIn her full frizz dressy hairdo, and wearing only a pair of stiletto black heels, she entered the lounge. The nearest customers and girls gave her a little applause, just to encourage her to continue her trek to the stage. Some of the girls, those few who really knew Jaimie, threw out cheers like, ‘God, you’re braver than I could ever be ’, ‘Why’d you tell him you’d do this?’, ‘Remember to breath ’, and ‘Honey, I’ll take some ice pops out the fridge, and have’em ready for you.’. Jaimie continued to the stage, in spite of such greetings. On the stage, the two black men had not waited. They had removed their own robes, and had already jacked themselves to full size. ‘Why do they look much bigger now, as compared to when I see them going in and out of Angie?’ The club members and staff were all whistling and staggering their applause as Jaimie walked the 40 feet to the stage. Kees had all the lights turned on, with all the spotlights aimed at the mattress. The walk had looked like the xxx version of a Miss America pageant. But this winner was to be rewarded by a DP of huge black penises, rather than with the usual little crown. Still, this was a real beauty going to the stage. Everyone there got excited to see anyone new try these two guys; but some members had fantasized many times about Jaimie being the one up on stage. Kees had made it a point to invite Aardbei and Slechts Groot members who got intense rewards from voyeuristic activities, and their presence proved his premeditation over the last few days. The extra attendance also made Aardbei more than a little crowded.Kees got on microphone back behind the counter and introduced ‘Utumi’ [11 inches] and ‘Batuu’ [12 inches] and ‘our little Jaimie’. Utumi and Batuu both reached out for Jaimie’s hands, helped her up the small rise, took those little hands of hers and placed them directly on their penises. She began stroking both as they all spun around so that Jaimie was finally facing the crowd. She looked great that night. Great hair, tight body, those great dancer legs, which she used well during the spin around, and a bright smile. Oral had never been a part of the act, and she left it out, hoping to get through the 25 or so minutes of intense fucking that Angie normally went through. She concentrated on stroking and getting lube for everyone. She stroked more onto their shafts, as Utumi and Batuu poked some into Jaimie’s pussy and ass. Jaimie motioned to Batuu and indicated ‘a lot please ’ He smiled, nodded and went back to the jar for seconds. The music was being turned back up very loud by Kees, as all three got their second or third coating. And Jaimie thought, well, this is it. She motioned for Utumi to sit on the mattress and face the crowd. He sat exactly where three spotlights overlapped. A very bright location. She let go of Batuu and moved over to Utumi, where she also faced the crowd and began to sit down on his vertical post. When the head slipped into her ass, she knew that she was in trouble. For it was a very tight passage. She had rarely doubled, and it was never done with something 11 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. And, in less than a half hour, this man wanted to stroke her freely and twist and grind as he bottomed out? She continued to slowly slide. Huffing and puffing and blowing as she went, she was about two thirds down onto Utumi, and being very tentative. Utumi and Batuu could easily forget who they were working on. Their most powerful memories were those of Angie’s pussy and ass. And those items had already been made very loose by the two Africans. This beautiful Jaimie felt extremely tight to Utumi. With his duty to the club, and with this particular show in mind, he reached for her waist with his hands. Each hand covered half of Jaimie’s pelvis, as he pulled back slightly and pressed her downward. She was breathing faster, and squealed loudly with each lower elevation. Utumi was over three fourths into her at that point.With Jaimie in a sort of tripod, that is the front two legs balanced in a squat position with the third leg going up her rear, Batuu also felt the need to help. Besides it would look good to the crowd. While Utumi was pulling down on her pelvic area, Batuu went around to the front of Jaimie and looked into her red flushed face. From there, he reached out and down, placing his hands on her upper legs. That was exactly where Jaimie was getting all her power for sustaining her squat, right there in those quadriceps muscles. He pinched them a little, then massaged them deeply, trying to loosen them up. It was working, so Jaimie immediately grabbed for his shoulders. When she did that, Utumi pressed down hard and another inch or so went into her. She screamed. But with the loud music, it was not very audible.When she grabbed Batuu’s shoulders, he grabbed the quadriceps on both sides tightly. That caused them to com completely release. And Jaimie slid squealing all the way to the base of Utumi. She then panted and gasped as she looked down and saw that his balls were flush with her bottom. The shaft had com completely disappeared. Her pussy was pushed out and slightly opened by the action in her rear. And Batuu was eyeing it. Utumi was muttering something about how good she felt way up inside, as Batuu maneuvered to get at that pussy.Utumi was not one of those softies in an ass. He went in hard as a rock, and stayed hard as a rock. That was something Batuu could always count on. Jaimie could feel Utumi jerking around up inside her rear as Batuu’s penis was sliding through her front. Batuu’s 12 incher was joining Utumi’s 11 inch rod. By working at Aardbei, Jaimie had, at least, done some stretching of both her pussy and ass. But nothing prepared her for this. If an instructional animation was to have displayed a side view, it would have shown a straightened out and very stretched rectum that went up way beyond what nature intended. Then, joining it, would be a vaginal bag being poked lengthwise and joining the rectum in being about the same length, even though it is more strictly defined that vaginas are never supposed to go to those lengths.But it took some work for Batuu to get that vagina fully stretched. Many deep pokes, some side twists, and, after a few minutes, his penis was buried in Jaimie. So that would have definitely been the last portion or climax of any educational animation display. Jaimie was grunting, squealing, huffing, puffing, well, sort of doing a little bit of everything. She had thrown her head back onto Utumi’s chest, and, in turn, Utumi had reached up and wrapped his hands around Jaimie’s chest. Each hand then grabbed a breast. Though ample for Jaimie, each one looked very small when mushed by a giant black hand. And mushed they were. He was squeezing very hard, pinching them off at their bases, and pushing everything forward. His hands then occupied the bases and laid directly upon her little ribs. That expelled every bit of breast tissue forward. What did this guy think poor Jaimie had, big zits that needed to be squeezed until they popped? Jaimie thought that might be what he intended.However, both their penises were making the major headlines and getting Jaimie’s attention. Her canals were filled till they were taunt. When filled like that, to make any more space, they would have to