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Sucking Cock For Carla Part 2

Sucking Cock for Carla Part 2

By - Nov 5, 2010 - From gay-erotic- stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 14463 In case you didn’t read my first story I will bring you up to date quickly.
I would consider myself a happily married heterosexual although I have always been bi curious. My wife and I have foreign students studying English to stay from time to time to make a bit of extra money. One summer a beautiful 30-year Old Italian woman called Carla came to stay for 3 months and a week later a French guy called Stephan also came to stay.
To cut a long story short Carla caught me on her bed masturbating and recorded me on her cell phone. She then blackmailed and tricked me into sucking Stephan’s huge 9 inch black cock. She had two videos of me, the first me wanking and eating my own cum and then she filmed me sucking Stephan’s cock until he filled my mouth with his cum. She had told me that I would have to do whatever she said, or else she might show the videos to my wife.
So here I was once again knocking on her door, wearing just her stockings and crotchless panties as she had ordered.
She opened the door with a huge smile. "Hi Tony come on in. I have been looking forward to today we are going to have some fun."
I guessed fun for Carla would be watching me suck off Stephan once again. I have to admit I did enjoy it but I really lusted after Carla and wished I could fuck her mouth and pussy instead.
I sat on the bed as before and she put on my blindfold. I heard her moving about the room and then the mellow sounds of some R & B singer filled the room.
"I told Stephan not to wank for the last few days so he has a nice big load to fill your mouth. You will love that won’t you Tony?"
"Yes Carla." I replied.
Suddenly I felt Stephan’s strong hands on my head.
"Open your mouth for me Tony, my cock is ready for a good long sucking."
My mouth opened and I felt his warm hard cock push deep into my wet eager mouth. Mmmm I really loved the taste of his cock, I could already taste his sweet pre cum, he was hard wet and very horny. My whole body tingled as I worked my tongue and mouth around his cock. I was feeling so horny also knowing that Carla was there watching and probably filming me being a shameless cocksucker ready to be filled with Stephan’s seed.
I ran my hands over his taught muscular body, paying special attention to his incredibly sexy bum as he face fucked me with his gorgeous long, thick black cock.
Carla was muttering words of encouragement. "You’re a natural Tony, you were made to suck cock. Suck and lick his balls too."
I loved it even more than the first time I sucked him. I could feel his shaft throbbing in my mouth and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he unloaded into me.
With a lot of grunting and shouting he pushed his whole length into my mouth, I gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat. I managed to pull it out a bit as he spurted thick streams of cum into my mouth. I swallowed frantically as I thought I would drown in it, I couldn’t get it all and it leaked out of my mouth and dripped down my chin. Stephan wiped his wet slimy cock all over my face and then told me to lick him clean and dry. A task I set about with relish.
"Well done Tony, you did a good job, I can see Stephan appreciated it."
I sat there with cum dripping from my face and said, "I enjoyed it too."
I then felt hands gripping my head again and a cock pushing at my lips. My mouth opened voluntarily and I licked around the tip of his penis. I immediately realised that it wasn’t Stephan. I pushed it away and shouted,
"What the fuck is going on." as I pulled off the blindfold. Standing naked in front of me was Patrice one of Stephan’s friends.
I was in the middle of saying "fuck off no way am I sucking him too." when I heard a girl giggle. Carla’s friend Yvette was sitting on the spare bed with Nico and Jon, two more friends of Stephan’s.
I was shouting, "fuck off that’s enough now Carla."
"No Tony it isn’t enough. When Stephan told Patrice, Nico and Jon about your wonderful cocksucking ability they wanted to try you out too. And Yvette wanted to watch, so what is the problem?"
I said, "You can’t just pass me around to whoever you want, and get your friends to watch."
"Oh yes I can Tony, remember the video recordings? Anyway you love sucking cock so shut up and get on with it as Sue will be home in under two hours and you have 3 more cocks to suck first."
"Make that four, I’m ready again" said Stephan.
I resigned myself to the fact I was going to have to do it or my wife could get to know about what I have been doing. So three new black cocks were waving in front of my face so I set to work. Yummy, I licked up and down Patrice’s beautiful straight cock, although not as large as Stephan’s it was thicker and uncut. I loved being able to lick around the inside of his foreskin while softly massaging his balls.
I held him tightly by his firm arse as I pulled him closer to me and swallowed his throbbing length. His breathing was getting heavier as he moaned out loud.
"Oh Tony that feels so good man, suck it hard, I’m going to cum."
I felt his balls tighten and his cock swell more as he squirted his thick load into my mouth. I gulped it down like a good little cum slut as the others laughed and shouted out encouragement.
"Wow that was amazing, thanks Tony." Said Patrice as he zipped himself up.
"Me next." Nico was already positioning his thick meaty cock in front of my face.
He had a longer and thicker cock than either Stephan or Patrice. I licked my lips as it moved closer to my mouth. I could smell his flesh and couldn’t wait to taste it.
"I want a better view of this, and I want to see that big cock cum over your face Tony."
The very sexy Yvette sat on the bed next to me so her face was close to mine as I started to lick the beautiful, hard cock being offered to me by Nico.
"Oh my god that is a huge cock, can you shoot your load over his face for me Nico? I really want to see his slut face covered in your sticky load."
"Ok, Yvette. That ok with you slut boy?"
I removed his cock from my mouth briefly and replied that it was fine with me.
Both Jon and Stephan were wanking their cocks close to my face too as Nico pulled his cock out with a plop, and jerked it frantically. Spurt after spurt of his sticky thick cum shot onto my face, hair and some in my mouth.
"Oh that’s looks so horny." Cried out Yvette
Carla said "Give him more boys, look he’s loving it."
Jon and Stephan wanked furiously until they both came at the same time, shooting their deposit over my face and lips. It seemed to go on forever, as I collected up all their juice with my tongue and took it into my eager mouth. When they had both finished coming Carla ordered me to lick them both clean.
I enjoyed that bit especially, taking their softening dicks into my mouth and licking them both clean and dry. I fondled both their bums and lovingly licked and sucked on their balls.
"Well done Tony. You did well today and I think we got another great movie." Said Carla.
Everyone agreed that it had been hot and that they had enjoyed it. I just sat on the bed com completely covered in semen and feeling very horny and used, and hoping that we could do it all again soon.
There was another session organised by Carla but it turned out very different to how I expected it. Maybe I will tell you about it one day.

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