burst or at least somehow relieve the tension all around and make a truly larger diameter. Both her pussy and ass could more easily do the length. Although, the required longer pussy would need some lengthwise fiber tears. Those then could be put back by nature at the new length. The most dramatic adaptation for both Jaimie and the audience would involve her width. She was a ‘too tight’ little thing, as compared to a more experienced person like Angie. In other words, ‘something had to give’.Both men and Jaimie were all extremely well lubed. So, lack of such lube was not a contributing condition. Batuu and Utumi were able to start smoothly stroking Jaimie. But the width of each canal was literally pinching the assigned penis till it hurt. They naturally wanted to work less restrained, to develop a smoother, softer, more loose ass and pussy. Then they could even fuck those to still another level. As far as Batuu and Utumi were concerned, whether she had DP’d in the past or not, to them she was a virgin DP. And she would have to be dealt with as one. Utumi held on to those breasts as tightly as he could and pulled Jaimie to his chest, where her head rested well below his chin. Batuu held her wrists and stretched her arms out wide, pinning them to the mattress.They began to fuck her hard, to loosen up things their way. She turned bright red in the face, grunted a lot and did a lot of ‘whew’ sounds. With the spotlights, the crowd had an excellent view of Jaimie’s DP. They all watched closely as the too long and too wide black devices punched her, over and over... Just the image of the large stretch of her holes, and minor bleeding, was its own obscene event. Call it an advanced double cherry busting And the crowd loved it. This is what the invited voyeurs, and even minor sadists, came to see - an event that did not happen very often in civilized communities. The few other members in the room who did not fit those labels, well, they were transfixed too. All the kersloop, slush, snaps, pops, thumps, thuds and other plungering sounds could be heard coming out of Jaimie by those closest to the stage. Certainly, they could hear such things if Kees messed up and was slow to start the next musical selection.But the visual was always outstanding. Sometimes the picture was filled by the two black men buried in ‘someone’, with one creamy white beautiful leg going one direction and the other creamy white beautiful leg going the other direction. Tipped by the black heels, the legs and the African men made some great momentary designs and a rather continuous super erotic motion picture. Jaimie noticed that she could see Batuu working in her pelvis. That vision was worth an extra gasp. It was especially gasp worthy since both men were spending most of the time all the way inside her. It was the width work that was increasing. Twisting, grinding, pushing her insides round and round, all done from the muscular contractions of their tight pinched butts, forward through their pelvic muscles, and radiating the motion to the huge penis and its own muscles. Their penises then produced the waves that flowed from her pussy to the top of her head and to the bottom of her feet. That entire sequential process seemed to be working throughout each and every instant. While Kees did not allow members to take pictures, he did have his own photographer for special occasions, such as Jaimie’s first stage show. That photographer was taking some great 35mm photos that would chronicle the process. Next for him to chronicle was a change in position. If a viewer was more than a few feet from the stage, it appeared as if Angie’s accurately described ‘two logs’ were being pulled out of Jaimie. Both were still rock hard and both forcefully sprang out into the open. When they did, those up front could see that both penises had gooey pink streaks throughout their lengths, with more of a red color at their bases.Jaimie’s chest and belly were still rising and falling with great speed, as she tried to get her breath. Utumi held her more softly, but still held her. He leaned forward, still holding a beautiful black haired woman who was only big enough to occupy his torso, and asked her to spread her legs for the crowd and pull open her pussy and ass. She actually was able to display a sincere relaxed smile to the lounge crowd, while she revealed that her pussy gaped with an open center that was between the size of a quarter and a half dollar. Her lips were all beet red and she had some minor bleeding just inside that open center. Her ass had an almost identical condition. Utumi let go of her chest and smacked the side of her butt slightly. That was her cue to move on.She was turned away from the audience as she sat back down on Utumi. This time his penis got her pussy. Batuu got her ass. In that more common position, both worked their way back in quickly and began a real intense double of Jaimie. Kees had an even nastier funkier tune going, and had turned the volume up so much that the bass could be felt outside in the street. Both Africans got a smooth sawing rhythm going. Jaimie was having a hard time keeping her senses. It wasn’t the hashish as much as it was the physical pounding. There were times where she was sure that either her rectum or pussy would break open. But, in reality, neither was close to doing that; of course, Jaimie knew of no such safety margin. She convinced herself that she did know one thing for certain, and that was that Angie was ‘one hell of a tough red head’ The normally controlled and hard to impress crowd was constantly yelling, whistling and generally being obnoxious. They had one of the most beautiful girls to ever work at Aardbei, up on that stage, having her holes reamed out to a new gauge. It took hard stuff to entertain this crowd, and this was hard stuff. But the show was still building.Another 10 minutes into Jaimie and her treatment, and Utumi and Batuu almost simultaneously decided to just ‘let go’ and ‘let Jaimie have it’ in the same manner and degree as Angie normally ‘took it’. They pumped faster, hitting bottom each time, while they held her waist tightly; Jaimie was held so tightly that her pussy and ass were the only parts that were allowed to move against the Africans’ maximum grind and stretch. The men reached their peak just as the song reached its peak. When they came, their penises twitched and gushed, sending poor Jaimie into spasms. The cum squirted out the sides of her ass and pussy. Mostly creamy, but with some red streaks. Batuu slowly pulled out of her ass. His penis still oozed cum out its tip, with the first half of his shaft rubbed raw, while its base was more red than earlier. Her ass had a large bright red hole for an opening; around the edges of the hole were small rough areas of deeper red.When Utumi pulled his penis out, it looked similar, except the head was still jerking and the upper third of the penis was flushed with his own particular deep internal peach/orange/pink/red/ multi-tone coloration. Exactly like Batuu, Utumi, from his tip to about halfway down his shaft, was rubbed raw. The rawness of both penises represented the cost of trying to soften Jaimie’s tough meat. Jamie’s present condition was better indicated by the lower portion of Utumi’s shaft, where his balls, and, even his groin, dripped a gooey pink mix. Her labia were fire engine red, her center was a large ragged hole, and the rough edges that surrounded that irregular hole were a more moist beet red. The two Africans expected Jaimie to act like a pro, and she did not disappoint them. Both took her hands and helped her fly up to a standing position, then, after checking each other’s faces for the cue, all three simultaneously took a ridiculously over dramatic bow. Or was it just appropriate in this case? The lounge crowd chuckled while applauding with a new vigor. Having watched Angie many times, Jaimie knew what her next move was supposed to be. She spun around, aiming her rear toward the crowded lounge. She bent over, put her face all the way down to knee level, and then looked between her legs into the upside down crowd. Her hands moved from their original positions, just below and behind the knees, up to her butt cheeks, where they spread those cheeks wide. Perhaps it was because Angie started out each show with larger, more relaxed holes, but Jaimie was much brighter red than Angie usually was. Jaimie’s were not closing quickly; rather, both holes stayed wide open. One or two moist red drips came from the membrane that, now, only partially framed the gaping entrance into her vagina. Both holes were similar in size to Angie’s, probably because the same reaming tools had been used on them. Of course, the sizes of Angie’s holes were permanent, and Jaimie’s were not...well, not yet.While Jaimie showed the crowd how much damage such a fucking can do, the guys were putting their robes on and moving toward the dressing area. Night after night the two Africans got to fuck some of the most beautiful women in the world. For over seven months, they had double worked girls for Kees. Their pay was never stated, but it seemed enough to live in Amsterdam and still send money home to their many wives and families. Their dedication to such work was duly noted. They were so stoic in their presentation that it was hard to tell when they were really having a good time. But, tonight, they really did enjoy tearing into the knockout American girl. As Batuu was leaving the stage, he made an impression on Jaimie by bending down to her level and flatly stating, “I look forward to next time.” Out of character; in fact, something that Batuu had never said before.Jaimie stretched up, with her legs straddling one of his, and kissed Batuu on the cheek. A just as strange reply, from a woman, who many outside of this sub-culture might have considered an object of sexual abuse. As he walked away, he seemed embarrassed, but pleased by that kiss. Amazing.. comfortable with grotesquely powerful fucking in front of everyone, but embarrassed by a kiss? Jaimie went to the dressing room where she gladly accepted a couple of plastic enclosed ice pops, lubed them up separately and inserted them, “Aaaaah...”Kees stepped into the room and handed Jaimie an envelope, “That was great kid. Really great. It was more than any normal show, and it was shared by a lot more people than usual. We should even develop some great photos of tonight. What I am trying to say is that you deserve a better reward. You can leave right now, and take this home. Uh, you might do some of those healing douches that you have told me about.” Smiles. “Have a nice day off.”Kees added, an ‘acting out’ of his thanks for her substitution, a dramatization of his attempt to get the regulars back as soon as possible, and a pledge to get his own act together. Just as Jaimie was accepting his apology of excuses, he went on to say that it was nice to have ‘someone additional who could do the show just in case’. She was momentarily exasperated by that last assumption, that is, until she looked into the envelope. There was her pay for the two guys that she did before the show, and, not the double, but a quadruple pay for the show. So, there at 9 PM and dressed and leaving at 11:00 PM. But she better understood his statement of many weeks ago, that ‘some girls just do the show and leave’. Jaimie was thinking that only a rare person like Angie might even be able to consider continuing on into the night after such a show.In keeping with his image as an excellent prostitute fisherman, Kees effectively reeled her out by getting Angie and the others back during the next week, assigning shows and other extreme duties to them, and letting Jaimie do the more ordinary clients. And then he hit her with another request to do the show, this time under the guise of her popularity. Applying flattery and another quadruple bonus got Jaimie to do her second 10 PM show with the Africans. And once again, Kees’s special invitations to special members resulted in a crowded Aardbei. Unknown to Jaimie, Kees had asked the boys to not show the restraint that they showed at first and to stretch out the display and give Jaimie another ten minutes of fucking. Then, over the next two weeks, Kees was able to have Jaimie do the show four times (with each show slightly longer than the one before it). He really was having Jaimie reamed out, to prepare for some of his new plans for her.Jaimie heard from Dave frequently. She knew that he was actually enrolled in the grad school now, had picked out his Fall classes and had a nice little place just off campus. But, those obtained goals just seemed to require maintenance money that would make the actual savings for future goals a slower process. On her own, Jaimie had come to the conclusion that, at least, another six weeks at Aardbei would be necessary. In addition to telling Dave that she should stay, at least, another six weeks, she did update him on her sexual adventures. Although, for some reason, she left out her new services that included some of the 10 PM shows. She really was unable to explain, even to herself, why she left out such information. She just did.When Dave left, Kees had not only initiated a plan for Jaimie to do the 10 PM show. He began several other plans within the following several weeks. One plan started only three days ago, with a simple phone call to one of his most affluent Slechts Groot members. His name was Arman. Arman had both a unique physical attribute and unusually kinky sexual pursuits. When he heard of Jaimie, Arman arranged to leave his business affairs as quickly as he could and travel the hundreds of miles to Amsterdam.On yet another third night of work for Jaimie, Kees had once again arranged a major shocker. Arman arrived in the city earlier in the evening and, after registering at his upscale hotel, came directly over to Aardbei. It was about 10 PM when Kees introduced Arman to Jaimie. He needed to do little else. Though he did leave Jaimie with an indication that she take her time, ‘all the time you need’, with Arman. Arman was a muscular black from upper France. He tried to combine business trips to Amsterdam with visiting Aardbei. If there was no business excuse, then he just visited Amsterdam for Aardbei. He trusted Kees and the high standards of Aardbei. This trip? This trip was one hundred percent because of Jaimie. He believed that Jaimie was exactly what he was looking for: a beautiful white American, who was married, new to the business and with a pussy that he could ream out.Arman did not worry about the social graces or booth visits. He took Jaimie straight to one of the larger rooms. There was loud R&B music out in the lounge, and Arman asked if she felt com comfortable doing just a short little dance to it. He wanted her to show off her body, while he sat on the edge of the bed. He, of course, did not know that Jaimie was a real trained dancer. Her perfectly timed bumps and slithering movements were even better than what he had in mind. He may have allowed her one song, but that was all he could take. He grabbed her and pulled off her only article of clothing, her thong, and told her that he thought she was lovely. She sincerely thanked him and thought that they were going to proceed straight into action. But, surprisingly to Jaimie, he just wanted her to sit beside him and talk for a while.It turned out that his head trip included getting to know the girl, know all about someone like a boyfriend, fiancee or husband and figure out the exact relationship between the girl and that other person. He then would love to use the knowledge gained for some verbal and mental S&M that was more in the mastering category. It was as if he was trying to do a mental and physical change to the girl, finally fucking the daylights out of the girl as he got her to admit things that were nasty about herself, her relationship or perhaps even demeaning to her male friend. With his straight ahead inquiries, it really did not take him long to find out a lot about the young American couple. He soon learned about how Jaimie met Kees and how she started at Aardbei. More personal quizzing revealed Dave’s 6 inch equipment. Arman still had his clothes on. And she felt a little uncom comfortable when he asked about the sizes that she was beginning to prefer during her work. She was unsure whether her answer would make him feel better or worse about his own penis. But he pressed the issue strongly, and wanted her to tell her true feelings. The appeal reminded her of Dave’s requests, and she found it easy to comply with.Jaimie told him how she was being very entertained by all the extreme variations. She described, in detail, her positive experiences with the larger penises. He even got the information about how small Dave had felt to her after work. It was at this point when Arman learned that Dave had returned to the USA, and that Jaimie was enjoying her Aardbei experiences and, literally, cuming more than ever. Instead of feeling bad about that, she admitted getting a sort of a kinky reward by thinking about her husband being gone as strange men fucked her with such intensity and with such great equipment. And she wondered, “Did that help? I mean, was that what you wanted to know?”“Jaimie, I get this feeling that this has been more than for money. You describe a sort of sexual awakening that has occurred in short order. Or is it older than that?” The last was said with a lilt that Jaimie could only interpret as jovial acknowledgement.“Yeah, I had wondered about the business even before my dancing. But the dance really put me ‘on stage’. The pick up lines increased big time with the dancing. And, of course, I saw other dancers who really used dance to attract customers for other activities. So, I at least wondered. And the more pure sex part of it? Marrying Dave did not stop me from thinking about other men. I often wondered what it would be like to have sex with those other men. Well, I guess that have to say that Kees’s club is letting me experience what was a fantasy. And, on average, at least here, it has been better than I thought it would be. Much better ”Arman was pleased to hear her attitude. He sat there with his arm around Jaimie, as he began to explain a little about his turn on: that it involved new and beautiful women who enter the business, that just like silly young boys who feel a strange accomplishment about busting cherries, he loved catching a beginning prostitute, that he loved the conflict between marriage vows and pure sex, and, for lack of any better term, he loved cuckolding the husband along with the permission and participation of the wife.Jaimie thought that she might have understood the first part of what he said. She was still weighing the stuff about cuckolding, as he stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt. He very purposefully stood with the zipper of his baggy trousers directly in front of Jaimie’s face. Her reaction to assist was immediate. As she undid his belt and first started the zipper down, she noted no underwear. Down a little more and a loud gasp came from Jaimie. And he smiled with pride as he finished taking off the shirt.She had found the biggest penis that she had ever seen. And recently, she thought that she had seen and felt some really big ones through her services at Aardbei. But this was ‘something else’. It was obvious why Arman wore no underwear. This man seriously had to allow for his penis to drop down a pant leg. What she saw did not appear to be hard. Yet, it dangled down at least eleven to twelve inches, and was about two and a quarter inches wide all the way to its tip. It had notably large veins that protruded in many directions throughout its length. Her immediate thoughts were ‘If Arend could play a very good doggy with his special penis, then Arman could play a pony with this.’“Jaimie, I wanted to actually talk more. It is just that I thought you should see my size before we did any more of that talk.” And he took off his shoes, socks and removed the pants. Now, he was more nude than Jaimie; admittedly, there wasn’t much difference in degree, yet, she did still have high heels on. And he sat down beside her.“Arman. Let me guess. You normally go across the hall to Slechts Groot?”“Ah, you’ve figured out that Kees is not being biased against either side. And you may have also figured out that Slechts Groot members can go anywhere that they want. The little guys just can’t come over to our side. To go over there, you need both the size and a lot more money. Those are the discriminatory rules that Kees set up on purpose. It’s just that every once in a long while, someone like you lands over here at Aardbei. And, when that happens, I want to start my project as soon as possible. Yes, I can see you are more curious than ever about what I am trying so hard to tell you.”While he was speaking, Jaimie very slowly reached over to his huge penis. She began to fondle it, primarily to see what it might look like full. Arman told her that was sweet, but that he usually did not do well till he got silly stuff like explanations com completely behind him. As she continued to hold on to him, he tried to speed up the verbal. An ‘OK. ‘Out with it’ mentality took over’.And he began to explain that his trip was to find a beautiful beginner like Jaimie. He always hoped for the girl to have a fiancee or husband. And then he would slowly make her pussy his shape. It would take multiple visits. And he and Jaimie would share their real thoughts about what was happening to her and, in turn, what would happen to her husband. Just as he believed she was truthful in telling him her Amsterdam visit details and her preference for the bigger penises, he wanted her to also feel free to tell him other things when the two of them got together. Things that might stimulate both of them. Oh, and he promised to be very slow and easy during this first night of sex. One thought of the moment that he did not immediately share with Jaimie was how much he desired that she be in his list of girls; that list that now comprised over thirty beautiful young women, each who might be thought of as one of his special harem. For, when he saw any of those women, he was proud that every one of them now carried a vagina that, at least, had his shape and size. Oh, perhaps, if she worked at Slechts Groot, her organ might be bigger. But if a girl stayed at a brothel like Aardbei, or, say, quit the business, then it could be said that her ‘pussy was forever Arman’s’. That was the kink, the absolute or ultimate satisfaction, for Arman. He intended to only mention that lust to Jaimie after he had the process well under way.“Can you be very careful with this?” And Jaimie held up approximately a third of Arman.“Yes, Jaimie. I can, as you say, be ‘very careful’. I am interested in far beyond tonight.”She said nothing. Rather she got serious about stroking him. Pulling, extending and generally seeing what would develop within her hands. When his talking seemed done, she did note that it began to grow again. And she intended to help it with her jacking. As well, she bent over to lick on its head. That seemed to help a lot. It was growing more than she thought that it would. Finally, what was jacked up to full hardness was a real monster. She understood the preparatory talk better now. For, in her hands was a real 14.25 inches in length and 2.75 inches in width. It weighed many pounds and was very hard.She looked up at his face, “I don’t think I will ever be able to take this.”“You will be able to, Jaimie. But, as I told you, I intend to go slowly. I, more than anyone, realize what is necessary and how to do it. May I try?”“Yes. You may try. I was really never going to say no.” With that said, she stroked with more strength, and increased her rate a great deal. While she worked on Arman, Jaimie thought about what she had in her hands. At least mentally, she acknowledged that she ‘had not been forewarned about something this big’. Once, Dave had shown her an old black and white 16mm film of a guy considered abnormally large or ‘a freak’. The film made its stag party rounds based on the man’s size. Arman was bigger While Jaimie worked on him, he returned the favor by massaging her with lubricant and doing extended slow stretches of her pussy. Many of those stretches, of course, more than momentarily interrupted Jaimie’s effort. But the two were working together well as a team. As they worked up, he would periodically quiz her about sex life details. Things like her husband’s size almost had to be topics. He wondered if she and her husband had talked about what would happen to beautiful Jaimie’s pussy, if she became, then continued to be, a pro for a duration of say, perhaps many months.She told him that they had discussed the topic a lot. That they had detailed many such fantasies during their own sex. And she made joking reference to what she had in her hands as being beyond Dave’s fantasies about what his wife might fuck ‘on the job’. She added that ‘by the way’, she did love her job. Her sweet smile instantly made the change into a rounded ‘Oh’ look, when Arman seemed to have hit the spot with his fingers.After each massaged the other for a while longer, Arman suggested that Jaimie lay on her back. And before he started, he reminded her that Kees knew this was going to be nice and slow. That is why Arman would be her last customer of the day. Then he Vaselined her up again and jacked a heavy amount up and down his shaft. Then, just as he had promised, he started into her slowly. After all the work up tonight, Arman was attempting to put at least over 12 of his inches into Jaimie, while spreading her over 2.75 inches wide; and that, quite seriously, was a conservative estimate. Jaimie started breathing heavy and readying herself, well, as much as she could. She could only theorize about ever having a baby, so it was fair to also theorize about what his penis could do to her, ‘is this sort of like having a baby put back into you?’.Slow smooth stretching continued. So slow that many minutes would go by with him at a certain goal post, thus, allowing her pussy time to fully expand without shock. And that surprised Jaimie, for she felt his monstrous size, but not as a pain. She just felt it as the smooth stretch, filling and over-filling. Everything in her pelvis was being carefully moved out of the way as Arman proceeded. Jaimie had proven that she could take 11 to 12 inch penises during the 10 PM show. But the extra two to three inches in length, and almost another whole inch in width, was, at least temporarily, really going to stretch her to a new extreme.‘Right down to her very fiber’ took on new meaning for Jaimie.Every few minutes, Jaimie would shudder. Sometimes that became a com complete orgasm. Sometimes it led right into another shudder or gasp. ‘Impale’ is really the appropriate word for what was being done to Jaimie. Arman intended to take each movement to the limit of pleasure. Occasionally, he knew he needed to exceed that limit, so that she could go back to receiving even more pleasure later. He needed her vagina to stretch to his basic motionless size before he could ever hope to stroke her with it. He was very patient and persistent. She did keep stretching. Gasping, panting, she looked down at her belly and saw a smooth mound up to her belly button. In her case, about6 to 7 inches in from her opening. A very fast, almost Valley Girl of the era, delivery, “Oh, ma God ”Such sayings were not normal for her. But, then, this was not a normal situation. He just grinned and pressed on. “Ugh, ummmm, huff, puff, huff, puff”, was the peak of her usual vocabulary during the process. But. Arman certainly did want more than that out her. When he got her stuck on him real well, he had planned to have a little conversation with her Before he talked with her, he needed to work at least a couple more inches into her. To help with that, he decided that it was time to start the first twisting and reaming motions. Those immediately made Jaimie gasp and cry out. So, he slowed down again, but then started right into twisting once again. In that way, he was able to start a smooth circular twist. The twisting and a little forward push got him another couple of inches into her. Jaimie looked down at her belly again and saw the mound extending above her belly button. She put her hand on her belly and felt along the hard protrusion. That just shocked her more, and, in turn, led to still another cum for Jaimie. Arman would occasionally twitch his connection with Jaimie. ‘Oh, wow ’ would be the typical response by Jaimie.He looked down at her red cheeks, bright wide eyes, and open mouth. “How does that feel, Jaimie?’“You know that you don’t even have to ask Just wonderful. Ugh. Oh. Uh. Oh. Oh. Oh... w_o_n_d_e_r_f_u_l ”He bent over her, with his mouth down to her right ear, arched and pushed forward his pelvis. More of him went in.And he whispered in her ear, asking if she like being so connected. She told him how she loved the feeling, how she loved him being so deep inside her, and that no one had ever been so deep inside her. As she said such things, Arman would twitch or twist, as if to help her emphasize her delivery, to help her put even more emotion into each statement. It always increased the dynamics of the statement. Sometimes, it was so obvious that she would break into a chuckle or straight out laugh after one of his physical punctuations.He asked, “If your husband were in Amsterdam, would he want to have sex with you tonight?”“Ah, eeeeeee, Oh, god. Yeah, he’d want to.”Arman stayed in her while he took her left ankle and pulled it up above his shoulders, turning her on her right side. Then he put it in as deep as he could with her in that scissors position. He was cautious, knowing very well that it was easy to go deeper in that position. Keeping more than a few inches outside, he ground a little and spent time stretching her width. After 10 or so minutes of working her on her side, he rolled her over onto her belly. He then picked up her rear, pulled it out towards him, placed her knees up under her chest, and proceeded to enter her doggy, or, as she had earlier thought about his equipment, perhaps more like in a pony style.He twisted and reamed, but got no further in, for the moment. He had given her over 50 minutes of slow stretching in those other positions. And he actually was losing a little of his extreme control; he was wanting to stroke and build to a cum of his own. Yet, he still wanted to be careful with her. There was more than minor frustration in proceeding with his balancing act.He flipped her onto her back, returning to the missionary position that he started with. But, now she really was more stretched, and he was hoping that she could take some real fucking. At this stage, she was also pretty ‘wild’ about what was happening to her. His thought was, that if he went back to a little talk, he might maintain his control for a short while longer. At the same time, he was looking to take advantage of her ‘wild’ and set her up for rewarding him more at a later time.He slowed down again. With almost no movement, he asked more detail on how Dave had felt to her when she went home after fuckings at Aardbei. He was pleasantly surprised how quickly she replied that she sometimes, at least for brief moments, did not even feel Dave. Jaimie qualified that by specifying that he was not wide enough to, at all times, rub both sides of her vagina. And that his length already was unable to reach the top of her vagina.“Mmmmmm. Ooooooh. Geez... Yours feels so fantastic. I could really get spoiled.”“Better than average?” A silly smile, and for the first time in a minute or so, he pushed in. After she squealed, she regained her composure enough to answer. “Oh, god... There is no comparison. Yours is fantastic. A different world ”“Would you tell your husband that?”“Sure ”“Would you like for me to come and visit you here again?” He tenses and expands a little.“Oh, yes. Oh. Uh. Oooooh. Yes. Yes. Yes ”“I really love hearing that.” Now, he had it in her deeper than ever. His thickness made getting in a little over 11 inches a real accomplishment. Yet, there still was over three more inches outside of her. Arman tensed again and literally slid Jaimie up the sheet an inch or two by pushing against her pussy. With that move, she came a lot, arched and quivered throughout her muscles. To her, the feeling was just overwhelmingly powerful. Jaimie’s body reacted in an entirely differently manner than she was used to it doing. For with Arman stuck so deeply and tightly into her, it was just impossible for her to not cum. He started his first real stroking.Only moving in and out a couple of inches, still he was stroking. And she was attempting to move into some regular breathing rhythm. At the same time, she began to oscillate her pelvis to help accommodate Arman. Her hands finally broke away from their grip on the sheet and began massaging his shoulders. The couple was, quite literally, getting it all together. In an attempt to both proceed on their project of getting it into her and to obtain her immediate attention, he used the moment to push in straight ahead deep again, and keep pushing. A fast startle type gasp came out of Jaimie’s mouth. He kept it in tight and asked, “Do you remember what I said that I love to do to a very few beginners?”She nodded her head between rapid breathes. He stopped moving, and detailed for her the rest of his special fuck trip. He finally told her about the 30 plus beautiful women, who he can think of or see again, and absolutely know that their vaginas are the shaped like his own penis. She looked down at her belly, saw the mound now extending above her belly button, and she pressed down upon her belly and the massive penis beneath. Her face displayed a little anxious smile, a slightly worried brow, and the bright green eyes that focused directly on Arman’s face. He moved a little. “Oh. Oh. Oh.”“I know that you have been here at Aardbei only a matter of weeks. But do you think that you can already say what you like and want out of just the sex alone?” And he twitched within her. The equivalent of an internal wink?“I know what I like That you just did is in the list.”Smiling, “As it was meant to be.” And he did a couple of more as rewards. Very serious, “Like with asking for a date to the prom or to some other type of sweet ‘normal’ engagement, I put off. I hesitate. OK, so now I will ask. Will you become one of my girls? ”She looked back down at her belly and blew a couple of big exhales. “Oh, yeah...”“Sure?” He stroked with a couple of radically different four to five inch slides. He watched her surprised face. “You know your husband will be smaller than ever to you.” And he stroked her with five to six inch thrusts.“He said he wanted me to do it.” She really squealed with one of his last that hit deep. “He seems turned on. He knows I am getting big men.”And then he really fucked her for about five minutes. Still working with three inches outside of her, he seemed to be accomplishing a lot for her. Much ooohing and aaahing and cuming that hit notable peaks.“‘Sure’ means I make your pussy mine. OK?”“OK Make it...”And he twisted and ground and hit as deep as he thought he could get away with at that moment. She screamed loudly. His movements made some small stretching tears in her inner ring. It was just a minor demonstration for her. He wanted her to know that ‘change’ really meant change. And though her eyes went wide and a tender shock came across her face, she had an interesting response.“Well, I feel that you have started. Uh. Uuuuh. Aaaaaaaah. Seems...for...‘sure’..., now.”“A little more my size every time I do that, Jaimie.” And he pushed in another inch. So, at that moment, she had, over the last forty-five minutes, been expanded to take the proverbial 12 inches of penis (though, of course, Arman had more to give). Twelve inches long and two and three quarters wide was an established size now for Jaimie’s vagina. It was a fact. He took that much penis and began fucking her. Long powerful strokes, big twists, big grinding, with more rubber band type snapping of her excessively stretched interior. And an awful lot of screaming, panting, and blowing, along with new body actions by Jaimie. Now her pelvis was coming up to meet Arman, at least to the 12 inch dipstick level. And her hands moved down Arman’s back to rest on his buttocks. During rare moments, she had the bravery to give a very light pull in of his hips . At other times, her hands flipped up and away, as if to indicate ‘hands off’ ‘that was deep enough ’.This had been quite a super turn on for Arman. The prospect, now probability, that he had a new beautiful project. So many times over the last hour or so, he had diverted his mind from who he was inside. All, just that he might make it through tonight’s beginning. Now he let himself feel what he had stretched so very well. Now, any depth or width improvement was only due to being ‘carried away’. And he did become slightly carried away. Another five minutes of ‘sloop’, ‘schmack’, ‘pop’, ‘snap’, and he came with force. With that last thrust into her, Jaimie could feel the hot jizz, the jerks, and the extra pulsating. Her body jerked in turn, quivered more than ever, and came in multiples. One on top of another, on top of then another, then exhaustion. He laid down on his elbows, face to face with her, gave her some gentle kisses, and left his still twitching penis inside her. He was in no hurry to remove it, and she was in no hurry to have him remove it.“What will you tell your husband about what we just did?”“Oh, that it was very nasty.” She looked at his face for feedback. Jaimie wanted to reward him a lot, for she really did want him to come back, and finish the job. “That it was the best...”When he softened slightly and slowly withdrew, she immediately had this new sensation of her large vagina. She thought of it as a ‘kinky’ empty space ‘right up through the middle’. Physical, yes. Symbolic? With his absence, she was able to focus a little, enough to remember what was of major importance for Arman. Now, he might like to hear an admission from her. “Arman, I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that I would ever make such a quick, raw, sexual decision. It is just not like me. But nothing else recently is ‘like me’ either. And no sex in my life was anything like what just happened. What I am trying so hard to say is, I would love to be one of your girls.”“‘Arman’ is a very happy man ” And the powerful black man beamed a sweet ‘thankful’ look. “We will get better and better...and...better; I promise ”Her immediate thoughts about his statement involved the ‘My God’‘just trying to imagine’ type of fantasy. But, then, tonight proved that she could, well, almost adapt. It probably would happen. She looked down at his penis. Softening for him, but still bigger than anyone she’d ever seen. ‘That was in me?’ Her thoughts answered her own question with a resounding, ‘Yeeesss Well, most of it...anyway.’ Did she think it was queer, kinky, too far out? Her feeling was that guys, who would say that it was too kinky, well, they must just feel inadequate. ‘And they should...’And girls? Girls who would say that or even be horrified? To Jaimie, any such women were just hiding from life experiences; how could they understand something that they would never try? Put down another woman who did try? Whoa, that sounded like envy to Jaimie. Jaimie could understand that emotion would be the proper one to apply toward her, as she was fucked by someone from an exceptionally rare group of men. To Jaimie, all the questionable big time fucking was very appropriate, and was something she would very much want to do again, and again, and again. Jaimie finished sitting up, reached out and grabbed Arman’s penis behind its head, pulled it to her mouth and milked out a last drop of cum. She licked it up with the tip of her tongue, looked up at Arman’s face, took her tongue back into her mouth, grinned, licked her lips and grinned some more. As she finished the lip show, she looked down to see that she was putting on another show, since globs of red streaked cum were now draining out of her wide open pussy. That only reminded her of what she had felt over the last hour, and just how impressive this meeting had been. Oh, of course, the draining scene did also verify the over stretching of Jaimie.She knew that she could generate more meetings by acknowledging Arman’s interests; she had not forgotten his macho male fantasy. And it was obvious to Jaimie that the fantasy was of obsessive importance to him. She admitted to herself, that he would be shocked to know how much of that kind of S&M bent that they had in common.“Hearing what you said earlier about ‘your girls’, it seems that it would please you for me to make shameful statements to Dave and others. If I could do it, what would you want me to promise to ‘admit’ to all those kinds of people? I mean, when you are back in France, just say, to turn you on while you are there, what would I be saying back here? Arman, you never know. I may have been getting ready to say some the very same things on my own.”“I would rather you say what you want to say, what you would think would be fun to say, what you really feel. That is the nastiest turn on of all for me.”“Well, I have already told Dave that he is small compared to most of my clients. your case, I really have to think of him as tiny. Sort of like a contrast of a little six year old child’s nubby little penis to a grown man’s penis. Dave even has a kink of his own, where he asks me to play a sort of ball buster girl for him.” Arman came out of the little bathroom, wiping his penis one last time with a wash cloth. Jaimie smiled when she watched him try to stuff it into his trousers. “Just like in one of Dave’s own fantasies, I could tell him about his ‘nubby little child’s penis’ as it contrasted to your real man’s ‘hunk of burning love’. Sorry, I do like the Elvis song and needed to say that But, really, I could enjoy doing that. For some reason, in the past, he’s even been turned on by stuff like that.”“Oh, I would be so proud of your nastiness. That a wife would say that to her own husband. Delightful. And you would tell him that when?” He said that last with his head cocked sideways and his eyes fixed on her face. It was as good as any baiting maneuver.“I will tell him when he tries to put it into my well stretched pussy. How’s that for timing?”“That is a nice filthy thought. But what if he wanted more than his fantasy answer? What if he asked you to actually tell him the truth?”Her gutsy act came to a screeching halt. She needed to stop and give this some thought. “I, uh, um, er, I could really tell him that I ‘really feel that way’. Really.”“But Jaimie, Dave is no longer here. And by the next time that you see him, your pussy will be only for large men. You will only have to tell him how you decided to let me help make it so large. And that it was the proverbial ‘done deal’.”She looked down at the large amount of goo between her legs and at her splayed red labia. Then she felt her opening. It was large. One of her fingers could enter without touching either wall of her vagina. She knew that it would close a lot after Arman was gone; still, at the moment, it was a most impressive gaping space. Thinking of Dave’s penis, she remembered that he was exactly as wide as two of her fingers. So, Jaimie reached back down to her pussy. This time, she stuck two fingers in her opening. Holding them in the center, neither finger brushed a vaginal wall.Arman had been watching all these maneuvers and was curious. “What in the world are you thinking Jaimie?”“Oh, nothing important, just calculating.”“When you are back in the USA, will Dave allow you to find men with large penises?”“After the way that he has talked about his own fantasies, after his encouragement to work here, and after my income has supported his schooling, he had better. We were swingers back in North Carolina, and he is just going to have to stay with it. He can allow me to find the bigger guys, while he finds a girl with a pussy the size of a small finger.” She could not help but laugh after saying that last nasty remark. “Anyway, don’t worry about that USA future domestic life. Worry about over here and now. Like, how often will you be dropping by to fuck me?” Jaimie was flashing a very broad smile.The realization that he had a committed nasty little sex partner produced a satisfied smile on his face. “Sooner than I had originally planned. I will try to drop by several times a week for a while.”She looked back down at and reached to feel her damaged pussy. “Uh, if you are able to arrange your visits, at least until I get used to your size, can you arrange them just before my day off? You know, apparently like today was arranged by Kees ” He patted her head, brushed her cheek, fluffed her slightly squashed hairdo and gently massaged her shoulders. “Yes, how do you say it in the USA? ‘You betcha’ ?”As he was leaving, he stopped by the corner of the bed. Jaimie sat there, still reflecting a sort of post fuck shock. She was fairly oozed out, but still rubbing that worn pussy. “At Slechts Groot there are no rules about tipping. I live under those rules.” And he handed her 200 guilder ($288 in American dollars of the era).And for the next two weeks Arman drove 200 miles each way, just to arrive at Aardbei in time to be the last customer before her break day. Each time he gave her 200 guilder more. And, since late into his second visit, he was able to also give her his entire 14.25 inches. The little American beauty was really becoming one of his special harem of resized pussies. Without even much of an eyebrow lift, Jaimie had also let Kees assign her to alternate with Angie for the 10 PM show duties. So, when she wasn’t being drilled by one giant penis, she was being drilled in both her pussy and ass by two semi-giant penises None of this was accidental. It all fit into Kees’s plan, to continue to expand Jaimie and her duties even further. RE: those show duties. Batuu and Utumi enjoyed being inside Jaimie. Her little body jerked, quivered, and visually presented itself in its own special way. And even though, both men were succeeding in making her larger, she still was, of course, tighter than Angie. How long that would continue was hard to say. Kees had her working three shows during every work week. And Jaimie’s shows were always 10 to 15 minutes longer than Angie’s. With his zeal about his new found erotic toy, Arman was always at Aardbei on that third day of work. As long as he did that, Kees allowed him to trump any other activity of Jaimie’s. By the end of that first two weeks of visiting Jaimie, he had begun to truly fuck Jaimie. That is, smooth com complete strokes, sometimes fast, with his full length. Jaimie had already proven herself to be a tough little devil. The amount and intensity of fucking that Jaimie took each week must have been ‘up there’ with the greatest of ‘sluts’. There may have been a few girls somewhere around the world, who fucked more frequently, but there could not have been any girl getting the quality of fucks by such quality penises at any similar frequency. So, as far as standard whoredom, Jaimie was at the top of the game. Of course, someday soon, she would learn that there are non standard ways to get extreme wear and tear.In the mean time, her fucks with Arman were the most spectacular. Those now regular fucks with very irregular equipment were making the exact changes that Arman had hoped for. Her vagina was feeling silky smooth, and, by the end of each fuck, all stretched out. Almost baggy at that point. He was getting her pussy harem stamped. Frequently during both their orgasms, Jaimie would tear a little more. Then, just as predicted, any lengthwise tears or stretches would heal closer to the new extreme in length. Under standard daily conditions, those areas tended to pull back into a more ‘normal’ range of length. Her width was different.Many times it was done accidently and within the distraction of mutual bliss, but still, on such an occasion, her pussy was very forcefully taken to a slightly larger gauge. Such a ‘tear’ in width was noticeable behind the inner labia - where it both affected her opening’s appearance while giving it a more relaxed grip. Simply, it looked bigger and felt bigger to the customer. Her two steady 9 inch guys told her that they noticed her getting more loose. But, once again, with the kinkiness of the Aardbei members, and now the kinkiness of Jaimie’s own life, it came out a positive. That is, those two, sort of like Dave did earlier, thought it was quite entertaining to see Jaimie turned into a well used slut. In fact, they derived such erotic stimulation by her over use that they might as well have been Dave’s stand-ins. Stand-ins so turned on by poking a beauty, who now was getting high quality mileage, that they even encouraged her to see Arman more often It was quite evident that those two 9 inchers represented the same type of crowd that still loved to screw around with Angie. Jaimie really needed no such encouragement. Their physical documentation merely proved that she was being successful at her new perverse goal of meeting as many quality equipped men as she could. And she meant up close and very personal. Jaimie had become obsessive about obtaining the biggest most solid mating connections, preferably a connection that would extend through a good fraction of her body. She would never ridicule the men with small or medium sized penises. And the exposure to excessively large penises and an excessive frequency of fucks was not originally her choice. But, by this point into her brothel career, she would have to be called one of the all time size queens. Like most humans, she had no thoughts of literally backing off on what had become a pleasurable addiction. Her only choice was onward, forward, and right down her one way street of overload desires. For Jaimie now had ‘big’ expectations. Everyday of every week, Jaimie tried to continue an otherwise sensible routine of activities that needed to be done during the daytime. Long runs, dancing, and, of course, any local travel and shopping all got done long before her evenings. Then her world transformed back into what all organized religions would define as sin. Even pompous religious leaders, who do their own well hidden, would admit that Jaimie was high quality sin. After 9 PM, she became calm within a world of pure sexuality. Her Aardbei world was always a wondrous sequence of all the various types of fucks. And Jaimie still loved all the sexual activities. Rather than diminish, the increased frequency and increased perversion only seemed to increase her interest in sex. At the same time, her old puritanical upbringing in the USA did become a very twisted reference, by really making her feel guilty. But the guilt now was only that she was having such a great time doing her job, while others in the world might not be enjoying their jobs.

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